Champagne Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s, London
Thursday May 25, 2023

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To sit down for a proper Afternoon Tea elevated even further with Champagne in a beautiful setting and with phenomenal service is a luxurious experience indeed, and one every Anglophile should, dare I say, partake in at least once to savor all that it entails.

It happened last April (’22) on the Sunday that Easter fell in that particular year that my mother and I had reservations for Easter Champagne Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s, and what a most memorable experience we had.

Walking through the entrance of the five-star hotel on Brook Street in London, doors opened wide by the doormen, we looked into the light-filled Foyer that was straight ahead as we crossed the threshold into Claridge’s where one half of the Afternoon Tea occurs each day. Hanging from the ceiling is a custom Chiluly sculpture that we learned from the waitstaff is meticulously (and carefully) cleaned each week. We were also told that Chihuly’s wife visits Claridge’s often, and while enjoying a meal or an afternoon tea, is also said to be checking on the art. 😉 | The Simply Luxurious Life

Seated in the Reading Room that is situated and adjoins the Foyer, a room with a bit more of a low-lit ambiance, much like an English library, photographs of the many famous faces that have visited Claridge’s – Katherine Hepburn, Princess Diana, and of course, Queen Elizabeth II – are displayed on the walls, and as our chairs were pulled out for us, had we been seated in a two-top, a small table would have been brought to place our handbags, so as not to place them on the ground or take up unnecessary space, but we were seated at a four-top and had empty seats to our side for this purpose (I love this detail that is seen often in fine dining restaurants across Europe due to lack of space, but respect for the handbag (bien sur!).

What I appreciate about most of the well-known destinations that serve Afternoon Tea in London is that you make your reservations ahead of time and at that time, pay in full as well. Tip was also included in the bill, and so we were able to simply relax and not really worry about the cost of the tea as we had already paid for it, already tipped and could just savor each course that was served, of which there were many. Here is a look at the entire Champagne Afternoon Tea menu.

The lighting was low, as I mentioned, so my photos are not wonderful, but here is the hold-in-your-hand menu. You can read the full PDF version here.

While we were enjoying our time, I gazed around the two rooms – both in our room, the Reading Room and the Foyer into which we could easily see, and each of the guests were wonderfully dressed. And while it was Easter, I wonder if this is also de rigeur on any day throughout the year, as it is, after all, a special place to enjoy Afternoon Tea.

Some TSLL readers may remember the ‘situation’ that occurred on our way to Claridge’s with the soot from the Tube station falling onto my ivory silk blazer that I had chosen to wear (it was game day – football/soccer – and many fans from a particular team were on their way to the stadium; well, they were a bit raucous and the noise of their cheers shook loose the soot in the station’s ceiling where we were waiting for our train, and before we knew it, our faces and shoulders were dappled with the dust that is not that easy to remove from clothing – thankfully it is from faces ☺️). All of this is to say, I want to share with you how accommodating and helpful the staff at Claridge’s was. Assured by me that this was not a design element of my blazer – they were very courteous as they wanted to make sure I knew about the soot, and then once they learned of how it happened, they offered to take my blazer and have it cleaned while I dined. Since I only had a silk chemise underneath, I kindly declined, but part of me wanted them to take it. (It did eventually get it cleaned by the staff at The Savoy where we were staying – and it was not easy for them to remove, but they did it! And I had it back within 12 hours before we caught our flight back home for fewer than £30).

But back to the Champagne Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s! Oh my goodness so special, delicious and exceeded any expectations I might have had. And as it was Easter, at the end of our service, after all of the courses, sandwiches, scones, hot crossed buns, desserts, multiple tea services, they brought out the large white chocolate egg with a gold-leaf detail carefully garnishing the top of the egg which then was placed on top of a special edible biscuit which the hollow egg enclosed another sweet treat. Oh wow, we felt royally spoiled.

Have a look at some of the photos I captured, and while far from enough to capture the entire experience, a few that will hopefully whet your appetite and ensure you consider, when you next go to London, making reservations at Claridge’s for Afternoon Tea (and don’t forget the Champagne!).


sandwiches | The Simply Luxurious Life


And I cannot forget to talk about the powder room for the women guests. Exquisite décor, service inside to give you a towel and a separate room with vanity tables to freshen up. Take a look inside. You may stay longer than you anticipate if you are anything like me. ☺️ | The Simply Luxurious Life | The Simply Luxurious Life

I will always remember fondly this occasion that we had the opportunity to enjoy tea on my mother’s favorite holiday during her first visit to London, and as such, if you look closely at the new illustration Sarah Lœcker created last year for TSLL’s British Week, you will notice that the Claridge green striped tea cup appears in the watercolor as well as one of the patisseries (the ‘Grand Cru’ chocolate tart).

Learn more about Claridge’s and their Afternoon Tea options here, and make your reservations online here as well.


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34 thoughts on “Champagne Afternoon Tea at Claridge’s, London

  1. Shannon, your photos are terrific of Tea at the Claridge’s. What a fabulous gift for your mom on Easter Day! Thanks for sharing. Xo

  2. What a wonderful experience! So much to see and enjoy. The cucumber, poppy seed and parsley cream cheese interests me since I was just scanning my cookbooks for ideas on how to use some of my bumper crop of parsley. I have a direction now. An experience to savor for years to come.

  3. What a beautiful and memorable experience to share with your mom. One that the two of you will never forget. It was fun reading about all of the attention to detail. 🫖🌱

  4. I remember reading about your trip with your mother last year.
    So neat traveling with your Mom!

  5. Shannon, I have always wanted to do this and your post has inspired me further. I am going to have to persuade my husband that we should go. A delightful treat.

  6. Such a beautiful experience and it’s wonderful that you and your mom got to enjoy it together!

  7. I do remember reading about your experience with the soot last year, and thinking that I would never have considered anything like that happening! What a lovely experience for you and your mum! It has inspired me to book a table for traditional afternoon tea that is available at a local hotel nearby!

  8. I love traveling with my mom, as it sounds like you do a well.

    I love seeing your photos and reading about your tea with your mom. I have been to several tea services in London/Scotland and enjoyed them all.

    Although I have to be honest, I prefer hot chocolate to tea.

    Have a wonderful weekend Shannon.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I have to chuckle about the hot chocolate favored over tea, because I follow you and Juliet @MakeMineASpritzer. She has to have her pot of hot chocolate every morning too! I occasionally enjoy a cup of hot chaud as well especially in the winter months. Nice to cross paths here on TSLL. Have a lovely day!

  9. These photos, your story, the description of your experience brings so many memories to me.
    I have been lucky to experience Tea Time at The Ritz in Madrid.

    I was 10 years old the first time we went with mom and dad. I was wearing my hat, and my white gloves. My sisters and I, though that we were going to a palace to see the Queen and King. Obviously everything looked incredibly big to us.

    The gentleman that was attending to our table, would make sure that our cup of tea was always full, and as I remember little bites of bread with a lot colorful things inside, that is what we said the little ones at the table, kept coming.
    When I do tea time and I take the time to make some of the nice delicacies that pair with the tea I’m choosing, I feel like time is stopping again, and I can hear my sisters laughing and see my parents smiling.

    Thanks for sharing this incredible visual with us, and for the wonderful memories that brought to me.

  10. What an exquisite experience! This proves that investing in experiences is more fulfilling than investing in material items because experiences create unique stories (despite the fleeting moment), whereas material items take up space once the joy disappears. What kind people to take care of your cherished silk blazer! Having champagne afternoon tea at Claridge’s (dressed up for the occasion, of course) is now on my bucket list—this is on my to-do list for my next trip to London, whenever it will be—hopefully soon.

  11. Going out for a special tea is so wonderful. I’ve been able to partake in high tea in Victoria several times. In Seattle near where I live there is a very tiny tea room called Queen Mary. It’s quiet unique and as I said very tiny but also I feel like you’re in Britain!

  12. Oh Sonia, your experience sounds wonderful. Such precious memories. I still have my white gloves from my teen and young adult years. I attended a very formal nursing school in the 1960s, we had formal teas when entertaining dignitaries and some prospective students. We were tasked to dress formally for these events. I remember that the housemothers used to pour from a glorious silver urn. That school is closed now, I often recall those times. Not the Ritz but so sweet in my memory banks!

    1. What a lovely memory, Lucy. Your mention of your white gloves brought to mind a memory I hadn’t thought about in years. I must have been around 5 years old, in very early 60s. My mother sewed practically all of my clothing at that time and she always involved me in picking out the patterns, fabric, etc(I LOVED going to the fabric shops!). For one particular Easter Sunday, I was decked out in a dotted swiss mint green dress, a white boater hat with matching green ribbon that my mother had added, and my mother had edged my white gloves with the dress fabric as well. And I do remember especially of how fabulous I thought I looked, rotten child that I was. 😊

    2. Such a sweet memory Lucy. I may still have my white gloves from the ‘60’s stashed away. I always wore mine on Sundays when attending church, and of course special occasions. . I would also tuck a my pretty cotton or linen hankies into my purse. Brings back happy memories from that era!

      1. Our “hankies” were another essential. I have a large collection from great grandmothers. As children we would give the fancy packaged embroidered ones as gifts. None we ever used. I am in the process of making a memory quilt from them.🌞

        1. Oh Lucy that’s a great idea for the hankies! I have saved many of them that were passed down from my mom. I keep them in my lingerie drawer and think of sweet memories of her when I open the drawer. So many young women wouldn’t know what to do with them these days. Xx

  13. What a delightful day you shared with your mom; many cherished memories for both of you I’m sure! I peeked at the PDF menu, and plan to make a few of the sandwiches for my future tea times until I can visit Claridge’s and experience it for myself. I also love how thoughtful the artwork for British week is; thanks for making the connection for us – what special hidden gems.:)

  14. What an incredible experience to have with your Mom, absolutely priceless. And I’m in agreement with others, I think I must try my hand with some of those delicious sandwiches! Thank you, Shannon, for sharing this special visit with us. xo

  15. Shannon~

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful memory. I am so happy you were able to observe the moment with your mother. Also, thank you for sharing the photos and menu so that we can create a similar experience at home. You would be happy to know that I have enjoyed this post while observing Elevenses 😉


  16. Shannon, I really enjoyed your lovely story. I hope to someday treat myself to high tea at Claridge’s. Thanks for sharing the menu; it looked scrumptious,

  17. Ah, what a splendid afternoon indeed! I’ve had afternoon tea at the Ritz in London and I highly recommend that one as well. Their attention to detail is unparalleled and I assure you’ll feel like Eliza Doolittle for the evening. I went for my 32nd birthday a little over a decade ago and had a magical time. I hope to try Claridge’s tea offerings on my next trip to London. What a delight to read about your experience! ☕️ 🌸 🇬🇧

  18. What an extraordinary experience to have shared with your Mom. This tea and traveling together is a truly special gift the two of you will always cherish. I think of my trips I took with my Mom so often. It gave us an opportunity to talk without the rush of daily life and the excitement and inspiration of the newness of scenery. But travel does that, no?! And an excellent cuppa with a sweet helps too!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience.

  19. Thank you for an insight into what looks to be an absolutely fabulous experience Shannon. Enjoying an afternoon tea at one of the iconic hotels in London has long been on my bucket list (hopeful to be enjoyed this year!) This post has just further affirmed for me that this is something I’d love to do.

    1. Sarah, thank you for stopping by! Such a special and memorable occasion and based on how you enjoyed Paris recently, I am confident you will savor an Afternoon Tea at such a special place.

  20. Thank you for sharing your wonderful adventure with us, Shannon. I have fond memories of having champagne tea in the palm court of the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. It takes you back to another time… The glamour and elegance of it all. I also want to say that I particularly appreciate your tips on getting around London (taking the tube, the Eurostar). These are invaluable to someone travelling to a big city but also perhaps travelling alone as they take some of the anxiety out of the experience. Please share more of your excellent travel tips. You explain things so well! Thanks again.

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