Central Paris: One Bedroom Vacation Rental with the Quintessential French Windows
Thursday June 14, 2018

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Planning a trip to Paris involves much anticipation, and for some the Paris Syndrome overcomes us when we arrive and certain details are not as we had expected; however, with smart planning and flexible itinierary scheduling – allowing for meandering, nibbling and following our curiosities – no matter when or for how long, a trip to Paris can surpass our expectations. And for me, it all begins with the accommodations (after a direct flight if at all possible).

When I was arranging my accommodations last summer for my trip this summer, I stumbled across Haven in ParisNotre Dame one-bedroom apartment. Centrally located with incredible light and the classic French windows as well as hardwoods and a full dining, bath and living quarters, I inquired immediately. The price was fair for a small luxury apartment, but they required a stay of more than a couple of nights which was all I am going to do in Paris (find out where I am going after I leave the city in a couple of weeks!). But to be sure, I would highly recommend Haven’s rentals as I had the opportunity in 2013 to be escorted by one of their guides to more than a few of their apartments throughout the city and learn of all of the amenities afforded their guests to ensure their comfort.

If you are choosing to rent an apartment (which is one of the best ways to enjoy the city in my experience as you get to have your own kitchen, shop the markets and return home and enjoy in your own living space or outdoors on your terrace with the local neighbors), and you do not need more than one bedroom, be sure to put this one on your list. Below are a few more images, and you can view the entire rental and inquiry about more information here.

thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply LUxurious Life



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thesimplyluxuriouslife.com | The Simply LUxurious Life

3 thoughts on “Central Paris: One Bedroom Vacation Rental with the Quintessential French Windows

  1. Beautiful apartment. It makes life so much easier when staying more than just a few days, to locate and stay in a lovely apartment in one’s favorite “quatier” of Paris. Nice to get up in the morning, and have a cafe au lait in pajamas and slippers. Put on some music, throw open the windows, and breathe in some Parisian air! Come home to freshen up and rest in the late afternoon, and there is a sofa waiting for you to crash on, put up your Paris-tired feet, sip some wine. Just cannot do this in most hotels, where there is only a bed and one chair! This is how we always travel, when staying for more than a night or two! Thanks for introducing your readers to this, Shannon. We have a company we like, but it is always good to have a back up!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful apartment as you could quite easily have kept it a secret. It compares easily to a smart hotel but gives you the flexibility hotels lack no matter how expensive. I generally only visit the city for a day and when necessary I stay out out town and take the train to the centre
    Will definitely be looking at this for our next trip in September.?

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