Leather Handbags & Wallets from France – Brontibay Paris + an exclusive discount for TSLL readers
Wednesday November 30, 2022

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Timeless, sophisticated, simple, functional with a touch of signature style.

When I think of French style, the effortless approach that I gravitate toward and continue to do my best to emulate, such descriptors are what immediately spring to mind.

Enter Brontibay Paris.

Founded by Penelope Robertson and Olivier Naim in 1995, the story of Brontibay actually begins in Melbourne, at a café, in 1993 where the two met. Penelope then moved to Paris where the couple, ‘just for fun’ began designing bags that embodied what so often I tend to think of when I think of strolling the streets of Paris – highly functional (i.e. light-weight, slim, yet spacious) and timelessly beautiful, working with just about every outfit you may want to wear as you journey about your day. First selling their bags to local Parisian ateliers and then at the vintage flea markets, the bags proved to be very popular which propelled the couple to create an original collection that was shown for the first time at the Prêt à Porter tradeshow in Paris in 1996.

Brontibay – where did the name for their company come from? TSLL Aussie readers will quickly have figured out that it is an acronym of two Australian beaches, Bronte Beach and Byron Bay, Penelope and Olivier’s favorite ocean destinations.

Made with Italian leather and satin linings, Brontibay is especially ideal for TSLL readers because . . . they have partnered with the beloved fabric company from London, Liberty. Yep. Look inside many of their handbags and wallets (three are shown below), and you will find the brilliantly playful, bright and cheery fabric of Liberty. The best of both worlds – Parisian handbags with an Anglophile favorite tucked inside.

I am quite excited to have partnered up with Brontibay as just this past spring, I wrote about how I was in need of a highly functional, yet chic crossbody bag after having visited Paris and realizing my wardrobe was lacking one. TSLL readers shared they too were looking for something similar, and so the hunt began.

Brontibay serendipitously crossed my path, and so today I would like to share with you five of their unique designs, and also an exclusive promo code for TSLL readers to save 15% off your entire order, and all orders now through December 15th.


TSLL15, save 15% site-wide at Brontibay for all TSLL readers

  • promo code available now through December 15th

TOP Tier Members:

Be sure to watch/read December’s A Cuppa Moments where I will share the exclusive promo code to save 20% off your purchases now through December 15th. Yep! More savings when you are a TOP Tier Member. (explore more about becoming a Member here)

Let’s take a look at a handful of Brontibay Paris’ collection:

~Katie dutch leather card case, color – Anise (more colors)

Upon receiving Brontibay’s Katie dutch leather card holder, I began using it. Tucked inside my crossbody bag, it holds all of my cards, cash and any coins I might have, as well as a place to safely place folded up receipts. Supple, small and easy enough to place in your pocket as well if you don’t need a handbag, this card holder comes in an array of colors. And while the Katie is 11 cm in width, there are other card holders in larger sizes to hold even more cards, or single layer card holders to simplify this necessity even further.

Notice the Liberty of London lining inside this card holder. A small, yet significant styling detail.

~Cosette sassy leather bag, color – Camel (more colors, and sizes)

A handbag as well as a crossbody bag as you can easily snap on a matching slim leather strap to sling over your shoulder, the Cosette’s top handle and light-weight structure makes it an ideal crossbody bag for day-to-day errands as well as travel. Lined with a beautiful eggshell satin lining, the interior will have your awe as much as the exterior, and with a zipped top to ensure everything stays put.

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 2.29.42 PM

~Ayala wallet cassandra leather, color – Serenity Blue (more colors and sizes)

A wallet with enough space for all that you need to carry – cards, checkbook, more cards, receipts, cash and coins, and the Ayala is also lined with cheerful Liberty fabric.

Brontibay makes many different wallets similar to the Ayala that are shorter in width, and all are available in many different colors. I was drawn to the color for my particular predilections, but I am confident you will find a color that speaks to you, and a lining as well.


Travelers! I was so tickled when I discovered my passport fits easily into the front main opening, leaving me with card slots for my necessary travel cards such as my Oyster card and Global Entry. As well I have a zipped coin pouch for international coinage and places for two different currencies – for me it will be Euro and the Pound. 🙂 See my pictures below to see how I organized my travel wallet.

~Pearl dutch leather wallet, color – Canary (more colors and sizes)

This little card holder/wallet is my favorite as not only is the color unique – a soft, yet signature mustard yellow – it also has ample space to hold oodles of your small necessities. From a snap coin pouch, a small zipper pouch, sleeves for cards and cash, this wallet has everything and it’s still quite petite!

Explore the many different colors and yep, sizes for this particular design. Liberty fabric lines each one.

~Ines cross-body bag in sassy leather, color – cornflower (more colors, more sizes)

This cross-body bag will be worn and utilized frequently this coming spring and for travel as well. Slim, but spacious, with a zipper top, the Ines reminds me of the 70s designs with its pleated style and subtle half-moon shape. The retro-feel captured my eye immediately, and in the cornflower color (more colors and sizes available), for my wardrobe, it will work well paired with all the navy and ivory I wear.


Begin exploring Brontibay Paris here, and don’t forget to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to save 15% with promo code TSLL15.

I want to thank Penelope for choosing to partner with TSLL. It is very rare that I partner up with brands, but when I do, it is because I genuinely love their product and am excited to share with TSLL readers. Brontibay Paris is such a brand, and I do hope you find a handbag, or wallet that fits what you’ve been looking for and takes you back to Paris even when you cannot be there in-person. ???❤️

If you happen to find yourself in Paris, be sure to stop into their shop:


13, rue La Fayette
75009 Paris 
Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00.
Closed on Sundays

TOP Tier Members: Be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow and watch December’s A Cuppa Moments to find out what the exclusive promo code is to save even more, 20% off your purchase.

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One thought on “Leather Handbags & Wallets from France – Brontibay Paris + an exclusive discount for TSLL readers

  1. What a charming selection. I have been searching for something special for a very dear friend and this may fit the bill. We both have a passion for small leather goods and I am a regular for Liberty Fabrics in my work. The card holder and the wallet are unfussy and not cluttered with fittings. Perfect. Thank You, I will return tomorrow with the appreciated TSLL discount.

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