TSLL’s TOP 5 British-inspired posts, 2022
Tuesday December 27, 2022

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The birdsong in springtime. Waking up to this symphony of nature whilst staying in the English countryside earlier this year is a vivid memory I won’t soon forget (you can listen and watch this moment of many in May’s A Cuppa Moments), and it was this trip that inspired much of the British-inspired content this year, and nearly all of the TOP 5 posts shared below.

What I also realized in compiling today’s post was that much more British content needed to be shared, and for that I do apologize. One of the many reasons I enjoy this annual ritual of sharing the TOP posts in each category is my opportunity to see which topics received my focus, and I was surprised to note that British content was far less than I had thought. I will do my best to rectify this in the new year as a trip has already been planned to return to the English countryside and I cannot wait to explore much more of this culture that I am quite fond of.

However, similarly to this year’s French Week, TSLL’s 4th Annual British Week was the most popular event we’ve ever had, with oodles of giveaways for TOP Tier Members, more than 15 posts over the course of one week, and two podcast episodes, you can explore all of the content shared during that one week here on its specially designated page.

If you are wanting to explore all of the British content shared here on TSLL, notice in the blog menu (just below the blog header above), “British-Inspired”. Hover over that phrase and a drop-down menu will appear (see screenshot below). Then click on the specific area you want to explore as there is much!

And with that, let’s take a look at the TOP 5 British-Inspired posts of 2022 shared here on TSLL blog. To read any or all of the posts, simply click on the title of the post or the image, and you will be redirected to the full post to explore.

TOP 5 British-Inspired posts

Take a Tour of The Pig at Bridge Place: My Recent Stay in Canterbury

~The Pig at Bridge Place was chosen one of the Top Luxury Boutique hotels in British for 2022, ranking #4 on the list! And for good reason~


Staying at The Savoy in London


Tips on Taking the Eurostar between Paris and London, episode #338


16 Tips for Taking The Tube (the Underground) in London for Ease of Transport about the City


The First 15 Key Elements I Included in My English Cottage-Inspired Home, Part Une, episode #341


~Explore all of TSLL’s British-inspired posts in the Archives.

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2 thoughts on “TSLL’s TOP 5 British-inspired posts, 2022

  1. Shannon,

    I have often marveled at how much and how well you juggle all aspects of TSLL. I truly am in awe of all you do. You inspire me. Thank you dear Shannon, for work well done. I love having these posts bundled.

  2. Shannon no need for apologies. You’ve done a great job with all the posts. You put in such a lot of work which is greatly appreciated .I fully understand that being enamoured with two or more cultures is a balancing act. How exciting to be returning to the UK. I’m also.planning a trip in Spring. Would you consider a meet and greet with UK top tier members? Kameela ?xx

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