TSLL’s TOP 5 French-Inspired posts, 2022
Tuesday December 27, 2022

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France and the French culture surrounding the savoring of quality over quantity, seasonally focused dining, cooking and gardening as well as that special je ne sais quoi continues to be favorite topic discussed, shared and explored here on TSLL blog for readers and moi ☺️??❤️.

In 2022, TSLL’s 7th Annual French Week was the most popular event we’ve ever had, with oodles of giveaways for TOP Tier Members, more than 15 posts over the course of one week, and two podcast episodes, (explore all of the content shared during that one week here on its specially designated page).

Having the opportunity this past April to return to France for the first time since before the pandemic was a moment and memory I feel fortunate to have had, and returning home to Bend with all of the content inspired by what I saw, ate and experienced made it all the more special. Many of those posts made it into this year’s TOP 5 posts that as you will see below, but not all, as there is much French-inspired content shared regularly throughout the year, and beginning with #5 on the list, carrying what we love about this Gallic culture into our everydays deepens the quality all the more.

If you are wanting to explore all of the French content shared here on TSLL, notice in the blog menu (just below the blog header above), “French-Inspired”. Hover over that phrase and a drop-down menu will appear (see screenshot below). Then click on the specific area you want to explore as there is much!

And with that, let’s take a look at the TOP 5 French-Inspired posts of 2022 shared here on TSLL blog. To read any or all of the posts, simply click on the title of the post or the image, and you will be redirected to the full post to explore.

TOP 5 French-Inspired posts

11 Tasks to Ready Yourself for a Lovely La Rentrée and an Enjoyable Everyday Pace of Life


10 Everyday French Details I Incorporate into My Routine, episode #337


Why I Watch MHzChoice, A Streaming Platform for Foreign Shows: My 11 Favorite French Series


What I Wore during My Recent Paris & England Trip — 6 Outfits for Spring Travel


Outfits of the Month (7): Nancy Carroll’s Wardrobe from Murder in Provence


Explore all of TSLL’s French-inspired posts in the Archives.

Explore all of the TOP posts for 2022

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2 thoughts on “TSLL’s TOP 5 French-Inspired posts, 2022

  1. Britbox needs to do a second season of ‘Murder In Provence’ just so we can obsess over Nancy Carroll’s new wardrobe,
    (nevermind the fact that the series is quite smashingly good).

  2. I always love your French posts and how to welcome a little more je ne sais quoi into the every day. I’m not surprised your post about your wardrobe for your Paris / England trip was a top 5 post, I always enjoy reading about your carefully considered and comfortable style choices. I look forward to welcoming some more French inspiration into my life in 2023.

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