The Audio Book is Now Available! : TSLL’s 2nd Book
Saturday November 2, 2019

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Just in time for the holiday travel season, Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self (TSLL’s 2nd and latest book) is now available in audio format.

I want to first begin by thanking TSLL readers who have been asking about the audio format and patiently waiting for it to become available. It has been one year after the original publication date of the book, and while I had hoped to release the audio book at the same time as the paperback and eBook were released last year, technology has better ideas.

In early August of 2018, my external hard drive on which seven or eight chapters had already been recorded and edited during the spring and summer of 2018 decided to crash. In fact it died, and nothing could be recovered. I told myself to let the hope of the audiobook’s release being in sync with the book’s release go and wait until next summer in which I would have time to rerecord, and rerecord without being rushed, all of the lost files. And that is the good news I am excited to share today.

In between producing the second season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen, the audio book was rerecorded, submitted by the end of this past August and now, two months later, ready for you, listeners who I am so grateful for your patience, to enjoy.

TSLL’s 2nd book is narrated by me which was a decision I felt best fit the book. I know that a professional would have added the polish that I cannot, but as it is a book in which I share glimpses into my own life, I knew I had to be the one to narrate it. So that is what I did, from my home office studio in Bend, Oregon. 🙂 And now the day has arrived – it is approved and available!!!!

With over 12 hours of audio content to listen to, the fifteen chapters of Living The Simply Luxurious Life is yours to listen to in any order you prefer. Available internationally, find it on all three platforms where audiobooks are sold — Audible, Amazon and iBooks.

Start with Chapter 12 titled “Enjoying Eating and Being Healthy” and discover how to enjoy stepping into your own kitchen with detailed and specific tips for successful everyday cooking, ideas as well as lists of what to stock your épicerie with and much more. Then skip backward to Chapter 2 and learn how to “Master the Complexity of Simplicity”. Then be sure to swipe forward to Chapter 11 focused entirely on style titled “Effortless Style: The Truth” and find confidence in cultivating your signature effortless look to fit the life you love living. Have a look below at each of the chapters, and enjoy deciding upon the order you would prefer to enjoy the book. Of course, my editor and myself chose this order for a reason, but each of us will find ourselves at different places along our journey, seeking certain information at different times, and that is the beauty of this book, it is meant to be your life resource for finding your true potential, discovering how to share it with the world and savoring the true contentment that truly can be enjoyed each and everyday:

  1. Living a Simply Luxurious Everyday Life
  2. Mastering the Complexity of Simplicity
  3. Society, Women and the Woman You Want to Be
  4. Be Your Own Brand: Thriving in Your Career
  5. Building Your Community
  6. Money Matters: Masterminding Your Financial Security
  7. Matters of the Heart
  8. Stock Your Toolbox I: Own Your Strengths
  9. Stock Your Toolbox II: Hone the Skills You Need to Succeed
  10. How to Make a Successful Fresh Start
  11. Effortless Style: The Truth
  12. Enjoying Eating and Being Healthy
  13. Living Small
  14. Cultivating True Contentment
  15. Savor the Life You Have Created

Have a look at the trailer for the book below to discover further what you will learn and discover.

Your reviews of the book in this format will be greatly appreciated as Audible and iBooks do not transfer eBook or paperback reviews to the audio version, so if after listening to the book you enjoyed what you heard, please do share. Over the winter break in December, I will be adding a handful of reviews shared to the book’s permanent page on the blog for new and potential listeners, and I would love to share what you have to say.

~TSLL Ad-Free Subscribers, be sure to check your in-box, as there is an exclusive opportunity for you if you are interested in the listening to the audio version.

And now to the book! I do hope you enjoy, and if you have yet to listen to the first book — Choosing The Simply Luxurious Life: A Modern Woman’s Guide — it is also available in audio format as well as paperback and ebook.

The Audio version of Living The Simply Luxurious Life: Making Your Everydays Extraordinary and Discovering Your Best Self is available at the three destinations below – simply click on the link to be redirected.

~Purchase signed copies of one or both of TSLL’s books here. | The Simply Luxurious Life

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