15 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

Oct 30, 2019

Another month has come and is nearly about to bid adieu, but not without celebrating what it brought into our lives. In particular, this first full month of autumn has offered many moments of awe when it came to Mother Nature’s talents as you will see not only in the image above, but images below.

This regularly monthly posting of what has made me smile includes not only pics shared on Instagram as that is where I often share on a daily or weekly basis what makes me smile, but also, upon reflection, the moments I never want to forget, and were often unexpected no matter how small they may have seemed to onlookers of my life.

I hope you too have time to ponder the gifts of this most recent month and then look forward to yet another to savor the everyday moments all about you and regular bounce of a rhythm of the life you are living. Let’s get to this month’s list of things that made me smile.

1.TSLL readers sharing their talents! Check out this painting (right side) by TSLL reader Suzanne who was inspired by this TSLL IG pic (left side).

2. Finding a vacation rental company I have now bookmarked for any future travel accommodations to the UK.

3. Discovering I live amongst bibliophiles! On my walk yesterday through my neighborhood I saw a new addition – a Little Free Library! Now even more than before, I am confident I will fit right in to my neighborhood. 🙂 What is a Little Free Library? Check out the video below.

4. The arrival of the latest book I am reading a few pages of each night to satiate my Francophile curiosities. (click here to shop the title)

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New evening reading material. #tsllfrancophilefind #tsllreads

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5. Spending time in a past haunt that was much beloved, and being reminded that a favorite place simply has that special je ne sais quoi that is hard to quantify but oh so appreciated.

6. Slipping away to the countryside, my parents’ home, for a long weekend.

7. Finishing a wonderful Provençal mystery by M.L. Longworth, her latest which will be released next month. Look for an interview with the author on the podcast in November (episode #268)!

8. Wrapping up the second season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen and already excited to plan and produce the third! Thank you to everyone for tuning in, sharing and “spending time with me” in the kitchen! (find all of the episodes here)

9. Laughing so hard I could hardly control it certainly counts as a smile (perhaps a smile multipled by 10,000), so I have to include the Petit Plaisir I shared a couple of weeks ago, Derry Girls. Having now watched both seasons, I cannot wait for season three to premiere next year. The first and last episode of season two were my favorites.

10. Everyday moments of rest that provide time to sit, appreciate, and just be.

11. Walking in all sorts of weather with the boys

12. When life reveals to you in every day moments that indeed a good life is a life lived intentionally, and it need not be “perfect” and it need not be attention grabbing, it need only be be sincerely in alignment with your truest self.

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13. The overwhelming warmth and kindness extended when I showed the first peek inside my new home at the beginning of October. Thank you to TSLL readers for your words of celebration and support. I look forward to gradually sharing more glimpses as the weeks and months roll forward.

14. Sundays at home with no plans but reading, writing, relaxing, walking, nibbling on croissants and sipping tea.

15. The cozy feeling of excitement when you realize the snuggling-in season is about to begin. I am starting to plan and wholeheartedly getting excited for time to dream, create and bring to fruition ideas and projects that have been bouncing about in my mind, and late fall and winter provide the perfect space to do just that.


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8 thoughts on “15 Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . .

  1. Shannon,

    This regular posting of what made you smile in the past month is both inspirational and aspirational. My apologies for asking, because I am sure you have covered the subject, but what is your format for noting these moments? Luxurious detailed writings in diary form(and whenever do you, of all people, find the time for such writings)? Simple keynote phrasings on a daily basis? Would you please share your method for notation and remembrance? To truly be engaged in living the simply luxurious life, I think these written and annotated remembrances are key.

    Merci XOXO

    1. Rona, Thank you for your question and for visiting this regular monthly posting. I will admit, while I keep a regular journal, the list at the end of the month is the practice itself of slowing down, reflecting and savoring even more. The first of each month can seem ages ago which also serves to remind how all things do pass – good and not-so-good. All the more reason to let go of unnecessary worry, have patience, and make the best of what is in our control.

  2. It is always refreshing to read your monthly musings. October is always a beautiful month in Pennsylvania, this year unseasonably warm. It has been a very difficult month for me and my family and intentionally seeking reasons to smile, appreciate and ponder the good things of a curated life keeps me sane. Well, at least a bit sane! Best wishes to you and the new life you are building in your new neighborhood. Such adventure is inspiring and intimidating at the same time I suspect. Off to pour my tea!

    1. Cheryll, thank you for stopping by. I hope the difficulties are subsiding for you and your family so you can enjoy this beautiful time of year. Thank you again for your comment, and wishing you many simply luxurious moments in your Everydays. ?

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