An Everyday Accessory – Beautiful Skin, Caudalie’s One Day Sale
Monday October 8, 2018

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The sartorial choices we make on a daily basis enable us to communicate without saying a word. And along with our clothing choices, an everyday accessory that we walk out the door with whether we want to or not, is our skin. 

As someone who since puberty has been learning, wrestling, finding occasional success, running into new challenges and then finally feeling confident in her skincare regimen in her thirties, one skincare company I highly recommend is Caudalie

My first introduction to their products was after reading the co-founder Mathilde Thomas’ beauty book The French Beauty Solution in 2015. Hands down, one of the best overall beauty resource books inspired by the French culture (I also included it in my Top 10 All-Time French Books List in 2017). And when I was looking for a rich facial moisturizer to combat the dry climate I now live in, I found their Premier Cru La Crème Riche and my skin quickly became quite happy. A mid-range option between items of lesser quality but one that isn’t as much of an investment as La Mer (which is like magic for the skin as I use it as regularly as my budget will allow), the jar will last at least two months on a very conservative estimate, usually three. 

In 2014 I shared a podcast episode focused on how to cultivate radiant skin, and as is shares, the most inexpensive beauty item we can use everyday is water. In other words, drink water and hydrate our bodies and thus our skin. Often our skin is breaking out because we are not giving it the tools to flush the toxins out of our body, which is something it needs to do daily. 

Aside from drinking water, investing in quality products that do what they say they will do often requires an investment, and it is easier to make this investment when we trust the product is working. Speaking of water, often the less expensive options have more water in them than actual helpful ingredients (always a good idea to check the label), which is partially why they are less expensive.

Thankfully, there is no need to have a bulging medicine cabinet of a long list of skincare products at your fingertips. Just as keeping it simple in our routines, wardrobes and life can increase the quality of our everydays, so too can investing in quality beauty products, as we actually don’t need too many, just the right ones for our skin.

In two posts found in TSLL’s Beauty Archives I have shared the items I use and love on a regular basis. A few things have been updated over the years (for example, I use micellar water now to cleanse my skin instead of the facial cleanser I used to opt-for), but for the latter half of my thirties I have found quality products that produce the results I want and have stuck with them. One of these is the Caudalie moisturizer I mentioned above which is why I wanted to bring to your attention today Caudalie’s Friends and Family Sale where some items are 50% off and nearly all items are at least 20% off through the end of the day today (October 9th), no code required.

I have shared a list of four items below that I recommend and have used or currently use, as well as one final item I am looking forward to adding to my regimen for my daily work away from home, but be sure to peruse the entire online boutique. The products are high quality, and you will see positive results if you use them regularly. And at a discounted price, now would be a great time to give Caudalie a try.

Day and Evening Facial Moisturizer

For Daily Lip Moisturizer

~French Kiss Innocence, light shine (other more tinted options)~

Rich Eye Cream

Micellar Water for Cleansing

Help Keep Your Skin Hydrated Throughout the Day

3 thoughts on “An Everyday Accessory – Beautiful Skin, Caudalie’s One Day Sale

  1. Both a microneedling tool and jade roller have made the biggest impact on my skin and were well worth the money.

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