Sharing Moments of True Contentment: TSLL Readers & Their Road to Le Papillon Books
Wednesday April 13, 2022

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Finding moments throughout our days when we take a deep breath and spontaneously a smile softly emerges on our face and maybe our eyes close as our shoulders drop away from our ears are often as unique as our fingerprints if we are wholly in tune with what our being needs at any given moment. Ten or maybe even twenty years ago we may have found such moments away from a place where we paid the rent, and instead found sanctuary in a bustling urban gathering place such as a café or coffee shop. Fast forward into our mid-forties and we may find ourselves longing for not a soul in the house to converse with, but maybe the heartbeats of our pups and our love who as well revels in the quiet, not a sound to be heard except the whistle of the tea kettle alerting us to further comfort to enjoy. As you may have guessed, such moments are how I have seen my own moments of contentment evolve and grow, and I have no doubt you too have seen a progression through your own life as you have befriended yourself ever more each year of your life journey.

The Road to Le Papillon, TSLL’s 3rd book shares a journey to true contentment, but yet again, your journey will be uniquely your own, and that is something most definitely to celebrate.

Today I would like to share with you images TSLL readers have shared with me, capturing moments in their everydays whilst reading The Road to Le Papillon. I am grateful for each reader who has opened up a glimpse of their life to share with this community as you may be surprised how you will inspire others, encouraging them to revel in what brings them calm uniquely, steadiness entirely and a feeling of being grounded.

In 2018 TSLL readers engaged in a similar sharing when TSLL’s 2nd book – Living The Simply Luxurious Life was released. In that particular picture shared, readers captured moments of simply luxurious living, and while the pictures below may as well be described as simply luxurious, they also contain a moment in which awareness of true contentment is being savored. That awareness is key and is oh so powerful as we savor our everydays, intentionally living our lives and letting go of what may come, trusting that whatever does, because we know how we will engage with it and how we engage in each day, that all will be well.

Let’s take a look at readers from around the world sharing moments of true contentment.

Sydney captures the moment just before she begins to read.

Chris D. shares her book with a beautiful bouquet of Dutch irises.

Paired with beeswax candles and daffodils, Kameela captures a moment in the French countryside.


Michelle’s moment cozied up with a quite content feline companion.

Bianca captures a passage from the book, paired with annotations.


Karla captures a moment during her spring break, a morning moment of pause and sunshine.

Rona’s azaleas paired with the book – oh! spring has sprung!

Sonia’s moment of calm with a Cuppa


Gabriela’s moment at home *deep breath of peace*

Michelle paired a beautiful ambiance of piano music with her vase of daisies and The Road to Le Papillon.


Liz’s vignette of beauty and calm and a Cuppa. And the background of oodles of books!

Paired with a glass of champagne! Anne sharing her book in Britain and a beautiful spring bouquet.


Natasha took her book on holiday to Sri Lanka. Ahhh, a slower pace and oodles of sunshine.

Sam’s pic with all of the sunshine and yellow details, and oh yes, shoes off!


A cozy moment shared by Gigi. The English tea from Fortnum & Mason and all of the accoutrements for snuggling in.

Vannessa is a fellow bibliophile and I am tickled she included TSLL’s 3rd book in her reading queue.

From Britain, Noreen brings pairings of spring with tulips, touches of Easter.

A crackling fire and a good book, Marsha shares an inviting comforting moment.


Alexandra captures a moment with the Burleigh tea set won during a TSLL British Week giveaway and pairs the book with this gorgeous bouquet.

Raquel shares her new tea station, a place of respite created within her home. A lovely visual reminder to pause.


A moment of contentment and a zen-filled respite by the pool in Florida captured by Lori.

@cashmere_and_peonies shares kind words about the book on IG.

Katie captured a moment of slowly savoring her copy (and even brought it along to Paris during a recent trip ☺️ ??❤️)

Jennifer’s beautiful caption for this pic was deeply appreciated.

On International Woman’s Day in early March, Marta in France shared this pic. ?

Erin’s calming moment of reading.

Diana shares a moment in between reading the book. ?

Sarah shares here morning routine!

Jen captures a moment of calm confidence and beauty. Thank you for your words ?

Judi pairs TSLL’s 3rd book with some wonderfully Anglophile and Francophile company. ☺️????❤️


Niki pairs TSLL’s 3rd book with a home baked cake that made me want to take a bite while tapping my toes along with her video. ☺️

Isabel from Germany captured this cozy moment this winter just before a new year began. Comfort beckons and I am soothed just gazing at this vignette. Thank you Isabel. xo

I want to thank every reader who has shared a picture of their book capturing a moment that evokes a feeling of true contentment, favorite passages that spoke to them and/or how they are incorporating what they are reading into their daily lives. If I have missed your pic and you sent it to me, do let me know and I will happily update this post. Please do continue to share your pics, and I will continue to share them on my IG feed – @thesimplyluxuriouslife. You can also see all of the pics shared from readers on my IG Highlights – 3rd Book Rdrs.

Below are a few pics captured at Le Papillon, complete with Norman napping in the background and the morning sunshine streaming through the windows.

The hardback version


The paperbacks


both | The Simply Luxurious Life

~Learn more about The Road to Le Papillon: Daily Meditations on True Contentment. Available in four formats: hardback, paperback, eBook and audio.

Read and View TSLL Reader pics of simply luxurious moments captured with TSLL’s 2nd Book

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19 thoughts on “Sharing Moments of True Contentment: TSLL Readers & Their Road to Le Papillon Books

  1. That was so fun to scroll through! Charlie, my kitty cozying up with me and your book, is still doing so while I re-read it again at a slower pace. I tend to get really excited about certain books and devour them the first read through, so I go back and re-read it soon after. I am positive, as with your other two books, it will be a frequent read of mine! Congratulations!!

  2. What a delight to be able to share everyone’s photos ?
    Thank you !

    I love knowing that so many of us, all over the world, are reading the Road to Le Papillon each day , sharing the meditations and the Petite Plaisirs !

    I hope that you know how very much we appreciate you , Shannon

    Finding ‘The Simply Luxurious Life ‘ , nearly fifteen years ago now , has been such a pleasure ??

    I so much enjoy all of your content , and the three books are the icing on the cake , thank you so much for all that you do.

    With very best wishes to everyone for all their Spring Celebrations



    1. Anne, Thank you for your beautiful and serene pic that you shared with us all. I am incredibly grateful for the community TSLL readers have created and are sharing with each other. Your readership Anne is something I treasure. Thank you for your positive and joy-filled energy.

    2. Oops !
      So sorry everyone, My maths is wrong ……..I counted from a different big birthday ?
      I discovered Shannon’s blog in 2016 , around the time of my birthday , and have been reading and listening to her ever since .
      I love her philosophy , which resonates with my own, but I have also incorporated many more Petite Plaisirs into my days after reading / listening to Shannon , and also from all the lovely comments shared by all of you ?
      Thank you Kameela for helping me to rectify my mistake ❤️?
      x Anne x

  3. It was so much fun to see everyone’s books and cozy corners! 🙂

    Unfortunately I was not able to participate because I wanted to make a nice photo of the full set, with the bookmarker, etc. but those lovely things did not arrive on time for the photo. I know it takes a while, coming from the US and with Easter just around the corner, yeah, I am just exercising (not very successfully) my patience…

    I wish everyone Happy Easter and many delightful moments! 🙂

    1. Isabel, Thank you for your patience, and please do share when all arrives. I know yours is en route, but was sent later as I waited for the books to arrive. I so appreciate your interest in the book. Wishing you a happy Easter.

  4. How lovely to see and share everyone’s photos from all around the world, thank you Shannon and everyone!
    And to think it all began one December evening many years ago when a lovely young woman pondered, “So how do I wish to live my one beautiful life?…” And luckily for us, she decided to share her journey. You are such a light in this old world, Shannon. I thank you will all my heart. And onward with the adventure!!???☺️

  5. Thank you, Shannon, for this inspiring third book of yours. I am enchanted. God will surely bless you as you’ve written of peace, gentleness and hope in each day’s meditation. I read it early each morning after I’ve read my daily dose of sacred Scripture.
    You’re giving of yourself in the pages will bring blessings to your readers.
    Take care always,

  6. What a beautiful display of everyone’s tableau of ‘The Road to Papillon’. Enjoyed scrolling through with a cuppa although I love Anne’s idea of a glass of bubbly. Perfect combination. Thank you Shannon for compiling this joyful scene connecting us the TSLL community ?

  7. Shannon~
    I loved seeing how everyone shared their joy in receiving ‘The Road to Papillon’, and I have so enjoyed reading a passage daily.
    Congratulations to you!

  8. Bonjour, Shannon! It warms my heart to view pictures of The Road to Le Papillon from your fans from around the world.Thank you for sharing mine—we are tea set twins, so I always see double every time I see your gorgeous blue tea set in your pictures or videos! The book stays mostly on my nightstand, along with my daughter’s favorite childhood Webkin poodle named Cutina and her beloved mini Corduroy, so that I can read it as soon as I wake up from my good night’s sleep. I will have to get the e-book so that I can read it during my travels.
    Happy Easter/Passover/spring holiday of choice to all! ?????

  9. The book has been the perfect companion to the start of my morning routine. I have been trying for years to get into a good routine of peace and savoring of my mornings. I am so happy it is here!

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