224: How to Welcome Simplicity Into Your Life: Live Differently for One Month (top episode from season 5)
Monday July 20, 2020

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Desired change in our lives can be seemingly elusive when so much of what needs to happen requires more energy, more time, more focus. With already full lives, the desired change remains just that – desired.

However, what if you set aside just one month. Why not for only one month institute the change you seek, and then should if it does not work out, you can return to your old ways? Part of this approach is a bit of a trick of the mind, but the other part is to reduce the stress on your schedule as you can shift your priorities temporarily and only permanently if you choose to at the month’s end.

In today’s episode, the top episode which kicked off Season #5 of the podcast, discover specific ideas for welcoming simplicity into your everyday life. You can view the full Show Notes for episode #224 here.

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6 thoughts on “224: How to Welcome Simplicity Into Your Life: Live Differently for One Month (top episode from season 5)

  1. Fantastic idea!! It gives enough time to see if the new change fits or not. It also allows you to not feel overwhellmed in your mind about a permanent change from the get go. May end up finding we are more successful this way. We may even make very small changes that make a bigger difference than not changing anything at all or by making drastic changes.

  2. Incredible words! I love this idea – plus it takes a month to create new habits anyways! ?I think especially given the times, everyone is looking to become a better version of themselves.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Such a great tip. When we think of change we probably think permanent and it scares us but giving it one month’s trial is like sampling befire you buy. Less scary.?

  4. Oh Shannon – I loved both the book and the movie ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’ – one of my go to feel good movies, along with ‘Chocolate’. Like you I appreciated the love story, the history , the clothes (those hats!) and the general charm of the movie and book. Gabrielle in Australia.

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