Why Not . . . Make a Small Tweak? Part Deux
Wednesday August 4, 2010

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Life is very much like a mosaic.  It is made of many details, each detail having an extraordinary power to shape our lives if used in certain circumstances or paired with other decisions. Can you think of small actions you have made repeatedly, eventually becoming a habit that have a great value of appreciation in your life?  Let’s begin with an example on a smaller scale – brushing your teeth. Consistently taking the few minutes each day in both the morning and evening at the time seems as though a major effect wouldn’t be possible. However, if you look at it from a different perspective, the effect is hard to miss. Imagine what the smile of a fifty-five year old woman might look like if she has never picked up a toothbrush.  It all comes back to the details – the seemingly small efforts made day in and day out multiply into major positive or negative effects.

The series continues this week with five more small tweaks that you could potentially incorporate into your life which would in turn produce tremendous results in relationship to your waistline, your budget, your growth and your appearance.  If you missed last week’s or would like to go back, click here to view part one in the series.  Let’s get started.


Size really does matter when it comes to how much you eat, and the question you have to ask yourself is do I really need to eat an Olive Garden helping of pasta? When is enough enough? Recently, I’ve noticed at Starbucks that they now have mini scones, donuts and cookies, and I hope this continues to be a trend.  The reason being is that when something is placed in front of you, no matter what its size, if it is good, it will be hard not to finish it.  So why not put less in front of you. Upon finishing, stop, and gauge how you feel.  More likely than not, you have probably satiated your hunger and are satisfied.  An idea to help promote smaller portions might be swapping out your traditional size dinner plates with salad plates that way there is less room for excess food.  Personally, I love this option because it allows me to eat what I want, just less, and I get to do a little shopping.

Set An Example

Often times, a situation arises where the only comfortable topic to talk about with someone is someone else’s situation.  But how do you feel afterwards when you reflect on that particular conversation?  Eliminating the practice of gossiping really is a simple tactic to reduce a bit of anxiety, stress and worry in your life.  Not only do you feel better about what you didn’t talk about, but hopefully you’ve taken the conversation to a place of learning something new, discussing a current event, engaging in a healthy debate to exercise your mind or talking about something that is inspiring and uplifting.  Gossip is a mindless activity that doesn’t produce positive results, and don’t you want to know the conversations you’ve had are contributing not lessening the value of someone’s day?

Only Once

Snack time is something that tends to be a daily habit that can easily put on pounds gradually if done repeatedly. Reducing your snacking to once a day reverts back to what was mentioned last week about paying attention.  How many times have you taken something out of the fridge or stopped to pick something up to eat at the store and mindlessly ate it while in the car or working at your desk.  Why not enjoy and look forward to a decadent and filling snack which only happens once during your day, and at the same time fills you up because you don’t feel as though you are doing something you shouldn’t?  Choose the time of day when you tend to feel the most lethargic and in need an energy boost – maybe it’s a few hours before lunch or during the middle of the afternoon.  Whenever it is, listen to your body and feed it, but feed it so that it’s content, not miserable.  You’ll be amazed after having stuck to this philosophy for awhile how you won’t feel you’ll need a snack so often. You’ll also appreciate and enjoy this break time more because you won’t feel you have to deprive yourself.

Rejuvenating Slumber

As you know, the body does a lot of repairing while the lights are out during your slumber. And one of the many ways to take advantage of this time is to provide even more assistance when it comes to your skin.  Did you know that Oil of Olay Regenerist night sculpting cream was proven more effective at repairing fine lines and wrinkles, as well as revealing a more radiant glow, than all other high end brands over a year long trial? Why not make a small tweak to your nightly skincare routine and add a rich night cream?  The results will gradually be evident and immediately you will feel your skin become more hydrated. A small and easy tweak that can make quite a difference in your appearance.

Switch It Up

A simple, yet easy way to decrease your electric bill, help the environment and eliminate not having to go around the house changing light bulbs every six to nine months is to switch out all of your traditional light bulbs and replace them with energy efficient bulbs. The endurance is outstanding.  In my master bedroom, it has been over four years and both bulbs are still without need of replacing.  The fact is “if every American home replaced just one light with an ENERGY STAR light, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, about $700 million in annual energy costs, and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to the emissions of about 800,000 cars.” Something to think about and a simple thing to do.

It always amazing me how actions that initially appear small, can have lasting effects.  Permanently including any of these changes in your life will require patience, but in due time, the results will begin to show themselves, rewarding you for your discipline.  Click here for the last part in the series as I share five more tips on how to bring more quality, beauty and good health to your life.

And if anyone has already tried and seen the benefits of any of the suggestions shared, I’d love to hear, as I know the rest of my readers would as well.  Have a great Wednesday!

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13 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Make a Small Tweak? Part Deux

  1. I love all of your tips.
    People always ask about how I make so much dessert/sweet stuff…its ’cause I downsize the proportions and share with family/friends and even neighbors 🙂

  2. Great tips! And funny thing, I do practice 4 of the 5 of them regularly. I have my whole family snacking once a day, and my snacks are downsized. I am still having the decadent snack so I feel like I am not depriving myself, yet, without all the extra calories.

    The set by example… I really do feel uncomfortable talking about someone who is not there to defend themselves. Unfortunately, so many people around me love doing that. Believe it or not, I was not extended an invitation to a book club because I didn’t “contribute” to the gossips and that made a select few of the women feel “uneasy”. Oh well….

    Have a happy Wednesday!

  3. Great tips indeed!
    Especially “set by example”…
    It’s true that what seems to be a simple chatty talk can do harm, and I sometimes need the reminder.

    Ah, a gossip-free environment!
    I was once invited to a knitting club but never felt like going back to the “stitch and b*tch” session as they called it. The one time I attended, way too much personal info and criticism about people I had never even heard of were given away.
    Hmmm… I don’t even want to imagine if they talked about me after that.

  4. I really love this “Why Not” series.. it only takes one small change to set off a chain reaction of larger changes in your life – you never know what the catalyst will be! Thank you for all of the amazing inspiration every day <3

  5. I love your inspirational posts. We are all so very busy that it’s easy not to think about what you’re eating and doing, but you’re right, sometimes it just takes a little aforethought by making small changes to create fabulous results. I know sometimes you have a big job like cleaning a closet and you put it off because it just seems too daunting. I’ve learned that a tiny step at a time makes any job much more palatable.

  6. I am so with you with the smaller portions-it is so sad to think about all of the food we waste (or don’t waste) due to ridic portion sizes!

  7. Perfect timing Shannon. This morning as I drove by a local ice cream shop I noticed they had posted on their sign “Large soft serve frozen yogurt $1.79”. My first reaction was cool, can’t wait. Then I thought hold up a second, who needs a large size of anything – besides maybe a coffee or water. I think one small step we can each do is to get out of our minds that bigger is better, especially when it comes to food. After the first few bites do your tastebuds really notice the deliciousness of what you are eating? Most likely not.
    As always, thank you for the inspiring work.
    xoxo Carrie

  8. As per usual, great tips – I am certianly making use of this right now – cutting it back and cutting it down!!

    Love this!!


  9. Happy to say, the CFLs are done, although that’s more my husband’s work than mine. But I love your point about mini cupcakes and so on; often, with a hot drink, I only want a little sweet something – it doesn’t have to be huge!

  10. I love your inspirational posts! The part about gossip is so true. I find myself doing it and then I get so anxious after I have. In the past few weeks I have tried to check myself and it really helps. We all have our issues and excepting our friends small flaws so much easier that talking about them. THANKS!

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