What to Pack for a Luxurious Hotel Stay
Tuesday April 26, 2011

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A simple way to make sure your time away from home, whether it be for business or pleasure, is a relaxing retreat when you retire to your hotel room is to pack the luxurious essentials that will ensure a pampered and tranquil experience.

While there are many lists out there that tell you what to pack regarding the essentials for clothes, beauty supplies, etc – this list covers the pampering – feel-good items to always include in your travel luggage to provide a restful, relaxing and enjoyable experience whether you are alone or spending time with someone else.

After all, while our house is our sanctuary, wherever we sleep at night can also be transformed into our temporary sanctuary if we happen to be on vacation, on a business trip or simply changing it up a bit and treating ourselves to a night in an extravagant hotel.

Pampering Packing List

I-Feel-Beautiful Pajamas

Nothing makes a night’s sleep more luxurious than slipping into freshly cleaned and pressed pajamas no matter what they may be made of (I prefer linen, cotton or silk). Whether you have a set reserved for traveling or it’s your favorite pair at home, always make sure to pack them.


Especially if you are traveling in chillier months, pack your slippers to help keep you warm and cozy.

Reading Material

Aside from my luggage, I always have a tote specially reserved for the magazines I need to read, books I am dying to read and my planner. Often times, I am unable to make it through everything, but I prefer to have choices.


Often, 4 and 5 star hotels provide terry-cloth or waffle-weave robes, however, unless you know for sure, bring your own.


Introduce a scent to your room just before bed and you are certain to create an environment that is welcoming to the sight as well as to your nose.

Bubble Bath

Pack your favorite bubble bath, maybe a special L’occitane bubbles, and reserve one bottle for only your travels.  Soaking in a quiet room after a busy day of meetings, shopping or site seeing is an easy way to pamper yourself.


I always enjoy a cup of tea in the evening to wind down before going to bed, and often the tea that is available in my room isn’t to my liking.  By bringing my favorite tea bags with me, I know I am one step closer to a deep night’s sleep.


Upon Arrival:

After checking in and tipping the bellboy, take a few minutes to completely unpack, placing your clothes in the closet and drawers, organizing your beauty products and utensils in the bathroom, setting up your nightstand just so (books, glasses, etc) and locate everything in your room that you may use – the desk, iron, robe, remote, etc.

After setting it up, hide your suitcases and other luggage so that your room truly feels like your sanctuary.  By doing this you are helping to create an environment of calm that, while small in effort, can yield very great results.


While this is a list that has worked for me, I would love to hear what you have found to be useful in creating a sanctuary away from home while you travel. Happy travels everyone!

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26 thoughts on “What to Pack for a Luxurious Hotel Stay

  1. Summery cotton nightgowns are my favorite to sleep in. Why does anyone wear sweatshirts and flannel to bed when these are so light and comfortable?

    Sometimes I like to place a small photograph on my nightstand to make it feel more like home.

  2. What a great post and perfect timing for me as my husband and I are going to be spending 2 days and one night away at a luxury country resort this weekend (away from kiddies) and I’m so looking forward to it! We have a full itinerary planned of spa (couples massage & mani/pedi for me), hiking, biking, lovely dinner in their restaurant and generally just taking some time to relax and be together without the kids. So, thank you! You have inspired me to make the most of our time away! -Hope

  3. I will be planning a family vacation at Disneyland. I won’t be staying anywhere remotely luxurious but I will be with my family and I will keep a luxurious state of mind by reading fashion mags poolside!

  4. I used to travel all the time for work so I have this down to a science. In addition to your excellent suggestions, I bring:

    * iPod and portable speakers
    * a cozy shawl or throw (keeps you warm or covers an ugly bedspread)
    * snacks, especially decadent, not-sharing-with-anyone chocolate
    * mini-champagne for the bubble bath

    And if I’m there for at least two nights, after I check in I go to the nearest grocery, buy a pretty bouquet of flowers, and borrow a vase from room service (all but the lowest budget hotels have them available to borrow). I leave them for the maid, along with her tip, when I check out.

  5. KBG – what a great idea! I am going to catalog your idea for purchasing flowers during long stays and then leaving them along with the tip for the maid upon departure. I would have never thought of that. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    Goodniteirene – Enjoy!!!! Sounds absolutely luxurious. 🙂

    Anonymous – what an lovely idea. Enjoy the time away to relax and just be. 🙂

  6. Love your posts! When I travel I bring along a small can of either lavender or rose essential oil to remove the sterility of the hotel room. Two drops on the lightbulb and the room smells heavenly!

  7. http://www.hotelscheap.org/
    I found a 4 star Hotel for $100.00 a night or less. I don’t work for them or nothing but if you are like me and can’t afford the high prices you might just try this site. I did and it worked, me and my family are finally getting to spend a weekend at a nice motel…Happy travels!!!

  8. Great idea about the flowers…why not leave the maid the tip + the cost of the flowers instead? If you are away for work or pleasure, chances are you won;t get much enjoyment of the flowers abyway…

  9. Hi,
    I just read this post. In addition to your great ideas, here are some essentials that we bring on every trip:
    – lots of small travel wipes. We wipe all the door knobs, light switches, and remote controls before we settle in.
    – extra big bottles of water we buy after checking in. Many hotels don’t offer complimentary water and tap water may/may not be safe.
    – a real teaspoon. For creamer, sugar, desserts, etc. Stir sticks & plastic are not luxurious and it’s a pain sometimes to request one from the hotel.
    Happy Travels!

  10. bring tissues and paper towels some hotels either don’t have them or maybe they do but it gives it a more homey feel. Also, a personal picture might be a nice touch!

  11. All great ideas from seasoned travelers. In addition to these ideas I always travel with a sheet of scented drawer liners. If you place your clothes into the
    Hotel drawers it makes a most lovely difference.

  12. A hidden gem from the archives! Thanks Shannon! I like to bring water, glasses, something warm to snuggle in (besides just my travel clothes), and disinfectant wipes 🙂

  13. Lovely ideas! just got back from a too short Paris/London trip (Merci travel points) – four hotel changes in a short time was a bit stressful – love the tip for packing a scented candle- a small thing that adds so much atmosphere- never thought to do that
    I paint so I take a small satchel of scaled down art supplies – a mini elegant sketchbook (art stores have beautiful inexpensive ones), a box water color pencils and hollow handled brushes you fill with water for mess free quick sketches or impromptu dabbling when relaxing in a park or during downtime in your room to record your memories
    KBG- Love the idea of purchasing flowers for your stay !- So many of the little groceries have some nice inexpensive bouquets

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