What a Day
Wednesday January 13, 2010

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Often times when I can’t think of ways to put my thoughts or emotions, or even the events of a day into words, I like to think in terms of figurative language – “my day was like a long car ride with my significant other – lulls and spasms, great conversations, pointless communication, wonderful, boring, but ultimately, I wouldn’t have wanted to be doing it with anybody else.”, or “my thoughts were a luxurious golf course, unable to be used because of an impending lightning storm.” Hopefully you get the idea, like I said, sometimes I can’t make sense enough of it to explain it to anyone.

Another way I find myself expressing my thoughts, day, etc. is to think of a piece of art that expresses so perfectly what I can’t convey orally. Today was such a day. For some reason a Jackson Pollack painting came to mind when I was trying to frame my day in positive way. After all, I’m trying to stick to one of my resolutions which was to “make happiness a habit” and what better way to express a frustrating, heart-wrenching day that was also filled with a major event so beautiful it will never be repeated. Why so many varying events choose to occur on one day when there are three hundred and sixty-four other days that were just as worthy, I will never know, but they did, and for that reason I choose Pollack’s Shimmering Substance.
I’ll let his painting say the rest.

For my own curiosity, what ways do you find helpful when it comes to explaining the events of your day, frustrating moments or feelings that you have a hard time talking about? I would love to hear.

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