Bienvenue à la 6ème Annuelle Semaine de Française de TSLL! + the 1st Giveaway
Sunday August 8, 2021

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From the effortless, timeless sartorial style, sage skincare wisdom, deeply rooted expertise in the kitchen, approach to savoring the gifts the terroir offers each season in food and wine – these reasons and so many more are why I gravitate toward the French culture. Perhaps the most beloved reason is the pace of everyday life – the gathering for meals, apéritif enjoyed before dîner, long, leisurely lunches and morning with a tartine made with a fresh baguette from the neighborhood boulangerie, smeared with French salted butter and then some confiture for a touch of sweet.

Ahhhhh, France. I miss you, but I welcome these approaches into my everyday even and especially when I go about my routines in my life here in Bend, Oregon.

I know you do similarly, TSLL readers. Part of foundational premise of living simply luxuriously is to bring what we love from the French (as well as British) culture into our days no matter where we call home. When we do, we honor what speaks to us, what brings us more awake and alive and more present, so that we acknowledge how awesome everyday can be going about what may seem mundane tasks but actually become quite special. I have learned this life skill more profoundly by spending time in the French culture than in any other place in the world, and I am grateful to have realized its benefits.

Now it is summer in L’Hexagone or land of the Franks or Francia in Latin (learn more about the history of France’s name here). And I cannot help think of Provence.

Summer in Provence.

Each time I look at the illustration by Inslee (see above) my mind drifts back to my time in the leisurely paced life of the Luberon amongst the plane trees (better known as platanes), the lavender and rows of grapevines.

Of course the lavender is now harvested by this time of year, and the French are savoring their own holiday throughout the southern region and other countryside regions of their country, which means it is time to celebrate France here on TSLL and take our own virtual escape to the country and culture that enraptures us. ??❤️

The sixth annual TSLL French Week has officially begun, and I am excited to celebrate and savor all things French for the next seven days. Thank you for stopping by as we jump right into it.

The first giveaway, as are all of the giveaways shared on the blog during French Week, is exclusive to TOP Tier subscribers, and I have good news on that front. Each year, and only once a year, I choose a time (usually lasting a week and never the same date on the calendar from year to year) to offer a discounted opportunity to become a TOP Tier Subscriber. And that week for 2021 is here and will end August 14th. Click here to discover the savings available on all three TOP Tier payment plan options (monthly, quarterly and yearly).

Now, let’s get to what the first giveaway is. To enter after becoming a TOP Tier subscriber, click here.

The 1st Giveaway

Since 1830, the French company de Buyer has been making carbon steel cookware. Working with culinary professionals to craft utensils, they focus entirely on corresponding to the different cooking methods that characterize traditional French cuisine.

Why Carbon Steel?

I love my copper pans. Don’t get me wrong and will continue to use them, but if you want a workhorse, a high-quality cooking pan that chefs around the world use in their professional and personal lives, welcome into your batterie de cuisine a carbon steel pan (or two).

Each pan is handmade in France, and as de Buyer describes, the pans “progress as you do, and the end results are one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect back your journey in the kitchen”. I love that. Take a look below, as the company shares in their own words the care given to each Carbon Steel made pan. 

“Our Mineral B line arrives protected by beeswax, ensuring your investment arrives rust-free. de Buyer always refines with an eye toward the natural world: we discovered that beeswax protects pans from oxidation and improves seasoned steel. Mineral B allows you to sear, stir, brown, and grill at high temperatures, both on the stove and in the oven.” 

What will the lucky winner be adding to their kitchen?

I chose the omelette pan because you can cook far more than omelettes as this pan can easily do it all and be your go-to pan to use as your everyday middle-sized fry pan in the kitchen. After measuring my own go-to copper pan that I use every single day – 9.5″ is the average width, and I am confident the winner will be using it, loving it and returning to it each time they turn on their stovetop for a simple creation of anything needing a good sear, reduction, or fry.

In TSLL’s first book (chapter 5, beginning on page 158) I detail the list of tools and utensils I include in my kitchen and in TSLL’s second book (chapter 12), I dedicate the entire chapter to sharing the key skills to maneuver effortlessly in the kitchen to enjoy eating and being healthy. One of those key skills is making a simple and classic French omelette, and you can also watch me make one here in episode 5 in the first season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen. I also demo-ed this skill on live television in 2019 on Afternoon Live KATU-ABC (you can watch that segment here).

How do you enter? Simply click here and be sure to leave a comment on the page you are redirect to. Note: you will only be able to view the page if you are a TOP Tier subscriber.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to TSLL’s French Week.

Allons-y! (pronounced “ah-lo(n)-zee”)

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