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Sunday August 8, 2021

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The last eleven+ years here on TSLL blog has connected readers from around the world, of all ages, all genders, various work/life stages and chapters, a variety of incomes and oodles of wonderful life experiences.

Over the past eleven months, an intimate gathering meets up online for our A Cuppa Moments video chat right here exclusively on TSLL blog. Conversing in the comments section, readers meet fellow TSLL readers in a semi-private setting allowing them to feel more comfortable as the norms for our conversation are sharing only things that meet each and all three of the criteria: True, Helpful and Kind. I never really have to remind anyone to abide by these three simple guiding principles, but I share it each time for new subscribers who have just joined so they might feel safe or more comfortable engaging with the group.

The internet is an awesome space, but it can also be frightening if not managed thoughtfully. Many people have asked why not create a Facebook Group or use another social media platform to gather TSLL readers for discussion, but to do so would to take the guidelines off of the owned space that is TSLL and place it on rented space to adhere to that particular social media company’s guidelines. I feel confident that TSLL has built a trusted reputation for kindness, intelligence, and readers with an approach to life that exercise a growth mindset. As well, readers share repeatedly over the years that TSLL is a space they return to as it offers calm, tranquility and inspiration for living one’s most contented life.

As I shared in this recent Instagram post (shown below), connecting with readers and seeing readers connect with each other is a monthly ritual I have thoroughly enjoyed this past year. While not all readers who view the monthly video engage, the offering hopefully offers calm, inspiration, ideas and food for thought to create a great new month for everyone who tunes in on the first of each month.

Today, and for this week only during TSLL’s 6th Annual French Week, become a TOP Tier subscriber and save up to 33% on your first payment (opportunity ends on Saturday August 14th at midnight). I continue to honor my promise to readers who took the risk last September and subscribed during our inaugural setting up last fall as they will be able to forever pay the lowest prices ever offered for the duration of their subscription no matter how long they remain subscribers, but today, for the first payment of either monthly, quarterly or annually, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic discount. Each automated payment that follows will return to the current regular price (all prices are shared below).

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  • Enjoy watching and engaging with each month’s A Cuppa Moments with Shannon video chat (posted on the first of each month – view the archives here)
  • Automated Payment
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5 thoughts on “Once-A-Year Savings: Become a TOP Tier Subscriber, this week only and save

  1. I thought you might enjoy watching some of the live, online travel tours I’ve been loving during travel restrictions. My favourites are the tours of Paris with tour guide Patrick. He was born and raised in Paris and loves history. There is no fee but viewers may tip the tour guide a modest amount if they wish. So far I’ve “visited” France, Scotland, Peru and Vietnam. Here are the current destinations for you and your readers:

    1. Thank you for introducing me Nancy. The site looks to have wonderful offerings and thank you for sharing your personal recommendations as well. Looking forward to exploring this further. 🙂

  2. As a top tier subscriber for about a year, I can honestly say it is worth it! I am very picky about what I read and watch, I do not subscribe to just anything, including streaming channels. Shannon elevates the day for me.

  3. I cannot say enough how much I enjoy engaging with the top tier element of TSLL. I thoroughly enjoy Shannon’s content and the payment I make is well worth it. If you love the content and ethos here I highly recommend subscribing.
    TSLL is my favourite online and “magazine” content and offers boundless inspiration for living my best life,

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