This & That: June 7, 2024
Friday June 7, 2024

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Untitled Design 2

A garden memoir of sorts, gardener and author Richard Mabey roots his new book The Accidental Garden in the daily dramas of his own Norfolk garden”. The premise Mabey presents is that [our gardens] are a microcosm of what is happening in the larger world. However, we can partner with nature and welcome it to become an equal partner, a ‘gardener’ itself. “Against a background of disordered seasons he watches his ‘accidental’ garden reorganising itself. Ants sow cowslip seeds in the parched grass. Moorhens take to nesting in trees. A spectacular self-seeded rose springs up in the gravel. The garden becomes a place of cultural and ecological fusion, and perhaps a metaphor for the troubled planet”.

Released this past Tuesday in England, you can purchase it from Blackwells here.

Being released on Tuesday June 11th, bestselling author Eric Weiner shares an unconventional biography with Ben & Me, “a guide to living and thinking well, as Ben Franklin did. It is also about curiosity, diligence, and, most of all, the elusive goal of self-improvement. As Weiner follows Franklin from Philadelphia to Paris, Boston to London, he attempts to uncover Ben’s life lessons, large and small. We learn about the printing press (the Internet of its day), early medicine, diplomatic intrigue and, of course, electricity. And we learn about ethics, persuasion, humor, regret, appetite, and so much more”.

91tywupykl. Sl1500

Released on June 11th

Recommended and anticipated by just about every major book reviewer, including Oprah Daily and The Washington Post, Claire Messed’s new novel is inspired in part by long-ago stories told of her own family. This Strange Eventful History “is above all a family story: of patriarch Gaston and his wife Lucienne, whose myth of perfect love sustains them and stifles their children; of François and Denise, devoted siblings connected by their family’s strangeness; of François’s union with Barbara, a woman so culturally different they can barely comprehend one another; of Chloe, the result of that union, who believes that telling these buried stories will bring them all peace”.

Being released on June 13th, next Thursday, discover how the drama unfolds when Colin discovers who Miss Featherington really is. As I will share in more detail below, I quite enjoyed season 3, partly because I adore Nicola Coughlan. She has been one of the primary reasons I keep tuning back in each season, and season 3 puts her character Penelope at the forefront. Have a look at Part 2’s trailer below.

Having been just released in the UK on the 6th and to be released this July in the states, described as a national treasure as well as being a Michelin-starred cook, Tom Kerridge brings a new cookbook, Cooks Britain, to readers sharing “recipes that showcase the very best of British ingredients, using simple techniques and bold flavours to bring out their unique qualities. Each recipe is built around a hero ingredient, showing how fresh, seasonal ingredients can take a dish to a whole new level”.

9781526671936 003

A novel told from “the unique multi-narrative viewpoints of a young Queen Elizabeth; Hanna Penwyck, the fictionalized Keeper of the Queen’s dogs; and Susan, the Queen’s Corgi, whose love and loyalty were boundless”, The Queen’s Faithful Companion will be released on June 11th.

816uc3ef2bl. Sl1500

This looks quite adorable. 😌🇬🇧❤️

Smythson Sale

If you have had your eye one of the classic items from Smythson, now is a great time to save 50% on many of them. Many colors are available in just about everything (but not all, so check closely), and especially for travel or handbags, these savings are quite nice. I have a shopped a few below.

1028334 W S2

The navy jewelry case is 50% off

Continental Purse in Mara (nile blue or navy), 50% off

If you have ever wondered what to do with any leftover, this cookbook is for you. A library of a resource to discover the creative ways to make delicious meals from disparate items you may have initially thought impossible to turn into a feast.

After becoming quite popular on TikTok by making videos of classic and retro salads thinking it would be fun to measure the ingredients with test tubes and beakers since her daughter was a science major, Darlene Schrijver titled her TikTok account The Salad Lab “to encourage the spirit of experimentation. Soon, The Salad Lab’s following began to grow rapidly when Darlene would attempt to recreate a celebrity’s favorite salad or a recipe inspired by a dish from a restaurant”. And now her first cookbook.

81mdj08f 9l. Sl1500

If you grew up watching the Brat Pack in any number of John Hughes’ films, then you will want to check out this documentary I have a feeling. Premiering today at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, stream Brats beginning next Thursday, June 13th on Hulu. Have a look at the trailer below of Brats.

Last weekend, Sharon Santoni’s spring box from her My French Country Box delivery subscription arrived, and with the theme of the garden, there were many beautiful finds within. The one I especially took to were the long necklaces from French jewelry house Niiki Paris. Having received the green one, and loving the lovely weight to hang well, along with the simplicity and hue surrounded by the golden metal, I took note of the beige especially for my wardrobe.

What is so special about these boxes is that often what is given to subscribers are items you cannot purchase directly on the brand’s site, and such exclusivity is just the case for these three colors of Calypso necklaces. All three seen below – ivory, beige and green – are only available through My French Country Home’s boutique, and so, I am nudging you to purchase the one that is speaking to you if that is the case because I have a feeling they will go fast, and when they do, they will be gone for good.

Box 30 Niiki Necklaces 2

Boden Kate Linen midi shirt dress

Linen, a shirt dress, and midi-length. Sounds perfect to me!

24wsum D0975 Blu M02.jpg

A luxury brand based in London, Joseph has timeless staples that will last for years (I have one of their sweaters and cashmere v-neck long-sleeve tees and wear them often in the winter and fall months). Full of various solid colors (no prints here), if you see a color that will flatter your skin tone, you won’t regret your purchase, and now with many items 50% off, it is a great time to scoop up some savings and style.

Leather Loafers, beige, 50% off

Luxe Cashmere High Neck Jumper, 50% (all sizes available at posting)

Jf0082161093 Spark High Nk Luxe Cashmere Luxe Cashmere Joseph 3

Sp24 Faherty Unisex Yn0006 231 Signature Linen Wrap Oatmeal Laydowns 1 1000x.jpg

Having a neutral large scarf is a great idea, especially for summer travel and outings, and this ivory/oatmeal linen scarf is one to have on hand.

Some height, some retro style and only $155.

S7 1474759 Lifestyle

One more sale of note, and currently many sizes are still available if you too have a couple of items saved from when the spring collection debuted earlier this year.

Some are loving this new bio-pic spotlighting the life of Karl Lagerfeld, spoken entirely in French and German and others are not, so it really is viewer dependent based on what you are looking for. Daniel Brühl stars as Lagerfeld and Theodore Pellerin as Jacques de Bascher, Lagerfeld’s long-time partner. This limited tv series “follows the rise of Karl Lagerfeld in the 1970s Parisian fashion world and his rivalry with Yves Saint Laurent’s partner Pierre Berge, as well as his love story with Jacques de Bascher” Have a look at the trailer and look for it to debut today.

I saw the trailer for this series on Netflix and had to share. Adapted from the young adult series of the same name by Holly Smale, Geek Girl centers around “awkward teen Harriet [who] strives to fit in, then she gets scouted by a top London model agent and learns that some people are meant to stand out”. It premiered on May 30th and looks quite enjoyable. Have a look at the trailer below.

Rest assured, this is not the film you may think it is. “Somewhat” based on a true story and adapted a bit further from the book written by Skip Hollandsworth (read this article with the author here), Hit Man premieres today on Netflix, starring Glen Powell as Gary Johnson, the fake professional killer working with the cops. Johnson, “a professor moonlighting as a hit man of sorts for his city police department, descends into dangerous, dubious territory when he finds himself attracted to a woman who enlists his services”. Have a look at the trailer below. I think this might be a lot of fun.


The good weather beckoned us to work outside more often than not this week, and to accommodate Mr. Norman and his comfort (so grateful he is doing so well at 14 1/2+ years!), I brought his bed out for him to take his nap (although after about 90 minutes, he climbed out of this cozy nook and laid on the grass where it was cooler). Rest assured, Nelle’s bed was brought out just in case she wanted it, but I was correct to predict, that would not be the case.

How has your week gone? And the first week of June, no less! Wow, all of a sudden, summer schedules are right around the corner for folks and the weather has arrived to announce this seasonal timing as well.

Remaining in our typical weekly schedule here at Le Papillon, working on the blog, attending French class, gardening, and making sure French homework is complete, not much has changed around here except the temporary shift of the office to the garden which is a lovely subtle change of scenery.

This week on the blog, a new podcast episode that showcasing a new book I thoroughly enjoyed and found to be a worthwhile resource to pick up and read sooner rather than later, along with a Francophile pick for the Petit Plaisir. Monday’s Motivational post was one of the most popular posts ever here on TSLL, so be sure to pop around and take a look at 20 Simple Luxuries to Welcome into Your Everyday, and if you haven’t already settled in to enjoy June’s A Cuppa Moments, it was posted just this past Saturday, and I look forward to sitting down this weekend to join the conversation that is already in full swing with TOP Tier members.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead full of delicious discoveries at the local markets, satisfying completed tasks, and of course, oodles of moments to savor. Thank you for stopping by today, and until Monday, bonne journée.

~20 Plants for pots and containers [Gardeners’ World]

~See what Jenna Lyons sold at her stoop sale [NYTimes, gift link]

~Kevin Lee Jacobs always have delicious recipes, and his “My Very Serious Brownie” no doubt will be a delicious treat to bake and share. [A House for a Garden]

~My favorite read of the week – How to free yourself from constant desires (or understand why they arise in the first place). [Tiny Buddha]

~Nina Campbell’s Chelsea home is a showcase of quintessential British comfort luxury. Love all the details and thoughtful choices (Campbell is Rita Konig’s mother). [House & Garden UK]

~British Airways has a great sale on at the moment, so be sure to book your trip before June 11th concludes.

~Do you fly Air France? Be sure not to miss out on their summer sale that runs until June 12th. Click here for their best offers of savings (and be sure to check out their business class prices – quite nice, especially if you are planning ahead into fall or late winter).

~Just a short little write up on SJP on the set of And Just Like That while filming in NYC. [Vulture]

~A favorite French actress, Marion Cotillard, is joining the fourth season of The Morning Show, one of the first television roles she has ever taken. Can’t help but be curious as to how she will be incorporated into the storyline. [Variety]

~First of all, Nicola Coughlan – loving her in season 3 of Bridgerton – I think it is my favorite season of any of them because she is at the forefront and no longer just the written voice-over (rest assured, I know Julia Andrews is the actual voice-over we hear, but it is Penelope ‘voice’). Having been introduced to Coughlan in Derry Girls (a MUST-Watch if you haven’t viewed this brilliant 90s set series in Northern Ireland), when I learned that Couglan is 37, my respect deepened even further – her the ability to play such varying roles of all ages and types demonstrates her range and talent as an actor. Which is why I wanted to bring this clip to you of her sharing and speaking in a wide-ranging differing accents with ease.

Giftmembershipshare 1

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11 thoughts on “This & That: June 7, 2024

  1. Thanks for sharing the article on desire. Really needed that this week! Have a great wknd, everyone.

  2. I simply adore the Friday This & That posts, Shannon. I actually wait to delve in on the Saturday morning, in bed with a cup of tea, bowl of fruit and all the time in the world. I also adore how you find and share just the perfect interesting, fun or fascinating clip to end each This & That post – the cherry on the top!

    1. Janet Nicole,

      I so enjoy discovering how TSLL reader enjoy exploring the regular postings especially the T & T. Your Saturday morning sounds delicious and restful. And tickled you enjoy the videos that conclude each weekly posting! Thank you for the feedback. Wishing you much rejuvenation and thank you for exemplifying how to nourish ourselves. Your ritual sounds lovely. 🙂

    2. Janet Nicole, I’m going to have to set aside a special time for T&T, too! Thanks for the idea! I always browse it quickly and say I’ll revisit later but I rarely do :(. I’d love to thoroughly explore the first read through.

  3. Hello, Shannon, and thanks for the T & T that makes all the Fridays so much better! It also makes Sundays much better, as I can attest myself enjoying it on a Sunday… 🙂

    My favourites;
    – The Everlasting Meal Cookbook – Yes, my imagination could use a bit of help.. and I am curious to see what other people do in this regard;
    – Boden Kate Linen midi shirt dress – I love me a great summer dress;
    – Kitana Khaki Halter Shirt Dress – Ditto;
    – Becoming Karl Lagerfeld – Not particularly interested in KL but I like Daniel Brühl;
    – My Very Serious Brown – You know I collect chocolate recipes, right?… 😉
    – Nina Campbell’s house – I find her approach here quite interesting, considering that the space is not large but the rooms/ areas flow into each other so nicely;
    – Nicola Coughlan – a great young actor, and yes, I heartily second a recommendation for “Derry Girls”.

    My absolute favourite, of course, was Mr. Norman sleeping nicely on his bed under the canopy of leaves. He is so cute! Whenever there’s a picture of Norman, I always fee like giving him a big hug! He warms my heart. 🙂

    I wish a very good Sunday and all the best for the week ahead! XO

    1. Hello Isabel!

      I am just so very happy you have chosen to include T & T as a weekly ritual whether Friday, Saturday or Sunday!☺️ (and I wanted to let you know as if I recall correctly you especially enjoy the monthly Smile posts – I will be back on schedule this June come the last Wednesday of the month. I was a bit tuckered in May following British Week and preparing to launch the intro video and page for the Contentment Masterclass and realized so many of my smiles were found in the garden or talking about Britain, so I gave myself permission to wait until June to write the next Smile post. Rest assured, I love sharing that regular post each month with you all and you immediately came to mind when I didn’t do so in May. 😌)

      I appreciate your sharings of all that caught your interest and thank you for sharing you too enjoyed Derry Girls! And I know Norman would love a hug, always a friendly pup on our walks with passersby, so consider him extending gratitude to you for the extension of kindness to him. 😌

      And isn’t Nina’s home an interesting layout? I know she has lived in various places, and this one really is unique. But as you said, it flows well. Each room invites you into the next with its vantage points guiding the eye.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and wishing you as well a lovely afternoon this Sunday and a beautiful week ahead. 💛

  4. Loved your note about the MFCH May box, I also got the green necklace and thinking of ways to style it. The other colors were nice, too. Someone mentioned doubling it up with a chain in back or some ribbon…might try this, as I’m not a big long necklace fan. I got the natural bag and the darker scarf. What about you?? I’d have loved the brighter scarf, which is better for my coloring. Totally unexpected contents, though. Was certain it would be outdoor entertaining treasures. Next box sounds delightful…French Country Cuisine. The kitchen/food boxes are quickly becoming my favorites, as you’ve mentioned before!
    Thank you for the sweet sleeping Norman picture, makes me want to pull my bed outside and curl up!

  5. Shannon, I always enjoy dipping in to the T&T over the weekend. There is always something to pique my interest. And Norman looks so cosy. Hamish always seems to find a perch for his head too. It must be a relaxing position for them but looks really uncomfortable 😂. Have a lovely week.

  6. So may good things, Shannon, as always! I do have to say I’m so intrigued by the book about Susan and the Queen. We’ve had corgis for 25 years. With our first one, people would ask, “What kind of mix is that?” HA! They’re more well known now. Currently, our darlings are Georgette, who is 13, and Fitz (Fitzwilliam Darcy), who’s 1. Enjoy your glorious weather!

    1. Ellen,

      Isn’t that the truth! More people know about Corgis now than ever before, and I have seen many in my own neighborhood! Whenever we pass each other on our walks, we will stop and chuckle about our “royal” pups. 🙂 Your pups names – adorable! Sending love and snugs to Georgette and Fitz. Sounds like you have a similar pup household to ours. A special time in both of their lives. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by. Thoroughly enjoyed your comment. 🙂

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