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Sunday October 4, 2020

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The first weekend of October, and oh, what a gorgeous weekend is has been and still is.

Norman and I headed out to walk this morning and were greeted by these friendly aspens gently being tickled by the breeze with a cloudless blue sky. (see above)

The days this weekend have been full and lovely at home – some gardening, some reading, some blog and video work, but then the evenings are leisurely.

Last evening, I began to enjoy for the first time a candle from Un Soir A L’Opera which was subtle, sensual and lovely. I hope you too are having a wonderful weekend.

Yesterday morning I sat down with my own cuppa and responded to the many comments to the first monthly A Cuppa Moments, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading all that was shared by subscribers in this new semi-private space. I already cannot wait to post the new A Cuppa Moments which will be November 1st. Continue engaging and I will keep responding as even more comments have been shared since yesterday, and I will be sitting down again soon to read and respond.

With that said, I want to make sure all TOP Tier subscribers have been able to join the conversation, and along with answering a few other questions that may pop up, I created a page I hope will be helpful to both TSLL Subscribers and Future Subscribers.

I wanted to take a moment this weekend to share a FAQs page that is new to the blog to help TSLL Subscribers seamlessly navigate their new access to content.

TSLL’s new Soft Paywall went into place on Thursday October 1st, and while many readers became subscribers during the course of late summer and this past September, some have paid but never logged in to enjoy the ad-free experience. Now that the paywall is in place, you will need to login to continue to read the blog (this was not the case prior to October 1st).

While many questions I have received via email have been the same, some are unique, so I have compiled all the answers, links, and helpful bits of information for both the frequent and not so frequent questions, but all hopefully helpful – onto one page.

~View FAQS for TSLL Subscribers and Future Subscribers.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the new week. Bonne journée!

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6 thoughts on “TSLL Subscriber FAQs

  1. Are you going to have another “sale” on becoming a top tier subscriber? I just got back into my classroom and wasn’t able to take advantage of your deal you had.?

    1. Unfortunately, no. That was an introductory offer that was available since September 1st. I would recommend, if you are interested, subscribing at a price that works best for your budget (the yearly and quarterly offer a 15% and 10% discount respectively), as the price will likely go up in the years to come. Whatever price you purchase, it will be yours for the duration of your subscription no matter what changes occur moving forward.

  2. It is a beautiful October, isn’t it?! Gorgeous pic. A meadow filled with aspens always reminds me of the scene in “Fiddler on the Roof” between Motel and Tzeitel. (Here’s the scene– https://youtu.be/CvVeJJ-TnK4)
    Thanks for the FAQs page! You and the boys have a lovely evening.

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