TSLL’s TOP 5 Contentment posts, 2023
Saturday December 30, 2023

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Sometimes a concept that is lesser well known to folks than say happiness. However, at the core of each is something similar, as I share on the Welcome page. The two concepts are related, and it is in the tethering out of the difference that will MAKE the difference to living a life of deep contentment and thus experiencing, and savoring, more happy moments in our lives.

Because I have been a student of understanding contentment in my own life consciously since TSLL blog began in 2009, I am very enthusiastic and eager to bring to you in 2024 the new Contentment Master Class video course. And along with a wealth of experts far wiser than me, they have been my teachers as I implemented the skills learned and over time have seen my own life become more deeply fulfilling and grounded in a sense of peace of ease of being. I will be sharing more about this video course as the new year unfolds, but remember that if you are a TOP Tier Member, you will receive 20% off the price in the first month of its release, so be sure to consider becoming a member if this course interests you as once you purchase it, it will be yours for life to return to and reflect on as you travel along your own unique journey.

And now to the TOP five of many posts shared this past year categorized under contentment. May they provide inspiration, guidance and encouragement to live the life that honors your true self as you step into 2024.

Discovering a Way of Life That Harmonizes with Your True Self


The Gift of a Quiet Life in a Noisy World


Signs of Growth Toward a Goal: Momentary Shaking


The Difference between Persistence vs. Obdurate Resistance


13 Unexpected Forms of Clutter Preventing Your Everyday Life from Soaring


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2 thoughts on “TSLL’s TOP 5 Contentment posts, 2023

  1. Each of these posts pulls a bit of human nature into the forefront of our conscious thought. They prompt us to examine our options in our lives going forward. For the most part, I have reached my contentment phase of life. Often the hard way! However, I find that the insights provided in each of these posts support and confirm what I believe, and for that I thank you. Best wishes for a continued journey of contentment in 2024!

    1. Lucy,

      I enjoy reading your observations about the common thread running through these posts. Grateful to hear you are savoring a life of contentment. A most enriching and life lifting way to travel through our lives, days and moments. Wishing you a most delicious year to savor. xo

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