Top Why Not . . . ? Posts in 2012
Wednesday December 26, 2012

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Life offers us the choice every day to live in fear or to live courageously. With each week I have selected Wednesday to share ideas on how to live a life that chooses the latter approach to living as a way to share new ideas to help cultivate a life that is fully realizing your full potential.

The Why Not . . . ? posts continue to be a favorite of readers, so I have gathered up a handful of the top posts from 2012 today. If you are wanting to see all of the Why Not . . . ? posts from the past year, simply have a look at my Pinterest board titled Why Not . . . ? 2012 where you are able to view them any time you need ideas, inspiration or anything in between.

~Why Not . . . Wear a Pencil Skirt?~

~Why Not . . . Enjoy Being a Introvert?~

~Why Not . . . Become Financially Independent?~

~Why Not . . . Revel in Being a Woman?~

~Why Not . . . Shop Consignment?~

~Why Not . . . Indulge Your Inner Francophile?~

~Why Not . . . Travel Internationally? (3 part series)~

~Why Not . . . Accessorize Your Work Week?~

~Why Not . . . Refuse to Underdress?~

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