Sur la Table Warehouse Sale, through Monday
Sunday October 20, 2019

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As someone who makes a list of items I need whether it is for my kitchen or my closet, when the said items go on sale, especially a drastic sale, I pounce.

So if you have any items for your kitchen on a list and have been waiting patiently to purchase at a sale price, you might want to take a look at Sur la Table’s Warehouse Sale which ends Monday, tomorrow. Most of the 81 items are reduced by 60%, and even the KitchenAid mixer is reduced $80 (many, many, many colors are available). From the brand of knives I use in the kitchen — Wüsthoff, to classic linen table cloths in three different sizes, perfect for dining, but also for curtains, as I have done in my home, be sure to take a look.

I have shopped a few items below: | The Simply Luxurious Life

4 thoughts on “Sur la Table Warehouse Sale, through Monday

  1. Wheeee!! I just purchased long sought-after smaller casserole dishes, a wonderful replacement to my very sadly deteriorated favorite wooden spoon, and treated myself to a set of Jacques Pepin appetizer plates because…Jacques Pepin…all under USD70!!! 😀 MERCI BEAUCOUPS for the tip!!

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