Sunday Morning: June 21, 2020
Sunday June 21, 2020

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Today is a new post, and while I cannot say for sure if I will post my Sunday morning tray each week as I have been on Instagram, I am sure that I am moving away from Instagram when it comes to posting about my Sunday morning ritual. Whenever I post a Sunday Morning pic, it will be here on the blog in real time (as you can see from the newspapers each week).

As I shared two weeks ago, a shift is happening here on TSLL, a positive shift, and I am very excited for it to happen. Perhaps it is overdue, but at least it is happening.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday and may you too find weekly rituals that elevate your everydays.

~My first tea cosy! I found oodles on Etsy, and this one caught my eye (perhaps I have a predilection for bleu? 😉 ). For fewer than $15 your tea can stay warmer a bit longer.

~The tray, shop it here and other sizes.

~The vase is my new latest addition to my vase library (you can shop it here), and I am reveling in its short stature, wide body and narrow mouth. Perfect for blooms with large heads.

~These croissants were the last from my most recent batch (made in March and frozen, being enjoyed each Sunday), which means more need to be made! Thankfully my favorite butter can be picked up this week, so I know what I will be doing sometime during the next few days. 🙂 . Watch my cooking video from season two to make your very own croissants as well! | The Simply Luxurious Life

9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning: June 21, 2020

  1. The first thing i noticed was the tea cozy!!! its adorable.
    Im on the hunt for a good tray also but want to thrift store hunt for it when i can.
    Lovely image, as always. Thank you, Shannon

  2. Cute tea cosy 🙂
    Think this might be your first Sunday since you finished your teaching for the summer , relax and enjoy !
    Hope that Norman is continuing to make good progress, and also that you are enjoying your new porch lights !
    it was so lovely to hear that your friend had been able to put them up for you 👏
    Happy Sunday Shannon 🦋

    1. Grace, I understand. I took me a while to find my 4-cup teapot coat but I think if you explore Etsy you will be able to find something that fits very well. There are scads of options there. Have fun perusing!

  3. What an adorable tea cozy! I was thinking of making my own, but it would just be one of those that plop over the whole pot, not like this lovely trim affair. So now I’m off to Etsy-land, thank you Shannon!😄

    1. …egads, I just took a quick look through your link… HOW am I supposed to narrow it down to only one?! Oh dear, if I get more than one cozy, that means I’ll need another teapot! I’m in trouble. Deeep trouble.😂

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