A Note from Shannon . . .

Jun 09, 2020

The summer holiday is about to begin as school will celebrate its last official day of the current school year at the end of this week. The shift into the summer work schedule has always been one of my ability to give full attention to TSLL in a variety of forms – the annual French Week in August, the cooking show’s upcoming season, as well as more time to work on an upcoming book or any other big project that required my full attention, and often a trip to France. I treasure this time of each year, and this summer will be no different.

However, as I have had three months at home to reflect, contemplate and create a work schedule that involved my school teaching and blog writing and creating like I have never been able to do in the past, I had time to realize what was working and why and what was not working and why not. To say the past three months have been eye-opening is an understatement, one I am ever so grateful to have had, albeit unexpectedly and not under circumstances I hope we ever see or have to experience again.

Let me be honest and share that I am not revealing all that I have discovered in today’s post as I am still working through and taking time to confirm some ideas that I am entertaining, but I wanted to share with you where I foresee changes and will be taking TSLL in the coming months and hopefully years. I would greatly appreciate your feedback as this is a destination for TSLL readers who are cultivating their unique simply luxurious life, and I want to offer what you look forward to seeing/viewing/reading/listening to:

1.More attention to cooking and time in the kitchen

I am beyond excited about what has and will be happening in my kitchen in the coming months. Yes, a customization is taking place to turn my kitchen (however small it is) into a highly functional place for me to explore, experiment and then share with you all what I discover. I am doing my best not to spill the beans about the decor (and the stove!), but I promise when it comes together, it will be worth the wait, especially if you are a Francophile.

The upcoming third season of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen cooking show will air this fall as soon as the kitchen is ready for filming. I am exploring the idea of two seasons each year instead of one – each season with 6-10 episodes each depending upon all sorts of variables.

2. Continued regular postings each week on the blog, but fewer (read #3 to discover why)

Before I share the details of this shift, please peek at #7 (hint – This & That will ALWAYS be a weekly post on Fridays).

I sincerely love teaching. It isn’t always a walk in the park, and it is, as many of my fellow teachers know, emotionally draining, but I find great purpose in being a teacher which means I will not be walking away from teaching to be a full time blogger/writer until I retire (again, don’t quote me, but that is where my head is now). With that said, during the school year, I have very little time for a social life. Even if it is just being more social with my neighbors on a daily basis as I toodle about my yard or hanging out at a local haunt just to be there because I have free time or getting away for the weekend because I need a break from between the work weeks, I have greatly appreciated and observed the benefit to my well-being these past three months and it is in large part because I wasn’t fighting the clock to try and get everything done and done well.

I will be experimenting with exactly what this schedule will be as I go through this summer, and by this fall, I will try to have a concrete view of what will be shared when each week. Currently, I post at least five posts each week, rain or shine (the only week I take off each year is the final week of the year) which does not include the weekly newsletter that goes out each Friday.

My goal is to post regularly 2-3 times each week (including the weekly This & That on Fridays). My thoughts on what I will post:

  • ALWAYS a weekly This & That on Fridays (I am repeating myself to ease your mind that I know it is a favorite weekly post – mine too :))
  • One Recipe post – Monthly
  • 1-2 Decor and/or Garden – Monthly, (something from my own home, gardening and decor journey). This will be season dependent – so more garden posts in the warmer seasons –
  • 1 Style post – Monthly (something specific, something I personally recommend, etc.)
  • 1-2 Motivational/Why Not . . . ? posts – Monthly, most likely off-setting the bi-weekly podcasts (see #4 below)
  • 1 French-Inspired post – Monthly
  • 1 British-Inspired post – Monthly

3. Giving myself more time to work on my third book

I have a couple of book ideas in mind and have been working on both of them for a while, the concept and detailed presentation. However, I need the time to now write them! 🙂 I cannot wait to bring to you a third book, and I want to make sure it is a book of quality, and something you would expect and want as a reader of TSLL.

4. Bi-weekly podcast episodes, broken up into two seasons each year

The podcast, The Simple Sophisticate, continues to be a favorite part of TSLL online destination, and the international rankings and over 700 reviews with an average of a 5-star rating, demonstrate this ardently. The podcast is not going anywhere, but as you no doubt understand, it takes an immense amount of time to produce each episode, and if I want to work on my book and invest in my time in my kitchen and the cooking show, a healthy balance must be struck. While this current season, season 6, will continue as scheduled (it will wrap up in August with TSLL’s 5th annual French Week), as I look ahead to Season 7 (which will begin in September), I am seriously looking at bi-weekly episodes (i.e. every other week, and only two per month), and breaking what once used to be one full season (running an entire 12 months), into two seasons. So for example, Season 7 would run from September to December offering eight episodes and Season 8 would run from February to April/May (the second half of the year is tricky for me with my teaching schedule and exams, so I am still working on it, but with only two episodes each month, it may be more feasible to work the second season four months in a row).

Again, I am still playing with this idea, but I do want to continue the show, and I know that requires me reducing the number of shows to maintain its longevity. I want to offer quality episodes rather than endless episodes.

What this would enable is a full summer of exploration whether that is for travel or cooking show episodes which would again improve the quality of what ultimately is presented to the listener, viewer and reader.

5. The Weekly Newsletter

The weekly newsletter has been delivered each Friday for going on nine years. I just released issue #508 this past Friday, and it continues to be a favorite of TSLL readers. A free subscription, as many of you know this is where I share more detailed, specific and personal information. During the school year it is extremely difficult to write an error-free newsletter, and my Thursdays have become one of my least relaxing evenings due to the production of two detailed pieces of content – This & That, and the Newsletter. Some of you may be saying, why are you waiting until Thursday to write them? For many reasons. Much of the content for This & That is not available to me until late in the week, as well, I want my letter to be current and responding to what is going on in the world. Not a perfect answer, but what I have found to enable me to share with you something of the most interest and dependability for quality content and information.

With that said, I am contemplating evolving the weekly newsletter into a monthly newsletter that will be released on the last or first day of each month. This will enable me time to work on it over a longer period of time, with my hope being that the high quality is dependable and deeply enjoyable. It would still include a round-up of the posts from the month, a motivational letter from the editor and exclusive news and information about upcoming events, etc.

6. Less time on Instagram, more content (as seen on IG) shared on the blog

Many TSLL readers, or anyone who uses and enjoys IG, know that many IG accounts use their IG accounts largely as their sole blogging platform. This has never been the case for TSLL. IG became a wonderful place to share glimpses of how I live my own simply luxurious life and share resources from time to time that caught my eye.

I have been wrestling with this decision for a while, but the past two weeks brought to my attention what I already knew – IG is rented space and a large, but not the majority, of TSLL’s followers do not visit the blog or know well or at all what living simply luxuriously is all about or anything about me regarding the values I hold firmly to. Trolling is far easier when someone posts on IG and much easier for misinterpretation or assumption making. TSLL blog, the space that has been created by me for you, the TSLL reader, is where I am going to be posting the information you have come to find on my IG account. Do not worry. I am not leaving IG and I will still be posting a couple of times a week, but far fewer IG Stories and personal glimpses into my life. All of that will be found on the blog in the posts that it would best fit with (this includes the monthly “Things That Made Me Smile This Month, So Far . . . ” & “Saturday Ponderings”).

Similarly, my engagement on FB and Twitter are solely to share with followers on those platforms when there is new content on the blog, and I foresee IG becoming something similar.

7. ALWAYS a weekly This & That on Fridays

If there is one post that will continue being what it has always been and being shared when it is regularly shared it is the weekly This & That post on Fridays. TSLL readers have consistently and fervently shared this is their favorite post and knowing it will be shared is something they look forward to as so many of us bring the week to a close on Friday. I am beyond tickled to hear this as I thoroughly enjoy compiling the items and information as well as exploring all that is going on in the world to bring to you, TSLL reader.

8. ALWAYS A Seasonal Shopping Guide – Spring & Fall

These annual Shopping Guides are a favorite of readers to help navigate through the recent trends and discover how to elevate their wardrobe without falling for unnecessary short-lived sartorial ideas. I thoroughly enjoy watching each Fashion Month in September/October and February/March and am happy to continue to help readers navigate what will be available, what is worth investing in and where to find the items. Look for these annual posts to go live on the blog every September and April 1st.

9. ALWAYS an Annual French and British Week

Bien sûr! After all, if I have learned nothing else, it is that TSLL has become a community of fellow Francophiles and Anglophiles and that is largely how many readers found the blog in the first place.

Look for TSLL Annual French Week to take place every year during the second full week of August and TSLL’s Annual British Week to take place every year during the third full week of May.

Thank you very much for listening and reading through the entire post. Again, I welcome your feedback. I know many of you have been reading TSLL for the decade I have had the good fortune to be blogging. As well, there are many of you who have just found TSLL. My over-arching, guiding objective is to offer the quality content regularly and consistently, continuing to grow myself, share what I discover, offering you too the opportunity to grow and reach your full potential, all the while enjoying yourself and your everydays along the way.

144 thoughts on “A Note from Shannon . . .

  1. This speaks to me as a fellow blogger who feels the rush to create content on a near daily basis is so draining when I also have a full time job and a social life. Way to set some boundaries! You may have just inspired me…

    Also so pleased the This & That is staying consistent (definitely a favorite part of your blogging!)

  2. Thank you for sharing all of this, Shannon. Finding a balance between all of the elements of our lives can be extremely tricky (I’m a full time librarian, a romance novelist, and I have a one-year-old daughter, so believe me, I truly understand where you’re coming from!).

    I do have one small suggestion that you may take or leave as you see fit. I’m relatively new to the blog, and I’ve been enjoying poking through the archives and discovering older posts. You have so much wonderful content. I wonder if you might put together a post maybe once a month on a specific theme with a curated list of older posts. This would allow you to showcase your already existing content and give new(er) readers something to enjoy. However, I realize this may be more work when you’re looking to re-balance your load.

  3. You must do what feels right. The fact that you are going to continue “this and that” on Fridays warms is my heart because I so look forward to it. If you tune in two to three times a week I am good with that. I can’t even imagine doing what you do and working full-time and managing a home and doing such a good job with all of it. It’s so nice that you share your experience with us. All of your links are great and I have found interesting ones that I may not have ever found online before. Thank you Shannon🤗

    1. Sharon, thank you for your honest feedback. I look forward to continuing to offer a helpful Tgis & That. It is honestly a treat to have the chance to share what I find and learn – much like exchanging information with a good friend. 😌💛

  4. I think your proposed plans sound great. You need to take time to enjoy your life, your work and all the richness in your life. Your followers will be delighted for you in any way you wish to pursue your passion. I love the
    Book and tv recommendations, look forward to more cooking segments, and would love to see as much travel information as you can provide! South of France posts perhaps?

  5. I think it all sounds wonderful! There has to be a balance in life and work, and you cannot have a simply luxurious life if it is constantly complicated and wearing you thin! I personally, find IG a bit difficult to manuever..I find your post but can never figure out where “stories” or watching the short videos gets to! I enjoy my ad free blog posts to read while sipping some tea in the morning. Thank you for all you do!

  6. Hi Shannon, I think it’s great that you have evaluated all that you do and adjusted accordingly so that you can continue to live a simply luxuriously life! There’s inspiration in that to everyone! Thank you for sharing your plan, it sounds great to me and I look forward to it all! Andrea 🥰

  7. Hi Shannon, It is very smart of you to reevaluate and make yourself a manageable schedule so you are not ragged. That is not fun for anyone. You do such a fantastic job juggling all your various topics, I don’t know how you manage it, bu I enjoy them all. Keep up the good work! Oh and I am most excited at the prospect of your new stove!

  8. I think its great you are going to make some changes to make your own life more simply luxurious. Personally my favourite thing about the blog is the Friday this and that as I often look up your recommendations and I much prefer reading a quality blog post than snippets of things on Instagram.
    Hope you get your kitchen finished soon and you can get to start enjoying your new stove.

    1. Tara, thank you for sharing what you most enjoy. I am listening and will keep the T & T coming and likely increase that post’s section on what the weekend has in store and how the week went to make up the only monthly newsletter.

  9. I love reading & hearing how people are using this remarkably trying time to reassess their lives, their relationships with work & leisure & time & who & what they want to be. My husband & I have come to realize that while we deliberately retired early 3 yr ago to spend more time together, we’ve each slowly become so caught up in post-retirement jobs (inadvertently we both have hobbies turn into businesses in what he calls unretirement) that we’ve decided we need to retire all over again! LOL! I will miss your weekly newsletter, which I love, but I’m so glad you’re unraveling what works best for you. This gift of time many of us have been given to reassess our entire lives might be that proverbial silver lining in all this.

    I know this isn’t true for everyone, btw. I know many are hurting financially & personally, that the political situation in the US is untenable (November cannot possibly come soon enough! Vote like your life depends on it, because it does!) & that Covid has caused terrible loss & pain for so many. But if each of us can find even one tiny thing to change for the better in ourselves & our lives, we can get through this challenging time. You are part of that, Shannon. With thanks!

    1. Susanne, thank you for sharing how retirement is going. 🙃 You made me chuckle. Sounds as though you know how to do well with whatever you pursue. 😌 I appreciate your comment, and yes, November cannot come quickly enough.

  10. Dear Shannon,
    In whatever form you decide to provide your TSLL content, I will always highly value your contributions, advice and sharing of how we can choose to live a simply luxurious life. I favour your blog as it is truly inspirational, thought provoking and full of delicious content that seems suited specifically to moi! Your honesty is appreciated. A quiet but grateful and dedicated subscriber, Sabine

  11. Shannon, this plan sounds fine and I appreciate you taking the time to share (you could well have made your decisions and changes regardless). I will miss your regular stories on IG, and if you’ve experienced any trolling through posting your stories then I am upset to hear that as I thoroughly enjoy everything you share ! It gives constant inspiration.
    I will miss the weekly newsletter as over the weekend is when I usually check in with the weeks posts – but a monthly newsletter will be a huge treat to look forward to at the end/beginning for a couple of hours soaking in TSLL!
    Very excited to hear you’re planning a third book and perhaps 2 seasons of TSLL! I personally love your recipe posts and trying them out myself.
    And as everyone else, This & That is a post I look forward to every Friday – I trust your taste implicitly !

    I foresee TSLL being a destination for me for many years as long as you are happy to keep sharing!

    1. Sarah, I so appreciate your comment. 😌 I don’t expect the newsletter to go monthly until the fall, and I will admit, I am having a hard time making that decision as I thoroughly enjoy that weekly connection with readers as it is when they are most engaged. Look for the weekly This & That to share a bit more than it has about my weekend plans and weekly thoughts to find the best balance to make up for those Friday’s that do not have newsletter.

      I still want the newsletter to be released on a Friday, so most likely it will be sent out on the last Friday of every month to give a boost as, at least for me, by the time the end of the month rolls around, I feel a bit tuckered.

  12. As a fellow teacher, I am so heartened by your comments about remaining in the profession. I have been teaching for well over 20 years, which have included major challenges and moments of thinking that I could not keep going. During those times, I often wished I had a developed a “side hustle” so that I could leave teaching behind. Reading your thoughts about continuing in your teaching career has really touched me. I have a feeling I will be revisiting them from now until the time I retire from teaching! Thank you, Shannon, for the inspiration!

    1. I honestly have gone back and worth in different amounts and for different reasons many times, but each year (so far) is richer and more rewarding. The relationships with those students who you have teachable moments with are priceless. Thank you for your comment Kay. 😌💛

  13. Dear Shannon,
    I wish you every happiness and success in whatever you decide to do. Life is not static and we have to bend and flow alongside it. You are an inspiration to many people and by doing this you are giving permission to others to do the same. You skated over the trolls comment, I do hope that this experience was only a one off but, sadly, I expect not, know you are appreciated and respected more than not.
    Here’s to a wonderful new chapter for you. Xx

    1. Vanessa, thank you for your comment. I can honestly say, I received next to no hurtful comments and I owe that to you and all of the other TSLL readers who know my heart and my energy and I am choosing to do something by deepening my knowledge, albeit in a quiet way and not online, but I saw how so many of the people who I know to be open-minded and supportive people of BLM get run over for not saying the right thing by mostly strangers who didn’t know their full voice. I took stock in the IG platform and then my own platform (this blog) and why I use both and chose to focus on the platform I have invested in building and where I have invested building those relations more deeply with TSLL readers, and that is here, on the blog. I can’t do both well and to the depth that was needed, so I chose quality. 😌

  14. Dear Shannon, I think your revised plans sound great! I don’t know how you do all that you do. When I have too much on my plate, it affects me and I’m not at my best. As I get older I definitely realize the importance of quality over quantity. Maybe give yourself permission to take a vacation from the blog more than once per year? I’m sorry if people have been unkind, I’m considering eliminating social media completely for similar reasons. Looking forward to your reveal of kitchen renovations and the new stove! Kindest regards,

    1. Thank you Valorie very much for your comment. I truly am energized when I work on the blog, and while the end of the year holiday is savored, I have rarely found myself longing for more. This is my dream, to write and I feel as though I am the luckiest person to have readers like yourself who choose to stop by and read so regularly.

  15. Dear Shannon, I value your posts and look forward to them in my email inbox daily. However, I have worked in schools as a therapist so I know the workload of teachers and I have ever marvelled at your output of posts and maintaining your teaching commitments. I believe that your pruning of the number of posts you write will benefit you and then benefit us the readers as you will be even more up there in what you achieve and provide insight into. As to IG, Ive never quite go in to it. I found you by googling “Living a good life” blogs and and yours has outshone others in quality and regular-ness. Thank you for how you are being which enables you to achieve what you do. Alaine

    1. Alaine, thank you for sharing how you found the blog. Part of my decisions came from really digging into just this information. IG is full of inspiration and beauty and really, whatever we initially set out to find. I just know that is why I created my blog and invested so much of my time and money, to offer that inspiration in full here and need to just offer a glimpse on IG. I appreciate our school therapists and counselors ever so much, and can’t fully appreciate the interactions and thus emotional engagement needed, but I am so grateful for what you do. Thank you again for your comment.

  16. Dear Shannon,
    your posts provide me with such comfort in these times.
    I look forward to each one of them.
    Much love to you from India.❤️

  17. I don’t think I could take guidance or recommendations from a person who wasn’t valuing themselves.
    Great idea to re-balance and as usual I’m sure we will learn from your journey. I’m with you.
    All the very best.

  18. You have obviously put a great deal of thought into this, Shannon. I think that many of us have reconsidered the direction and pace of our lives due to this time of isolation. I’m sad that you will be doing fewer podcasts, as they are my favorite part of TSLL, but you need to stay true to your calling. I am so happy that I found you, and truly value and savor all that you share with us. Kind regards from Colorado.

    1. Helene, thank you for your comment and sharing what you enjoy. Regarding the podcast, keep in mind, these past two years I have reduced my episodes from 54 to 30, and with my proposed plan, that is approximately where I will remain – 12-15 episodes for each of the two seasons in a year, so not as much of a change with podcast episode numbers and more with the structure of how the season is organized and when episodes are released. I hope that eases your mind. I sincerely appreciate your interest and time taken to tune in. Thank you tremendously. 😌💛

  19. Your plan sounds good to me. You should do what works best for you. I am thankful for #6. I do not Use Instagram very much.

  20. I am excited about the changes, for you and for us readers. While I enjoy all of your content the cooking segments are a favorite, and you have peaked my interest about the kitchen renovation. Are you getting one of those lovely French ranges? We’ll just have to wait and see!
    Thank you Shannon for continuing to bring intelligent, interesting information and good luck with your next book.

  21. I have always been in awe of the quantity and quality of your blog. I figure you must have incredible energy to teach, blog so insightfully, move to a new house, decorate, garden, and wallpaper!
    These past months have held a mirror up to all of us, reevaluating our former lives. You are on the right track! My favorites are British and French weeks and This and That for your spot on recommendations. I’m not a Facebook fan, and spend minimal time on IG.
    Thank you for your blog.

  22. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and decisions about your blog and podcast Shannon.

    Reading your blog, receiving the newsletter , and listening to you on the podcast continue to give me such pleasure , but I know it must take an enormous amount of work , especially when you are teaching full time.

    So , whatever works for you will most definitely be welcomed by me 😊

    Motivational Monday’s, and Things that have made me smile and the French Weeks are particular favourites of mine, so I’m glad that you plan to continue writing these !

    Rest, relax, and have a beautiful summer with the boys .

    Enjoy inventing, experimenting and cooking delicious meals ; decorating , restructuring, and choosing things for your new home ; spending time planting and enjoying your garden ( I’m not exactly certain how you classify your garden /yard / boulevards , in England we tend to just refer to our garden , if we are lucky enough to have one 😊) walking with the boys , and paddle boarding , and your yoga sessions, if you are still practicing.

    You give us all so much pleasure , I want all that you do for us to be a pleasure for you too , not a burden .

    Thank you !

    x Anne x

  23. This sounds like a wonderful, thought-through plan that will ensure the longevity of the blog and podcast, while taking into consideration the reader’s expectations and your own needs. I think this change is simply the embodiment of what you reinforce in all your material, which is an emphasis on living well. I can’t imagine the strain that teaching and creating so much content, however much you may enjoy it, must take. I’ve been loving the blog and podcast for a little over 2 years now, and certainly will not be going anywhere.
    Love you and your work Shannon!

  24. Shannon as always, you take a bad situation (not of any of our making) and instead of dwelling on the negative you take the positive approach of taking an opportunity to reflect. This is a great example for all of us to do the same. I agree with the previous comments that your content is of such high quality that I have no idea how you have been so prolific. I look forward to whatever it is that you provide us as I know it will be truly thoughtful and if you have peace while creating it, I will enjoy it even more.

  25. Thank you Shannon!! Such a thoughtful approach!!

    I enjoy your content very much! I mainly listen to the podcast, this is how I discovered your platform a few years ago. I listen to it while cooking, or walking my dog, or cleaning. Have you considered creating accounts on patrion and have members pay you for special podcasts once or twice a month? I would love to support you in that way!

    I know you have a paid version on the blog without the ads, but since most of my content consumption happens on iPhone, websites can be tricky. Images don’t scale correctly, text doesn’t flow well on a small screen.. that’s why I rarely visit the website.. but if you ever consider creating Apple News+ feed (magazine) – I would be thrilled!! That’s how I read most of my magazines.

    Thank you so much for being the voice of wisdom, bringing peace to my home and my mind.

  26. I have truly enjoyed your content over the years and look forward to supporting you for years to come! I will admit that I am on “pins and needles” and eagerly await the reveal of your new range. I have been eyeing the “Lacanche” ranges, specifically in the color Faience, and have fallen head over heals in love. It’s hard for me to look at other stoves/ranges now that I have seen the French options, and all the beautiful history that comes from these old producers.

  27. Less is more sometimes. I think it is wonderful you are doing what feels right for you. Enjoy the process.

  28. Growth in change. I have always marvelled at how you balance a full time teaching job along with your full time TSLL . A new home and caring for your beautiful boys to add to the mix.
    I’m not on social media. So reading your daily or weekly posts are what I enjoy.
    What ever you decide to do I will be here to read and enjoy. I look forward to a new book too! You are a very talented lady and I wish you every success.
    ( I have to say the outfit of the week you chose the other day, The Monaco Dress, was stunning. I love navy, but the construction was exceptional.)

    1. Thank you Nancy. Wasn’t that dress phenomenal? It was tempted to welcome it into my life, but certainly something to be reminded of how simple and quality work best. 🙂 I appreciate your comment Nancy and your regular readership. Thank you again. 🙂

  29. This is a wonderful plan. You do need a work/life balance, I often wonder how you manage all of your work. It’s quite a lot! I have been a subscriber since almost the beginning. Over the years you have inspired me in my own life and take away your thoughts to incorporate in the everyday. Excited to hear of a third book! Looking forward to the new journey!

  30. I’m also a teacher, and I agree that the past three months have been something else! Glad to see you’re continuing with the blog. I get so many book, movie, and TV show recommendations from your posts, so thank you!

    1. My absolute pleasure Kim. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by. Yes, school was a learning experience for both students and teachers these past couple of months. Most curious to see how the new year will begin. Thank you for sharing what you have found to be helpful.

  31. Everything you wrote make perfect sense and is understandable. I will miss every week of the podcast as I run with you, at least on Mondays, my motivation for getting out. However I am super glad that the this and that is not going anywhere. It has become a source for my reading material. Thank you for being honest with your readers and not making ya wonder what happened. Enjoy your week.

    1. Margaret, Absolutely – I wanted to communicate with the communicate, listen to feedback and give myself time to really feel out exactly what would be best. Look for a brand new episode of the podcast this coming Monday. 🙂

  32. These sound like thoughtfully made decisions that will best serve your own health and well-being, as well as allow TSLL to remain high quality and enjoyable. I’m a longtime reader and listener, and the only negative I ever run into is not being able to keep up with the content during busy weeks. Fewer posts and a more concentrated blog presence sounds perfect! I’m also stepping back from a lot of social media, as I’d prefer to be able to engage with content I love, and leave the rest. Thank you for your ongoing offerings of an elegant and intelligent haven.

  33. Sounds exciting!
    Also, I signed up for the subscribe add-free during British Week. I am now getting ads… I read where you mentioned you are having some glitches. Anything I should do to correct this?

  34. One cannot give what they don’t have. If you don’t have joy, fun, rest in your life, how could you share it here, with us? Brava, I say. For your reader stats file, I don’t listen to podcasts (though I’m sure yours is excellent), but love your recipes and techniques. Cheers to you, and what works!

  35. I had thought you’d been a bit quiet on Instagram and was concerned about you and your pups—glad to hear all is well! I don’t comment regularly, but wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you, your honesty, and your profound introspection, now and always. The times we currently live in have certainly called for a closer look into how we live our lives… I hope you will strike a balance that suits your unique needs. 🙂

    I’m a bit sad about the newsletter as it was such a bright spot to my Friday mornings and will also miss the glimpses into your simply luxurious life on IG. However, I completely understand why one would want to dial it back. I’m not a fan of social media and really only had IG to follow your journey, and will take this news as a welcome excuse to finally delete my account! 😉 Your home customization and monthly “Things That Made Me Smile” posts are my absolute favorites and I’m so very glad they will continue. Especially the former—my partner and I are moving into a new home next month and I’ve found so much inspiration in you and the resources you share.

    Thank you for all that you do, Shannon! You are a treasure. Take care. ❤️

    1. Aubrey, thank you so much for your comment. Look for the weekly This & That to include more of a letter/post that you might have seen in the newsletter – it won’t be exactly like the newsletter, but it will be me sharing more. Then in the monthly newsletter, you will receive the exclusive motivational letter from the editor. Be sure to stop by Thursday for the decor post as I think you will especially enjoy it as you are moving into your new home. I appreciate your stopping by and your feedback. xo

  36. True to your message here on the blog, you thoughtfully consider how to use and invest in your time, talent and curiosities. Bravo! I am along for the ride and appreciate the blog format for its depth, links, and presentation. Thank you! Evolving schedules and content keeps it fresh and all seems an authentic “right” match to you, the author and creator. How nice of you to give us a peek looking forward. IG, Twitter and Fb are not my focus and in part for the same reasons you stated. Interpreting news is something I can do and a bandwagon effect is superfluous. Your content is about creating and living a beautiful life; that is what I tune in for. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Sherrylynne. I consistently ask my students to look at the creator of any piece of work they are analyzing, and I must say, the founder of FB has me troubled and thus why I am hesitant to be more involved on IG and FB. Twitter has never been a large gathering social site for TSLL, but again, I am always wanting to bring the content back to the blog and have the discussion here. Than you for your comment. 🙂

  37. Oh my goodness #3!!! I can hardly wait! I just pulled out your books to read again!

    I applaud your decisions and that you have spent your forced “time off” to re-evaluate you path.

    I look forward to seeing the new TSLL!

    Enjoy your summer and give the boys a hug from Gma Michelle ❤️

  38. I have been enjoying all that you do since you began, although I just recently subscribed to you during British Week. Here is what I LOVE: Podcast (I listen to while walking dog), French Week, British Week, Shopping Guide – basically your website has everything I need/want. Like you, I studied in France and I was an English teacher before babies. I have marveled at your ability to be a full-time teacher, an author, a blogger, a TV chef, and the list goes on and on. I’ve asked myself over and over again, “Where does she get her energy? How can she do all of this? Is she super-human? Shannon is doing too much – what is she sacrificing? (That’s the mother in me.) Seriously, pull back!! Follow your passion but enjoy your life (for we only have one). You make us happy and we want to make you happy too! I think you could pull back even more, by the way. Thanks for all that you do to inspire us, to teach us and to share your love of France!

  39. I love your blog!!! I think your new plan sounds wonderful. As you benefit, we, the readers, benefit. Thank you !

  40. You have created and maintained a blog masterpiece… which, in itself, is a “live” book which steadily grows, can be read and re-read for inspiration and resource, AND contains beautiful illustrations and pictures!
    Thank you for giving us great options for our well being. I’m glad (we’re all glad) that you’re taking the time to adjust and bolster YOUR well being.
    PS. Shannon, I’ve been trying to reach you via email to ask if you’d like to have my complete collection of the original VICTORIA Magazines which I’d love to give you… if you can take them off my hands. Please let me know; I will give you more details.

  41. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the way you handled questions about commenting on current events and the BLM movement on Instagram. I fully support the movement but have become disheartened by the angry, uncompromising, combative tone both sides employ on social media. Which is also why your response was such a welcome call for compassion and decency. While dramatic change can at times be necessary for create major progress, we can also move mountains by being kind to ourselves and others every day. I think this blog truly deserves credit for helping its readers (definitely has helped me!) create small pockets of thoughtfulness and appreciation.

    1. Anne, thank you for your comment. You understand me well. I do fully support the BLM movement and am choosing to go forward differently than many others, but like you, still forward. Much change and justice needs to be seen. Thank you again for your understanding. 😌💛

  42. I have been a HUGE fan of your blog and podcast for years. I am always amazed at the volume of content you create and your level of consistency. I simply don’t know any other blogger that’s as committed as you are and you have a full time job!

    I think this re-prioritization you’re exploring is fantastic! It’s important to focus on the things that matter, that bring value to your life (and of your fans!) and not worry so much about hitting a set number of posts or podcasts per week.

    I love everything you create and appreciate the fact that you’re letting us in on your thought process. Take care!

  43. Shannon, I discovered your blog about two years ago via Jennifer L. Scott. It feels like a breath of fresh air. I am most supportive of the changes you propose as I have wondered how you are able to work as a teacher in addition to producing all of your content. Balance is so important in our lives. I think it is great that you recognize your own need for that and can alleviate some pressure to keep so many balls up in the air. Your readers and followers will likely take pleasure in knowing that you are taking care of yourself. It also sets a good example for others to take to heart. Nice that you opened up to us about your thinking process. You take care!

  44. Thanks for including us in your plans going forward. Yes, these last three months have given us all a momentary respite to think and really take a deep dive into what makes us tick! One thing I discovered during our quarantine is my thirst for more knowledge about the decorative arts so I enrolled in a program for art/antiques appraisals! Funny how the thing we think we have the least amount of (time) has been given to all of equally over the past few months. and it looks like you have taken full advantage of it as it relates to your life and the necessary changes needed. I pray you will make the right decisions for you and nobody else. Looking forward to your beautiful cooking shows and Podcast. Best of everything to you my friend❤️

  45. There is a silver lining in everything and this pandemic has given us all the opportunity to rethink our lives. I’m so glad you have had a chance to explore alternative ideas and plans. Love the trips we get to take with you to France and England (that’s how I discovered your blog.) And your recipes and cooking videos and cookbook recommendations are some of my favorites! So happy to be on this new journey with you!

  46. It’s evident that a lot of work and care goes into each of your posts, Shannon! Seeing it all explained like this gives me an even greater appreciation for what you do. The gift of this quarantine is that it encouraged me to consider what’s really important, much like you have done. And the more we focus on what’s important, the more impactful our contributions can be. We’re here for you!

    1. The gift of these past three months was more time, no to be rushed, to think clearly and well and truly understand what is best, as readers here have shared, which will be different fir speech of us. Thank you for your comment Deanne. 😌💛

  47. Dear Shannon, I think you could not bring to the world the message of a content life, created according to one’s own needs and ideas, more authentically than by your own living example! I have always been wondering how you manage your full-time job plus the blog with such a high posting frequency and quality… Nevertheless, I am very glad how you are now planning to continue both.
    Best wishes from Germany:))

  48. Dear girl, of COURSE you must find some balance and do what’s best for you! (I’ve always been somewhat agog at the amount of content you manage to create in the course of one week. )
    You know I’m a fan and will love whatever you post, whenever you do 😊.

    And I cannot WAIT for the kitchen reveal! And yes to more cooking shows! And a new book😍!!

    Thank you for sharing your plans, and mostly, thank you for sharing your special gifts, creativity, and talents with us. En avant, mon amie!

  49. Dear Shannon — This post reveals a great deal of reflection and planning on your part. I appreciate so much that you devote time, energy, and creative effort to producing content I, without fail, find valuable and engaging. Do what you need to do, and take what your heart tells you is the best path forward. I will always happily consume what you put forth!

  50. Thoughtful as always, Shannon! I appreciate you explaining your thought process on all this. Part of living simply luxuriously is to look at ones life, analyze, take in new information, analyze again, and move forward with what’s best for oneself. I applaud this thoughtfulness.

    To be honest, oftentimes, I feel there’s content overload. With only so many hours in the day, I appreciate less, more curated content so I can focus on books, podcasts, recipes, etc that are truly spectacular.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  51. A wonderful example of using our social distancing time to create positive change. Your changes will provide you an even more luxurious life which you can share with us. Tres bon (did I say that right😂😂)?

  52. This unexpected quarantine period has been incredibly eye opening in many ways, similarly allowing me to reflect on my time, responsibilities, commitments, requirements, choices, etc… It has also been such an insightful gift to see an abundance of physical/mental/emotional changes within myself by being forced to slow down. The reality is that the more we care for ourselves and approach each day with fewer, more direct intentions, I bet our work product and happiness will continue to sore. All of the changes you’re considering make great sense, and I know I’ll continue to be a very supportive fan!

  53. The amount of quality content you are generating is amazing. Whatever formats you use and however you choose to use them, I know that it will be wonderful and you will continue to inspire. Excited for the kitchen reveal!

  54. Dear Shannon,
    You are truly walking the talk! Everything you do it top quality and I’m sure these changes will maintain the excellence and give you breathing room in your life. Respire ma soeur!

  55. Dear Shannon, I hardly ever respond to blog posts or on IG accounts. But as an African American woman I wanted to send my appreciation of all the beauty and kindness you bring into the world. My Aunt (82) has taught me that when you extend a kindness to another, that there’s a star in heaven with your name on it. I feel you have many stars up there. Keep doing what you do best; ie inspire and encourage… both your students and your blog readers. Especially love your podcasts, sometimes listening to them more than once.

  56. Shannon,
    Never forget the contribution you have made and the joy and simple pleasures you have given to all your readers – it is a wonderful achievement.
    I was out walking a few weeks ago, listening to one of your podcasts, when it finished for some reason your podcast on the pillars of the simply luxurious life came on. As I reached home the podcast came to an end and I thought to myself that is why I admire this woman so much. I felt renewed after listening to it again. I have two daughters and a son and I thought what wonderful values and beliefs are to be found in that podcast and what a wonderful road map for any young woman or man on how to live a good, descent and respectful life. Your parents and loved ones must be very proud of you Shannon.

    Take time for yourself, take care of yourself.
    Thank you.

  57. Quality over quantity…the ideal we all need to reach!
    Do you have any recommendations for magazines or blogs that focus on the simply luxurious found in the Italian lifestyle?
    Thank you 🙂

  58. Shannon,
    I love everything about your blog and IG! My favorites are This and That, British week and French week, although I enjoy everything else too! I rarely comment but want you to know that I appreciate all that you do! Thank you for enriching all of our lives!

  59. Hi Shannon,

    You do an amazing job with the blog and I love reading your posts before bedtime with a cuppa tea. I am positive that your readers appreciate the vast amount of effort which goes into producing all the material and understand the changes you would like to make. I think it’s great that you have taken this time re-evaluate things and decide what works for you.

    Take care,

  60. Shannon, I think the changes you’re planning on making will be extremely helpful for you! Burnout is real, and it has always seemed like you have a lot on your plate. I hope that the reworking of your schedule allows you the time you need to rest and recenter and not feel like you’re busy all the time! Thank you for all that you do. 💜 Bon weekend !

    1. I personally don’t see how one human can do as much as you do and enjoy much free time. I’ve often wondered how you do it. I hope you will take more time for yourself. I will continue to follow whatever you put out but life is short, enjoy it.

  61. Shannon, your blog is a respite for me. Life is complicated for me with responsibilities for older family members and managing many challenges. I appreciate the “almost no politics” remarks. I prefer to read rather than listen and assiduously avoid social media. It takes too much “living time.” It feels like I stroll through life with you from time to time. And I am grateful I found you.

  62. Shannon, thank you for the joy and inspiration you bring us. Work-life balance is critical to one’s well being and I’m glad that you’re taking the time to ponder sound, sustainable way forward. I look forward to the new product!

  63. It sounds like you’ve really thought this and found a great solution! I do love your books and cooking shows though, so I’m excited to hear you’re trying to find a nice healthy balance to get more done on that side of things. I can only imagine all the work it takes to produce all the amazing content you provide–all while holding down a full-time teaching job. Thanks for all do to bring smiles, motivation, and inspiration to your readers each week!

  64. I absolutely love getting your emails with the latest blogpost, but I’m often behind in reading them because I want to take my time, savior, and contemplate. Your new schedule sounds like an amazing balance for you and your readers. Living the simply luxurious life calls for the time to do just that, and I wholeheartedly feel like your content (although always amazing) will reflect that even more. Thank you for doing what you do, and for making decisions to better live out that lifestyle. Truly an inspiration!

  65. Brava, Shannon! I think you’ve thoughtfully developed a wonderful plan to give your readers plenty to enjoy while maintaining a healthy balance for yourself. I too am a teacher, and understand that it’s a calling as much as a career, and as such should be done well and requires much self care to recharge. Since you model for your readers how it looks and feels to live simply luxuriously, I think achieving a healthy work/life balance is essential to accomplish that. Personally, I’ve wondered how you did it all! As a reader, I see all the things I love on your new list and a bit fewer postings will be like fine dessert, that is to be savored, not devoured, and appreciated all the more. Bien Joue’!

  66. Good for you, Shannon! I am a 73 year old widow who is experiencing living alone and creating my own simply luxurious life. Your blog and podcast is the one I turn to most when I need inspiration going forward. I thoroughly enjoy each and every one. You are an inspiration to those of all ages. Like others, I prefer my content through reading and listening rather than social media.

  67. Brilliant plan, Shannon! Frankly, I was always amazed and impressed at how you put out such engaging content and storytelling every single
    week! I’ve followed you for the last 9 years, and look forward to Friday mornings here in NY, as I know your email will be the first one- and often I will
    read it bleary-eyed as it arrives at around 4AM in my inbox!! I just can’t wait! From the very first post I enjoyed, I instantly “got” that your title was an authentic
    promise that delivered. As a writer myself, I admire your ability to transport and the pictures you paint with your words. We have a lot in common, as I also
    am a Francophile and an “All things British” lover! As for feedback on your plans- it really is smart. Time for self, and time for your passions.
    As you always endorse, only when you are fully mindful and content, can you express yourself -to your best self- creatively and authentically. Change is a good thing- and always brings exciting and new adventures!
    Bravo and Good Luck with all plans!

  68. Shannon, good for you for developing a plan to balance things for yourself. Having some time to reflect gives us that great gift. Since I found your blog several years ago, I have enjoyed so many of your podcasts and have listened to some episodes more than once. Your platform is one of true quality and inspiration. I love the French and British Weeks and the “this and that” is a favourite of mine. It’s always full of great book, decorating, food and fashion ideas. You are a tremendous inspiration and model for your many readers. While I have visited other bloggers’ sites, yours is by far my favourite and my “go to” for all things simple and luxurious! Keep doing what you do, I have no doubt that it will continue to be great! Wishing you the best…

  69. shannon, you are so sweet and kind and thoughtful toward your readers. thank you for keeping us informed, and for taking us along with you on your journey.

    ps i think your tweaks are spot-on, and am happy for your opportunity to consider and reprioritize your goals and how you present your purpose-driven content.

  70. Shannon – I knew you produced a lot of content, but when you lay it out this way, it is overwhelming – not to mention your life as a teacher. I’ve been following you for so long now, your Friday emails have become like a weekly message from a friend. I so appreciate how much effort, thought and love you put into this part of your life. We’re lucky to have you paying attention to the world 😉

    1. Carolyn, Thank you for sharing this observation. The goal is to improve the quality of posts, so that whatever is shared 2-3 times a week, it is always something readers find value. I think this is the right direction for that to have an opportunity to happen. Thank you again. 🙂

  71. I think it’s great that you are finding a balance that works for you–it’s part of a healthy lifestyle, and we should all be looking for ways to give ourselves more mental space! Thank you for explaining everything so thoroughly and for the thought you always put into your work.

  72. Shannon, thank you for the information regarding the upcoming changes. I hope the new schedule refreshes and reinvigorates you! As far as feedback is concerned, my favorite parts of The Simply Luxurious Life Universe are the podcast (where I initially stumbled upon TSLL), the cooking show (I eat 95% plant-based, and am exclusively whole food plant based at home, yet I find the cooking show both informative and entertaining), This & That (it kicks off the weekend perfectly!), and the themed weeks. In the last week, I have disabled my Instagram account and personally-perhaps selfishly!- appreciate the move to more content on the blog.

    Thank you for all that you do. Best wishes for a restful & fun summer!

  73. More cooking shows?! I love it! These changes all sound well thought out. We definitely don’t want you to burn out one day. Thank you for sharing!

  74. Dear Shannon,
    it seems to me that you put much effort in thinking what’s working well and what could be even better. I think it’s great that you want to invest your time into being ever so better teacher, into searching for great recipes that you’ll try and share and especially into writing some new books =) your content is great and I can only imagine how much time it takes to create all of it. I’m touched by how you want to share only the best with your readers and I believe that sometimes it must really be a challenge to balance everything that you do. I believe that these decisions that you made will really work great for you! I wish you a wonderful summer full of inspiration, and that this pace that you chose turns out to be even better than you hope =)
    Thanks for all the inspiration here on the blog – not just books, tv, decor, but also inspiration in asking myself some good questions =)

  75. Whatever you write that helps you get the right balance is fine by me! I appreciate your generosity and thoughtful posts whatever the frequency. I am so excited to hear about a book 3 too!
    Best wishes

  76. Hello Shannon,
    I echo many of the thoughts of your thoughtful readers. Your books and blog have helped me tremendously to evaluate my everyday life (and one’s everyday life is what makes a life…no? 😉) and make the small but significant changes to make it sing! Your passion and work ethic for everything you do awes me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️💐

  77. Shannon how exciting. You obviously have thought hard about your decision. I truly enjoy your blog and all that it offers and I have sometimes wondered how you manage to fit it all in with a full time job, your boys ,and a house renovation. It is refreshing to change things up so that it stays fresh and keeps us yoyr followers on our toes😀. I am very happy with all your proposals. . I am retired but extremely busy and sometimes I have to play catch up with the podcast and some other content. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds . A little voice is whispering’Lacanche’. Good luck with everything😊

  78. Shannon, I am late to comment but I am so excited with your proposed changes! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved SLL for years but change is good and from what your propose there is going to be so many wonderful things happening here i cannot wait. I can only imagine what a wonderful teacher you must be based upon all of the hard work that you dedicate to your blog, podcasts and more.

  79. Good for your Shannon! The positive changes that you are embracing will lead to personal growth. We all so enjoy your journey and inspiration and will anticipate with pleasure hearing of the new chapters evolving for you! Brava Shannon!

  80. An Anglophile movie suggestion … Head Full of Honey. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You can buy/rent it from a few online sites. Make sure you have tissues for laughing tears as well as sentimental
    tears. Also, thank you for your Francophile Week posts … I visit my in-laws near Louviers Normandy every year.

  81. Hi Shannon,
    Just now really getting to look and read some of your past blog posts. All of what you propose to change sounds really great. The only suggestion I have (and I know it costs money to keep your blog) it that you really consider to reduce the amount of pop up adds on your blog. For me they are very distracting and I cannot throughly enjoy reading what you are writing with them constantly popping up as well as me stopping to close them. I would rather see you open a little store area on your blog where you list items for sale like books or merchandise that I can pop into and buy so as to support you. Or even a place to give a donation. I will sign up for your weekly newsletter for now. I wish you the very best in your new direction and I will continue to watch all of your cooking videos too! Stay well!

    1. Carol, I appreciate the feedback. I have good news for you as you can absolutely enjoy the log ad-free by supporting TSLL ad-free subscription ($6.99/Mo or $69/yr). Also, I do keep all of the books I highly recommend in TSLL’s shop (check out the menu and scroll down through the drop-down menu under TSLL’s shop. Hopefully one of these ideas will help you enjoy your time when you visit even more. I do appreciate your time and interest. Have a lovely rest of your Sunday. 😌

  82. Hi Shannon,
    Whether monthly or weekly please keep putting all the content in the newsletter so I don’t miss anything! I love sitting down with a cuppa and diving into your world. However, as a grad student/teacher I don’t often get to them every week, so a monthly sounds fine to me too. Love everything you do!

    1. Khrystine, Thank you for Subscribing to the newsletter! Yes, all the content will be shared in each book-weekly and soon monthly newsletter. You will not miss a thing. 🙂 Thank you for sharing how you have enjoyed reading the regular email delivery.😌

  83. A woman with a plan! Doing everything you do every week is inspiring. (I don’t know how you do
    It) I’m really excited to read that you are working on another book. We met In New Orleans at your first book signing and I savor all of your posts, podcast, cooking lessons and books!!! They are truly a JOY.
    With time, so I am learning, comes new seasons of adventure and opportunities. I’m so glad that you are still going to be able to share with us and completely see a new schedule being in order. Looking forward to all the new exciting things coming.

    1. Grace, thank you for saying hello! I so enjoyed my trip to New Orleans and between the bookshop and the food, I cannot wait to return. I too am looking forward to sharing what the focus of my next book is. ☺️ Have a lovely weekend. 💛

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