Staying at The Goring Hotel
Tuesday May 21, 2024

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As the only family-run luxury hotel in the city of London, The Goring stands in a league of its own.

With prime real estate tucked behind Buckingham Palace Gardens and the Palace itself, settled on a quiet (yes, quiet) tree-lined side-street, guests hardly know they are in the city except that just around the corner is the Victoria tube station and the hustle and bustle picks up as one would expect with honks, buzzing, and oodles of people. The sublime irony stupefied me at first, but indeed yes, I was in the heart of London’s Belgravia, the most commercial part, but it sure didn’t feel or sound like it when I arrived and while I slept.

Wanting to try out different hotels, I chose The Goring for my final night in the city before I flew back to Bend. Ideally located in the center of the city so I could tend to anything I needed, I felt immediately welcomed when the taxi dropped me off with all of my now growing number of pieces of luggage (more on how that happened in Wednesday’s podcast episode :)). Decorated as to make you feel as though you are in an English country estate, there is a reason why you will see the symbolic stuffed toy of a sheep throughout the hotel and welcoming you into your room on your bed. As I had just returned from being in sheep country – the Lake District – I felt as though I had hardly left, and seeing the sheep, who is named Babra I was informed, made me smile. And yes, you can keep the sheep that is in your room (you will see mine is now placed on my bookshelf in my office – Nelle thought it was a toy I brought home for her, so Babra has been moved to a higher shelf until she is safe from Nelle’s clutches).

As someone who prefers the classic English country décor over the modern or even the roaring twenties (although it has its charms for sure), the Goring’s aesthetic was to my liking and preference immediately.

A bit of the history of The Goring’s first 100 Years


The hotel foyer welcomes guests with its regal marble detail and arched ceilings. Grand, yet intimate, and immediately the doormen helped me with my luggage and took care of taking them to my room. The settling in was swift, easy and friendly. And you will note, the sheep at the foot of the French doors in the photo below. Babra welcomes you! Through those doors is where the Afternoon Tea is enjoyed on the Veranda as well as the Cocktail Lounge. The Dining Room is to your left and down the hall.

~UPDATE June 3, 2024: Below I share how I wasn’t impressed with the decor in the dining room; however, I just learned today that the dining room underwent a major renovation and just reopened to the public today, so perhaps this is why the decor didn’t impress – they were in a holding pattern waiting for all the details to come together. 🙂 See the new dining room pics here.

Wanting to explore what the menu and service at the hotel’s main dining room, I booked a table for one to be enjoyed following the symphony (more about that below). With it being a Wednesday night during the second week of October, that may have accounted for the sparse attendance in the room, and while my experience here doesn’t compare to the Grill Savoy, the food was lovely and the service welcoming and kind. The best course was the starter, which you will see in the lower right-hand corner – their Goring Eggs Drumkilbo (slightly different than what is listed on the menu now). I then ordered the duck which was fine, having had duck in France that was exceptionally cooked (not easy to do!), I had high standards, so I will say, this duck was good. But unfortunately, I was most unimpressed with the Rum Baba. Yes, you will have the grand presentation of the lighting of the alcohol at your table, but the flavor was lacking. Just a few insights of my experience should you visit as I have a feeling other items would have been scrumptious. With that said, the dining room during my visit did not look as plushly decorated as you will see on their website and the lighting was a bit too bright for my liking. Again, I was probably too keen on the ambiance of my first dinner in London, but I personally always prefer it to be a bit dimmer for dinner.

And I always love taking a peek at the foyer lavatories. Goring’s are just down a small staircase below the main floor and the ladies is decorated with le papillon wallpaper, so I had to take a few pics. A petite room, but all that you need is there.

My guest room felt warm and welcoming with the upholstered silk walls, warm, yet light wood furniture and soft-to-the-touch upholstered thick striped velvet chairs. The carpet was plush in its gold hues, and they even had a tin of gourmet chocolates to enjoy upon my welcome as a gift. As you might imagine, based on how I have decorated my own primary bedroom, this blend of wood and upholstery with print walls (granted, mine are paper, not silk fabric), was certainly to my liking. My particular room was perched right above the entrance, and yet again, to my delight and amazement, I couldn’t hear a thing and had a lovely view for not purchasing a garden view room (which is what I had hoped to be able to do, but kept to my budget).

Staying fewer than 18 hours in my room, as my flight was early in the morning the next day, the room provided a welcomed respite after a full morning of traveling from up north, about a. 2 1/2 hour train ride, and then lugging around my extra luggage.



Tailor the lighting in your room exactly as you prefer it.


Silk fabric lined walls, complete with trim.



Babra says hello!

Upon returning from dinner, turn down service had been tended to, and Babra had been thoughtfully moved to the pillows and holding the remote (see below).


Take a quick video tour of The Goring. Let’s step inside.

As you can see from this map (The Goring is the large center pin in red), the hotel is just next door to the Buckingham Palace Garden and thus then steps away from Buckingham Palace. Victoria Station, the station I hopped on to get everywhere is just around the corner, and you really can easily navigate from this central location.

Screenshot 2024 05 20 At 11.10.47 am

As I was staying for my final night in England, I reserved tickets to watch the London Symphony Orchestra perform Beethoven’s 7th symphony.

London Symphony Orchestra plays at The Barbican Center, which is more than a handful of Tube stops away, but within 20 minutes on the same train, I was there. While I didn’t take many photos of my evening, I did capture a few, one at the beginning when the conductor Sir Antonio Pappano, who began as Chief Conductor Designate in 2023 and this September will become the Chief Conductor, invited us to do so, and then one at the end as I was walking out to give a bit more perspective of the space. A modern venue, gorgeously decorated with wood-lined walls and soft curves above the audience, the house was packed, and the performance, about 45 minutes long, was phenomenal. Upon heading back to the tube station, it was raining which, as you might imagine, brought a smile to my face, and this time (unlike the first day of my arrival), I had my umbrella with me.


I would most certainly stay here again if I wanted to be near the center of the city. I slept well, the area was quiet and the staff incredibly welcoming. I look forward to enjoying their Afternoon Tea during a future trip.



If you are looking for a special night to stay with luxurious amenities with a prime location for really experiencing London and its sights, I recommend The Goring. Even the smallest rooms, which is what I stayed in, make you feel welcomed and right at home.

May 19 26 2024

50 thoughts on “Staying at The Goring Hotel

  1. Princess Catherine stayed at The Goring the night before her wedding. I have stayed there several times and it is a special hotel and worth the splurge! The tea is delightful. I agree with you about the food in the main dining room. But my husband very much enjoyed the Beef Wellington. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on The Goring.

    1. Diane,

      Thank you for sharing the good news about the Beef Wellington and tickled you have enjoyed your many stays, and reassurance about the tea! That is definitely a destination I look forward to enjoying Afternoon Tea. Yes, the history of the hotel, as you shared Princess Catherine and her family staying here the night before, definitely adds to the allure. 🙂

    2. Thank you for this tid bit of knowledge Diane! The hotel is lovely but my Catherine loving self needs to stay here on my next good fortune of being in London ❤️🇬🇧

  2. What an exquisite hotel. Every room, whether hotel or home, should have that lighting feature.
    Thanks for taking us along, Shannon.

  3. Thank you! I so appreciate your sharing. This hotel is a Comfort to the weary traveler. Awesome decor!

  4. Oh my! When I saw the pictures of the room I couldn’t get over the window treatments. Absolutely beautiful. On my list 😍

    1. Penny,

      The room was wonderfully inviting. I felt immediately enveloped in a hug, and while small, for one person it was all I needed: A dressing table (I pulled a chair up to the three-fold mirror and did my makeup and hair here), chairs and a side table to sit and relax, a bed to sleep and a nice bathroom. Perfect.

  5. What a lovely hotel! I adore the butterfly wallpaper in the lavatory.
    Perfect for your last night.

  6. Babra is so adorable! I will have to stay just to invite her back to my home. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sara,

      I mean . . . Babra sells it! 🙂 I knew immediately I wanted to welcome her back home with me, so I asked as quick as I could to make sure I wasn’t taking something I shouldn’t. The bellman smiled and reassured me it was mine to have. 🙂

  7. I love how you described your experience – especially impressed that you couldn’t hear any noise around you. My mother always said that when you travel, “the room is important,” and I agree completely. Nice amenities (the sheep – awwww)!

    1. Having a quiet night for sleep is a must for me, and while I honestly did know how secluded and quiet it would be, this was immediately noticeable and a key feature that would definitely bring me back. Your mother’s advice is spot on. 🙂

  8. I have never stayed at the Goring Shannon, so thank you for sharing your experience. I love that your room opened up to some sort of an interior garden. Babra is adorable. The hotel goes on my list as a must try!

    1. Sharri,

      I think you would enjoy staying there, especially if you want to be in the heart of the city and in walking distance of Belgravia. From here, I took the tube just one stop (maybe two) to the decorator’s Mecca where Robert Kime and Nina Campbell’s shops are – such a quiet, quaint neighborhood. Loved visiting and seeing it. It didn’t feel like I was in bustling London even though just a block away from my hotel which is also Belgravia, it is definitely the city. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your next visit to London!

  9. Thanks for this review, Shannon! I will definitely try to stay here next time I’m “across the pond.”

  10. Gorgeous,The Goring is at the top of my list for London stays, many thanks for the lovely tour, Shannon. And Babra, oh my, how wonderful every guest gets a Babra! I think I must go for that reason alone!🐑

  11. Hi Shannon,
    What a lovely elegant hotel. Don’t you have the same upholstery fabric in your living room? I know you have a lot of English country vibe in your home.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jamie,

      Isn’t the upholstery sumptuous? While mine is slightly different, it is from an English interior design firm, so similar aesthetic. You have a good memory! 🙂

  12. Shannon,
    I love the idea of one night of extra luxury before returning home. This is a wonderful plan that I will want to try myself. And Babra, what more can you say. Another thoughtful post.

    1. Thank you Julia. Knowing I had a place to stay that would ensure rest and not stress certainly brought peace of mind to the end of my journey so that I could make sure I tended to all that I needed before I left, as well as savored it. 🙂

  13. Thank you again for another detailed post. I appreciate your honest review of The Goring.
    Oh and Babra! How sweet. I appreciate the pun too.. Baaa-bra!
    Your final night in London sounds quite lovely with the Symphony orchestra to enjoy.

    1. Exactly! You caught it right out the gate ☺️ It made me smile immediately and chuckle too. 🙂 Yep, had to share an honest review of the restaurant, but all else was fabulous! Grateful for such a lovely final night in the city and country.

  14. Looks like a lovely hotel, and I would enjoy a stay here. The room looks quite large for British standards. Don’t you just love the sheep, Miss Babra! I appreciate your honest review of your dining experience. 😊

    1. Karen,

      You are absolutely correct. The size is large for a standard hotel. Compared to the Savoy, a bit small for the same ‘type’ of tiered room of their offerings, but yes, this is a nice size. Happy to share my experience, and while I know everyone’s tastes are different, just sharing about the food my impressions. I had lovely conversations with the wait staff – very friendly and accommodating, and I tend to be slightly picky eater, but when you are paying a pretty penny, you want to know the food will align with that price point as much as possible especially while traveling on a special occasion, etc. If you have any other questions, just let me know. 🙂

  15. Utterly lovely, and I can’t imagine what you were feeling, to walk and explore in rooms with so many stories to tell from the last century and this one. It must have been a wonderful way to step out of your beautiful trip, until the next time! I wonder what the tea is like…might need to find out! Thank you for this exciting week. -Liz

  16. I think this might be the most engaging British Week yet Shannon. By sharing the fine points of each location and event, I feel that I am a traveler as well. The signature Babra surely does add a nice touch. I have read that the tea at the Goring is quite nice. I think that indulging in a bit of luxury on the last night of such a fabulous trip is a great idea. Much like an exclamation point at the end of a sentence, And the symphony had to be just wonderful. Your meticulous planning for this trip did allow for so many special moments. Good for you.

    1. Lucy,

      You are very kind to say Lucy. Thank you. It is my delight to be able to share these experiences with everyone so that you all may take and toss, apply or learn something that helps each plan a trip that suits their tastes and creates a most memorable experience. And isn’t Babra, I mean, icing on the cake! 🙂 The symphony’s performance was phenomenal. Absolutely forever engrained in my memory and now every time I hear Beethoven’s 7th on the radio, I stop and listen, even if they play the entire composition, all 44 minutes of it. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

  17. Ah….love the LSO. And the London Philharmonic. So appreciate your photos, that you savoured the moment without taking photos at the LSO, and that you were so thoughtful about the transportation with the Tube. Wonderful! I really am grateful for your honesty and kindness in your review as it is very helpful. And, what an how inspiring and heartening you kept to your budget. So often when we travel, we can find a reason to splurge (calories, cost, etc) which is is so nice to do, but it is made even nicer when we know it fits in our budget comfortably (or to me it does). Thank you for your open mindedness, candidness, and for “taking us on the trip” with you. Brilliant!

    1. Oh my goodness, LSO is magnificent. Tickled you are enjoying the content shared. Being able to take the tube, and feeling comfortable on it has saved much money. It really is the simplest underground transportation I have found comparatively to Paris or NYC (in my experience). And I will ask from time to time if I have a question, but for the most part it is fairly straight-forward and of course, there is always an app to help out. Thank you for your kind words. xo

  18. What a beautiful hotel. And I love the idea of booking it for your last evening in London. This was another wonderful post.

  19. What a lovely hotel and magnificent soirée all around, with concert and dinner! I am certainly taking notes for future trips.
    Babra is a darling, of course – I might have to stay at the Goring just because of her! Haha. 😉

  20. I’m thrilled to see your review of The Goring. My husband and I are trying to decide between the Savoy or The Goring for our stay in September. We both love the charm and comfort of a family run hotel like The Goring, but think that perhaps the Savoy would be a better location for Covent Garden and the theatre, etc. Is The Goring walkable to all that excitement and Westminster Abbey?
    Would do you think?
    Perhaps I must go and get a Babra of my own- so cute!!!

    1. Cannon,

      Based on you sharing that you want to be close to Covent Garden and the theatre, I would definitely suggest The Savoy. That is why I continue to stay at the Savoy as I always want to see at least one show when I am back in the city. I have walked to every play and it is super simple, even in heels. I hope that helps. You can read my review of my stay at The Savoy here.
      If you have any other questions, just let me know. 🙂 Have to help if I can.
      Have a wonderful trip! What a gorgeous time to visit. 🙂

  21. Hi Shannon
    This post inspired me to book a few night at the Goring during our upcoming trip, I have had afternoon tea at the Goring in 2015 but never stayed there. They currently are running a 3 nights for 2 rate, incase anyone else is looking to stay here this summer.
    Thanks again

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