Simple Beauty Routines
Tuesday July 12, 2011

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Life can become a chaotic roller coaster that we can’t seem to control at times if we aren’t organized. And while organization is necessary when it comes to finances, household tasks and career, it is also important when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

I have always found it useful to figure out specific routines that need to take place in order to help me feel my best, look my best and limit unnecessary stress. By placing such appointments in my calendar/planner/PDA, I consider them just as important as balancing my monthly budget as they are a part of the foundation that strengthens my confidence and helps to put my best face forward.

By becoming accustomed to a schedule that works best for your skin, hair and lifestyle, you can then enter it into your PDA and have it on repeat, so that you don’t even have to enter each time.  One thing I also try to do for my hair, facial, massage and pedicure appointments is to schedule them before I leave the salon on my most recent visit. That way I am working face to face with the receptionist and it always help to give yourself as many options as possible on what works best for your schedule.

Below is the beauty routine I follow. While the daily routines aren’t something I enter into my planner, everything thing else is as my planner is my mind and by writing it down, I can forget about it until it pops up on my screen when I check my agenda in the morning.

If there are other things you would add or have a comment about, please do share.




-moisturize body

-brush teeth & floss

-facial cleanser



-primer (Colorscience)




-brush teeth and floss

-facial cleanser


-moisturizer (night cream)

-eye cream

optional: if feet are dry, rub Vaseline on them and cover with socks before going to bed.


-Exfoliate face & body (apricot scrub or a simple mixture of equal parts oil olive and sugar)

-manicure (at home)

-facial (at home)

-deep condition hair (Keratase)


-pedicure (each month – one pedicure at home, one at a salon if the budget allows) My favorite color is OPI’s bubble bath – two coats and a top coat

-airbrush tan


-massage (this is a true luxury and only occurs if the budget allows)

*Every 6 weeks

-eyebrow and lip wax

-hair cut and color (sometimes 8-10 weeks if hair is long or being grown out)

*Every 3 months

-facial at spa

*Every 6 months

-teeth cleaning

-makeover at beauty counter to learn about new colors and pick up make-up that has run out


-reassess and see how this schedule is working

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8 thoughts on “Simple Beauty Routines

  1. I’m gonna put this in my notebook as a reminder, great way of caring about your body well.
    Follow each other? 😉


  2. If you put body lotion on right after you get out of the shower (while your pores are still open)it makes you skin much softer. And by right after i mean don’t dry off, put whatever lotion you use while your still wet. And you dont have to use quite as much so it saves you money while getting softer skin!

    Some drier areas like elbows and knees need a little extra lotion through out the day though.

  3. Morning and thank you for post. I find that I slip way down on the TTD list and am grateful for your reminders.

    Links to archived posts related to this subject are not working.

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