New York: The Novel – Book Review
Monday July 11, 2011

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A saga set in former New Amsterdam, or what we know as New York City, begins in the mid seventeenth century and ends in 2009. Edward Rutherfurd’s novel New York is a combination of intriguing historically accuracy such as the rising of the Sons of Liberty prior to the coming of the Revolutionary War, the tragic draft riots during the Civil war and the tragedy of 9/11 and engaging fictitious characters that are both intriguing and seemingly real.

As the reader begins following the lineage of the Master family, other families from all facets of society – merchants, immigrants, politicians and native born – their trials, successes, failures and romances are shared in enough detail as to stir up your compassion, but not so much depth as it isn’t solely their story to tell.

The quest for freedom is the underlying theme that weaves itself through all of the characters as they strive, stress and sometimes stumble on their quest.

Being someone who thoroughly enjoys history, I found this book to be fascinating, and as I listened to it as an audio tape on my recent travels, I found myself not able to wait until the next ride in my vehicle to finish it and had to listen to the last few chapters at home while sitting in my living room.  It is engrossing, endearing and at the same time inspiring as one of the last few lines states, “Dream it and do it. But first you must dream it.”

Rutherfurd’s previous New York Times Best-Selling novel London: The Novel is next on my list to read.

New York: The Novel
by Edward Rutherfurd

Purchase from Amazon here
Price: $11.44
Copyright: September 2010
Pages: 880
Publisher: Ballantine

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3 thoughts on “New York: The Novel – Book Review

  1. wow i am the first here for a change!!!:D
    fabulous review…I’ve read London and now,after this review,of course I’m getting this one! 🙂
    have a fab. week!

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