Seven Traits Of The Wealthy
Thursday January 13, 2011

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{A simply luxurious life, while full of the concept less is more, luxuriates in the decadence of high quality, complementary style and an appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us in decor, fashion, nature and people themselves. One does not need to maintain a balance in the bank that one might associate with a millionaire, however, it would be a mistake for me not to address the fact, that being secure financially – just the knowledge of this fact – brings about a priceless piece of mind that contributes greatly to a well-balanced simply luxurious life.

With that said, peruse through the entire archives focused on Money here where I focus on sharing a bit of financial food for thought that will help you create a sound financial life that makes it possible to make the choices that will help you create the life of your dreams.  Because after all, simply having choices is a luxury – enabling independence, however we might choose to go about our every day lives. }

Once again, I rely on Jean Chatzky’s book The Difference to bring to our attention those that have figured out successful ways to navigate the world that is money.  Today, I’d like to share with you her 7 traits of the Wealthy Personality, and what I think you’ll see is that anybody, with determination and focus, can acquire such traits.

1. Resilience
In these economic times, resilience is required more than ever.  The belief that no matter what frustrations we may be dealing with, now is the time to capitalize on opportunities.  Investing, refinancing with a much lower fixed APR and the faith in ourselves to know that where there is a will, there really is a way.

2. Connectedness
Networking and being someone who others want to work with is an insurance we can create on a daily basis by the way we treat others, the boundaries and expectations we set and the praise we give to others when we notice a job that is well done.  This trait demonstrates that our success really is something we create by believing in ourselves and always doing our best work.

3. Drive
With anything in life, we must have passion and a desire to accomplish anything we want to see realized come into fruition into our lives. The key is to love what we do, so that we are willing to regularly give an extra 10%.

4. Curiosity
Diane Sawyer reiterated this trait as one that defines her success, and she makes a very good point.  If we our satisfied with where we are in our lives, we don’t push for more, but if we our constantly searching and seeking knowledge and answers, this will be the magnetic fuel that will propel us in the direction we want to go.

5. Intuition
With practice and a conscious choice to listen to what our gut tells us about certain situations, certain people, everything that is thrown our way, we can effectively navigate the path to create a career and a life that we are proud of.  The obstacle that lies with this particular trait is that we must be strong enough to follow what we hear within no matter what others may say around us.

6. Confidence
An educated risk, a calculated leap, is at the foundation of many successful entrepreneurs who believed in their product or skill and after the right amount of preparation, took a chance on themselves.
7. Optimism
Believing in ourselves and our own dreams is the glue that holds all of these traits together because when we believe in ourselves, truly believe, the people around us see our determination, our confidence and our willingness to work for what we want, and everyone wants to be around a winner.


10 thoughts on “Seven Traits Of The Wealthy

  1. I’m going to have to file this post for future reference. Do you think that most of these 7 pointers can still apply to those still in uni?

    xoxo Hermine

  2. I forgot to say, What a fascinating quote you have on the top right hand corner. I completely agree with you that being your own self is the only way to find all you want in life.

  3. OMG! I swear this is the best blog ever! I found you a few days ago and am already spending hours daily re/reading the old posts.I think this is going to be one of my favorite places on the web. I am so sick of all the frou frou blogs with tons of photos but no meaningful content. I truly feel inspired reading your posts!

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