Good Grammar Is . . . Mastering The Semicolon
Wednesday April 15, 2015

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No2 | The Simply Luxurious Life,

6 thoughts on “Good Grammar Is . . . Mastering The Semicolon

  1. Shannon,

    Such a fun way to learn English grammar; combine both fashion style and language.
    I just love your creative post!

    Kathryn from Calgary Canada

  2. Shannon, I had to chuckle when I saw this post. You are so good. As a life long learner, this is a perfect review for me. Grammar and fashion in one post. I bet your students love you. Well, I guess I’m one of your students too. Would you review commas soon? I’m not sure if I should have placed one between students and too. Thanks!

  3. I’ve recently begun reading your blog amd love it! I love Amal’s style…have you ever checked out Miranda Kerr’s style? Or that of Olivia Palermo? You might enjoy! 🙂

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