Refreshing the Wardrobe: What I Am Investing In
Wednesday January 26, 2022

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As I shared in the first post of the year, finally, finally, finally, TSLL will be including more frequent style posts for the wardrobe. Look for the regular Outfit of the Month as has dependably been shared, but also, my goal is to share one more style post a month as I return to my love of communicating with clothing, and as always individual items on the weekly This & That and Saturday Ponderings . . . posts that I recommend and love.

The past two and a half years my home (Le Papillon) has held my focus and my budget, which I will admit, was a nice shift as it brought and is now bringing a deeper feeling of peace to my days. Now, the wardrobe needs a bit of attention, not much, but certainly some undivided time and investment to spruce it up, sharpened the edges as I align it with the life I now am living and support the true self I finally have the courage to fully be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, not much will change (effortless, label-free, neutrals, French fundamentals for timelessness with a touch of femininity, but also functionality) except, I won’t be buying items I ‘have to’ for expectations at work, and that, I will say, brings with a deep sigh of relief. Which also meant on the first day of the year, I edited my closet again, and purged, while only a few more items, items I was holding on to that were from a past life. It felt good to donate and consign. It felt even better to have a trusted clarity about what I needed to add, what I was wanting to add and I began to gradually shop for the items you see below.

And when I shop for items I want to wear for years to come, I invest. Long-time readers of TSLL know this well. But if you are a new reader to TSLL, very rarely will you find items that are ill-made or trendy. Rather, the items I share are pieces that, if they work for your capsule wardrobe, skin-tone and physique, will last for years. As shown in December’s A Cuppa Moments, that particular dress from French design house Acne was an investment piece I purchased more than four, maybe five years ago, but I wear it each winter and it continues to look great. Of course, if what I want to invest in is on sale, even better, so I often wait for certain times of the year when brands have their seasonal sales; however, if it is an item I know I need in my wardrobe and it will likely sell fast, I am willing to pay full price if I can.

Let’s take a look at the list of areas I have been looking to spruce up, and I will shop a handful of different pieces for each so you can shop as well. 🙂


If a pair of high quality jeans are worn often, they will continue to look great for years; however, after those many years, they need an update, and I have two pairs of jeans I have worn for now four-five years and I need to update them with a high-rise, slimming silhouette that holds its shape (not too much stretch).

Citizens for Humanity tends to offer a more sturdy jean, with the style I prefer. Madewell offers wonderful designs, but sooooo many are currently out of stock I couldn’t find one I would want without too much stretch. Frame is a brand I have trusted for more than a decade and their jeans will last. They offer both less and more stretch, as well as long lengths.

Everyday, versatile sweaters

Bulky sweaters, while I love them, are not ideal for the transition from winter to spring, so I am currently looking for sweaters that layer well under blazers, jackets as well as look great on their own with a pair of well-fitting jeans and a sharp flat or sneaker. La Ligne offers high-quality cashmere, and I am considering adding a turtleneck as they layer wonderfully but also can work well along as they bring all the attention to the face and if in the right color, camouflage without adding bulk to the silhouette.


Everyday leather sneakers

I am giving all of my attention to a new company for this purchase, and my first pair just arrived. I am tickled. A couple of years ago I purchased my first leather sneaker, but it is far too wide and I sort of feel as though I am wearing a clod-hopper. Sooooo, I sought out to find a narrower leather sneaker for everyday wear that still looks sharp. And I found Frankie4.

An Australian based business, Frankie4 is dedicated to changing the footwear game for women. Taking comfort seriously while not forgetting style and the planet, explore the variety of different everyday styles and colors. Their Nat II leather sneaker in cream (lower left-hand corner) fits beautifully and is narrower with nice comfort. I also like their Hannah II as it offers a very sleek and narrower look while still providing the ‘sneaker’ vibe.

Quality, versatile everyday crossbody or shoulder bag

When I think of a versatile shoulder or crossbody bag, I check to see if I can easily transition to an aperitif outing – not too much bulk, still hold what I need and sleek, sleek, sleek. Souer’s handbags provide all of these requirements and offer a beautiful unique look. Polène continues to design beautiful bags, and their Uma bag is classic, yet simple and chic.


Leather pointed-toe flats for work and day outings

I love pointed toe flats and wear them with jeans all of the time. They elongate the leg, and no they do not make me feel like I have clod-hoppers on, even though, yes, I have size 10 feet. I very rarely wear round-toe flats as they, to my eye, don’t look flattering as they stop the eye and almost look like a sock (depending upon the style). Again, this is how each of us evolves with our style and we come to find what we feel our best in for the life we live.

The beauty of a chic leather flat is that it can be played down or played up, and the versatility saves us money as the shoe provides options to pair with many different outfits in our wardrobe.

Wishing you success as you polish up your wardrobe as well. With ample amount of time before spring arrives, we have the ability to wander, peruse, try on, order, return and welcome into our closet what we know we will love, wear and appreciate. Happy shopping! | The Simply Luxurious Life

62 thoughts on “Refreshing the Wardrobe: What I Am Investing In

  1. Showing more fashion might not work for me. 🙂 I am on a little quest, no new clothes, no more shoes or purses until next Fall, except for my own designs. I know, making these little challenges sure do limit some possibilities! I am in the middle of a weight loss journey and refuse to buy interim pieces. No matter how fetching the sale price. I need to purge, donate, discard as I go along but not yet.

    You might have tempted me just a little with the pointed toe mule, my current ones, not the same brand but similar, have seen better days. Constraint will be required, always something!

    1. Maybe you can use these style posts for inspiration to help you plan for a Fall of Fabulousness, Lucy! You can do it. I too am fluctuating and refraining from buying right now, but it’s fun to plan the additions I’ll make when the time is right.

      Thanks for the post, Shannon! Loving the leather sneakers. I grabbed a pair a few months ago and cannot believe how often they come in handy.


    2. It IS always something, isn’t it?! And ‘Brava!’ on your quests, I am sure you will be victorious in both. ? And you know, of course, shoes don’t count. Or handbags. Or skincare. Or, okay, qualify for sainthood and do what Laurie S. suggests, and save the ideas for your Grand Re-Stocking of The Wardrobe. I sincerely applaud your circumspection.
      Also, before you purge and either donate to your local Women’s Shelter or throw it all on the bonfire whilst you sip champagne and eat a dark chocolate truffle(and then throw your glass into to the bonfire, yippee!), think of tailoring to save those pieces that are well-made and still have life in them. Which maybe dovetails into what you mean by, ‘my own designs’? Lucy Augustine, I am intrigued…

      1. Ah, Rona, shoes, shoes, shoes. I must say here, now that I am a fallen woman. The temptation was a charming red leather wedge sandal with a flower thing-y on the top. Seriously, how can one not give in on something like that?

    3. Good luck with your quest Lucy. Very wise to wait .It will be so much more rewarding when you start shopping again xx

  2. I love this Shannon! I am so looking forward to the more frequent style posts for the wardrobe. I have only just started to uncover my signature style, and it makes shopping soooo much easier, and enjoyable! Happy shopping ☺️

  3. Thanks Shannon – some great options here. I’ll need to check out Frankie4 here in Australia. I’ve packed my work clothes away too – it was such a good feeling and helped to solidify my decision to not return to the long commute. Now to invest in a quality smart casual wardrobe.

    PS. Love the new site too!

  4. Shannon, this was really helpful. I am now working predominantly from home so am slowly moving to more smart casual attire. I need to purge my workwear as I need a few pieces for meetings but not the amount I have. I have to say I love a brogue as I struggle with heels but the leather trainers look enticing.

    1. Same with me, and it’s so easy to just fall back on sweats that don’t make you feel good. I’m looking forward to seeing how Shannon finds her new equilibrium.

  5. Beautiful selection Shannon! I’m currently trying to (mindfully!) add some more clothes and shoes suitable for outdoor activities since I realised most of the garments I own are either office clothes or lounge wear and I’m starting to spend more time outdoors, hiking or tending to my community garden. I recently discovered the brand Tamaris for shoes: they make beautiful, classic shoes (elegant loafers, simple Oxfords, Chelsea boots) that fit my fairly narrow feet perfectly.

  6. I love your style posts, Shannon! I have pinned the Frankie4 leather sneakers as they are quite stylish in the cream color. They seem similar to a leather pair of Ecco sneakers I purchased five years ago which still look lovely and remain comfortable for walking.

    1. Jane,

      I am loving my cream leather sneakers from Frankie4. As I shared they are not wide as my previous pair from another company was, and rather streamlined for a typical sneaker. The cream works well throughout the entire year versus white being more for spring and summer. I think you will be happy with them if you choose to explore them. Thank you for reminding about another good brand – Ecco. 🙂

  7. I love the addition of more style posts, and your suggestions are always on point. I have bought many of the pieces you recommend (and have more than a few of the above in my cart upon reading! :)), and have discovered many brands that have become favorites. I am loving this journey elevating my life, home and wardrobe, and have never been happier!

  8. Shannon- it’s been a while since I checked in and now, this post has made me want to go back to see what has been happening. We are at different places in our lives, but you are an inspiration. I’m retired and have spent the past 10 years finding out who I am. Now I’m comfortable in my own skin. I’m so looking forward to your outfit posts and your upcoming publication. My wardrobe only needs tweaking now because Ive found my authentic style. I already see shoe and bag choices that may work for me. Cheers.

  9. I have fallen IN LOVE with the M. Gemi The Edetta suede and leather moccasin in Burnt Orange. I signed up for notifications, and voila!, I now have US$50 off my first order! I am also smitten with The Olivia Wheat Dress Flat from Frankie4, thanks so much for introducing us to the company. (Both are pinned for later purchase.)
    You have inspired me to stop procrastinating and get on with The Closet/Wardrobe Re-Fresh all ready! Like many of us, my wardrobe needs have shifted these last two years and, as with JohannaS, I am now spending much more time outdoors.
    So, yes, thank you, please, and more style posts! You have such a discerning eye AND you do all the hard work of finding the treasures for us, what’s not to like?! Merci!?

    1. Rona,

      Awesome! Tickled you found designs and brands that spoke to your predilections and preferences. 🙂 Looking forward to bringing more style posts. I appreciate the feedback and kind words. I will do my best to bring the treasures!

  10. Thank you for the introduction to Frankie4 shoes. I really like the look of the Hannah II casual flat; love a slim lined sneaker!
    I am looking forward to more style posts. I’ve learned that putting in the effort and work in up front for a wardrobe truly pays off and your posts are helpful.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience of putting in the effort. Knowing and feeling great without having stress each time we go into our closets is a double win-win. I look forward to exploring more with style and what’s available now in the market as we move forward here on the blog. And aren’t Frankie4’s shoes awesome! So tickled to have found them!

  11. After reading other responses I wanted to add that I really do appreciate the fashion posts! I have a rather dry sense of humor that may come across as negative, Not my intent! I think many of us are way past the trend dressing that occupies the market. Investment pieces are the key to building a sustainable yet versatile wardrobe. Identifying key pieces, to suit your lifestyle is a great beginning and Shannon is providing style options that we can all adapt to our liking. Dress well ladies, no matter where you spend your time, looking your best and being comfortable can be a key to a curated life.

  12. Shannon,

    Like many, I live in my Sarah Flint Natalie flats. I’ve never owned a more comfortable pair of shoes. Plus, their customer support is dynamite! — Cheers!

    1. Thank you for stopping by Mary. I can definitely attest, Polène’s quality is superb and for the price, a very affordable luxury handbag. I do hope you are able to welcome one into your wardrobe. It will be with you for years!

  13. What a great post! I really loved everything, whether I purchase or not, I feel elevated, just looking through your selections. Per usual, your style is classic, without being “stuffy”, and your taste inspiring and on point.
    Thank you, Shannon.

    1. Jennifer, well said! It’s not so much whether we purchase the exact item shown, but what Shannon inspires with what she shows or presents. As she does with all of her posts and books: by providing clarity to the ‘how’ of elevating our life to be a lovely, enchanted thing, a truly ” simply luxurious life”. (Okay, not gonna lie, had a glass of wine while I was making the ragu tonight…it smells really good. Wish y’all were all sitting around,, nibbling on the huge pile of gougeres that Shannon supplied and cracking open the bottle of wine that Lucy Augustine brought, waiting til it’s done. We’ll save Kameela’s wine for the fromage plate she brought.)

      1. I have an interesting bottle chilling, now don’t laugh, it was given to me by a restaurant owner (right before he filed for bankruptcy I’m afraid) it is called Bulls Blood. It is a hearty little wine. Hungarian in origin I think. Would be quite good with a Ragu!

        1. Why the heck would I laugh at such a fabulous story as that?! The hearty Hungarian sounds perfect. Oh, that’s a great title for one of those bawdy bodice-rippers…” The Hearty Hungarian and The English Rose”…gives you tingles just thinking about it, doesn’t it.

      2. Love this. Hmm what shall I choose from the cellar? a great Bordeaux is always served with le fromage but I’m partial to a Sauternes with some cheeses .Will throw caution to the wind and offer a bottle of red , a bottle of white or perhaps a bottle of rose too ! xx

  14. I can’t recommend Sarah Flint more highly! I have several pairs of the Natalie flats, along with many of the other styles, and I can’t say enough about the quality and comfort. I don’t look to buy shoes from other brands anymore! Love the style posts – the La Ligne Nuage sweater is calling my name…

    1. Marina,

      I appreciate your recommendation and take it to heart! I know many celebrities enjoy their shoes, and I have had her pointed to flat on my shopping list to buy for years! I need to just do it! Thank you again for sharing your experience.

  15. Thank you for introducing good brands that I am unfamiliar with. I enjoy shopping with a friend that I can trust for good ideas!

  16. Beautiful selection Shannon, have you discovered Johnstons of Elgin yet? They have similar high quality sweaters and regular sales! I discovered them while I was based in Dubin for work a year ago, and now that I’m back in Sydney, I am still getting a few choice pieces as they ship international for free.

    1. Oh yes. Their knitwear is beautiful. I also love Campbell’s of Beauly but I ‘m not sure if they ship internationally.

  17. I think Frame is an American company. I like fashion posts! Sometimes they help me shop my closet. Thank you for including clothes that aren’t beige or tan!

  18. Hi Shannon,
    I am so excited to read this! I was going to write you an email over the christmas period and ask if you consider doing a capsule wardrobe update and what to include, and you’ve started it!
    Also, I am huge Frankie4 fan, living in Australia I have about 7 pairs (the boots are great in winter), as I wear orthotics, and they will fit in Frankie4 shoes. Another Australian brand for you to consider is Bared. The shoes they make are a little more rigid, their loafers are excellent. I also love Sarah Flint and have a pair of the perfect pump 50. The sweaters and bags you mention look lovely, I will have to check them out. Kind regards Paula

  19. I loved this post and look forward to more insights into your wardrobe. I too am refreshing and editing my wardrobe this year. I have been subscribing to more neutral, higher end pieces for the past couple of years. However there are still certain items that have crept into my wardrobe that have been purchased because I felt I “should” wear them, or in a moment of poor thought and choice, I also sometimes feel there is a certain image I should “project” (not to glamorous or luxurious) and so have dressed down more so than I would perhaps like. Well this year I have decided, no more! I am choosing not to worry about being judged by others, and I am purchasing and editing my wardrobe so that every item I wear reflects the woman I want to present to the world.
    Your post encourages my confidence in this pursuit,
    Thank you!

  20. I really love your style! Living in Michigan with four seasons, those season changes are tricky when its still cool out but not necessarily 10-20 degrees kind of cold. I really appreciated the sweater section and hope the future fashion blog posts have these types of season transitions included. Now, to go start sprucing up my wardrobe. Thanks Shannon!

    1. Thank you for sharing what you enjoyed! Excited to be able to share more fully and regularly. Feeling good with what we wear gives such a boost to our days so we can go about fully being present and enjoying what and whom we are engaged with. Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by. ?

  21. As always stylish inspiration Shannon .Great fuss free clothes. .Helpful ideas as I am shopping my closet this year( except maybe for just another Breton.( I have a little collection !). Having fewer good quality items makes dressing a breeze saving so much time and gives you the confidence to face the day no matter what..
    Happy wardrobe refresh everyone xx

    As always fabulous inspiration. Effortless. Knowing that you can dress and feel well put together to face the day. Very helpful ideas as I am in the process of shopping my closet this year. Well maybe I can be tempted by another Breton ( I have a little collection!).Shannon just a little idea. Will it be too much work for you to model an outfit with one or two of your items as we’re enjoying an extra slice of a fashion post. Happy sGood for you Sarah

    1. Kameela, such a great idea! Shannon, what think you?? Still shots would be great, staged to showcase all the lovely spots around your town and environ??

  22. Does anyone have any recommendations for brands that make flats for wider feet? I’m not exactly a hobbit, but definitely need more width in the toe box.

  23. I’m thrilled, Shannon, to hear that you plan on doing more fashion posts. After paring down over the last 2-3 years, the worn things I’ve let go need to be replaced and, in my new phase, improved. Would you also consider throwing in a “wild card” item somewhere in your choices? Most pieces you suggest are quite versatile, but I’m also interested in buying just a few pieces that also spark excitement, for when I want to feel a little special. Thank you!

  24. I jut bought the Frankie4 Nat II neakers in camel. I can’t wait til they arrive! Thanks for the tip, Shannon!

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