Happy Yoga, petit plaisir #323
Monday February 21, 2022

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Even if you don’t practice yoga or want to practice yoga, London-based yoga and meditation teacher Hannah Barrett’s new book is a resource to guide you through the power of breathing through meditation but also how you use your breath in your everyday life to deepen your mindfulness and thus improve the overall quality of your everyday life.

In her book which also includes full-color photographs and illustration, discover why self-care is a necessity for better relationships and engagement at work and in your personal life, discover the key tenets of yoga and mindfulness practice and how they guide how we interact and live in the world.

Happy Yoga; Simple Tools and Practices for Everyday Calm and Strength is an approachable book written by someone who did not begin as a yoga instructor. In fact, Barrett worked as an actuary in a corporate setting who upon exploring yoga, meditations and the tenets of mindfulness, experienced first-hand the quality of her entire life improve – health, self-efficacy and relationships.

Perhaps you continue to hear recommendations from books, writers, speakers and friends about the benefits of meditation, what you will find in Barrett’s book is exactly what those benefits are to our health, our longevity and how to practice in a way that works for you.

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