Simple, Fresh Winter Flower Bouquet w/Ornamental Cabbages, petit plaisir #318
Monday December 6, 2021

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A simple fresh bouquet inspired by the offerings in the garden in late autumn and winter is a bouquet with ornamental cabbages.

Over the past three years, when December rolls around, I pop into my local Trader Joe’s and purchase a bundle of ornamental or rose cabbages. For fewer than $6, I then add a few white hydrangeas and a dash of greenery with the silver dollar eucalyptus and for less than a $20 bill I have a winter arrangement that will last for at least a week. Often the cabbages last for two or three weeks and I simply swap out the other bouquet details to maintain the favorite part of the season display.

Enjoyed only once a year, I look forward to welcoming this bouquet every December as it compliments the holiday decor throughout the house which is largely muted with greens and whites and just a touch of gold in the brass candlesticks.

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10 thoughts on “Simple, Fresh Winter Flower Bouquet w/Ornamental Cabbages, petit plaisir #318

  1. Your bouquet is beautiful! I find the winter cabbages so cute, but truth to be told, I have not used them. Have to correct that, yep. 🙂

    1. Robin,

      The painting is a commissioned painting for my home by Inslee as it depicts key details from my travels in Provence. I feel fortunate to have it. You will see the illustration on the homepage of this blog for all announcements of French week.

  2. Hello Shannon,
    It is rainy and gloomy here in Portland, but we seem to be on the same page to brighten up the day. I too was drawn to the ornamental cabbages and eucalyptus at my local Trader Joe’s. The white and green are a wonderful combination to celebrate the holiday season. Of course the added bonus is with a little TLC the arrangement will last for a long time. Shannon enjoy your flowers, I know I will enjoy mine.

    1. Wishing you a beautiful December in Portland with the beauty brought inside. You are absolutely right – they can last a long time with some extra TLC. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely week.

  3. Just purchased my own lovely Trader Joe’s white hydrangeas and eucalyptus combo bouquet this morning. Love it! Two hydrangeas are already wilting, any suggestions?

        1. Wahoo!!! Thank you for the follow-up comment. It is hit and miss with me, but it’s always worth the try and once you get them back, they usually last quite a while. So happy for you! Your bouquet sounds beautiful. 🙂

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