Ted Lasso, tv series — Petit Plaisir, episode #313
Monday October 4, 2021

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Eight years ago, Jason Sudeikis starred in a lengthy ad on NBC Sports to promote a new addition to their television line-up. Starring in the role of an ignorant American football coach who was about to embark on a new venture as a British soccer (British football) coach, the hilarity of his unassuming honesty of his ignorance struck a cord of lovability and likability.

While taking seven years, eventually, the coach/show came to life as Ted Lasso (Sudeikis) and the series premiered in Fall 2020 on Apple TV+ to great critical review. Set in London, the soccer team (British football) is Richmond, and Lasso along with his assistant coach, Coach Beard (played by Brendan Hunt who also helped create the show), are the only primary American actors. The rest of the cast comprises of British talent to the delight of Anglophiles – Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, Nick Mohammed, Jeremy Swift and Phil Dunster. The actors cast as players on the team had to come with talent on the pitch as well and some even have experience playing in professional soccer leagues (Cristo Fernandez for example, played in Mexico’s professional soccer league, and it shows).

The second season will wrap up this Friday (October 8th), and after winning seven Emmys at this year’s award ceremony (Best Comedy, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor AND Actress, Best Writing in a Comedy Series, Best Casting for a Comedy series and Best Sound Editing), most people have likely heard about the show; however, I couldn’t not take time to recommend watching for the reasons I find it to be most memorable and positively contributing to the media culture. From changing the stereotypical approach to sports stories, addressing the humanity of all people regardless of gender, emphasizing and promoting kindness and relationships on the sports field as well as in relationships, Ted Lasso is aware of the tropes and then tosses them on their heads in brilliant, respectful, hilarious comedic fashion.

Watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

~Make your own Ted Lasso biscuits with the official recipe here.

Listen to episode #313 in which this Petit Plaisir originally was discussed: The Importance of Finding Meaning in Life: 9 Lessons Taught by Viktor E. Frankl

Have a look at the ad that inspired the series eight years ago, and then be sure to check out the trailer for both Season One and Two below. I already cannot wait for Season Three and I am giddy as all get-out to see how Season Two concludes.

An American Coach in London (promoting NBC Sports Premiere League Film, featuring Jason Sudeikis), August 2013

Season One Trailer

Season Two Trailer

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9 thoughts on “Ted Lasso, tv series — Petit Plaisir, episode #313

  1. OK, Shannon, I am convinced: I don’t care for football/ soccer, but I am willing to give Mr. Lasso here a go… 😉

  2. I can’t recommend Ted Lasso enough. If you are a fan of shows with a highly crafted ensemble cast of characters, then Ted Lasso is for you. I think Football/Soccer is just the back drop for the show. The real story is about the different characters.

    1. Exactly Diane. Thank you for reiterating this to viewers who would likely love it, but are hesitant because of the sports concept. You are absolutely correct. This cast is magnificent.

  3. Dear Shannon,
    We watched the first three episodes of Ted Lasso last night, and really enjoyed it.

    Furthermore I have been given the task to pass to you a message from my family (that would be the two of us 😉 : so far everything that we watched under recommendation/ suggestion of TSLL have been really very good. So, there it is…

    Thanks for doing all the selection work, which an herculean task, given the amount of entertainment material available, and bring high quality suggestions to cheer up our weekends and evenings. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for passing along the message and you have made my day!! I will continue to my best to bring recommendations that are worthwhile and well received for their high quality and enjoyment. ?

  4. I agree. Our family has never gone wrong watching one of Shannon’s recommendations! Thank you Shannon! (a different Diane than the above).

  5. Isn’t this a wonderful show? We didn’t start watching until this summer and have loved it since. Hate knowing there’s only one more episode in season two.

  6. Absolutely adore Ted Lasso! I first heard about the program on a Brene Brown podcast with Jason Sudeikis that is joyful! Being from Minnesota but living in Ireland for the past 30 years, I love the humour encompassing both sides of the pond!

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