358: Anna Murphy Talks About Finding Your Way to the Best You Yet as Each Year Passes in her New Book, Destination Fabulous
Wednesday May 24, 2023

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The book I wanted and needed to read.

Repeatedly, indirectly and directly women and the entire society at large are told that aging is bad, and it is especially an unwelcoming reality for women, but is this true? Fashion Director for The Times London since 2015 Anna Murphy recently turned 50, and in her new book (being released on May 30th in the states; in the UK it was released in March) Destination Fabulous: Finding your way to the best you yet, disagrees wholeheartedly with this false truth that women have begrudgingly or willingly accepted and explains exactly how each year, each decade can usher in more fulfillment, more life satisfaction and thus more contentment.

She joined me from London last week before heading down to Mexico to take in Dior’s Cruise presentation, and we had a lovely conversation about everything from the benefits of doing the hard work of getting to know yourself, how your style can bust clichés, the benefits of being age agnostic, how living our best life does physically affect our skin and visage, as well as the false promises made my anti-aging procedures, plus so much more.

We begin our conversation with why she is the happiest she has ever been, and with that, I will encourage you to tune in to our conversation. I do hope you enjoy.

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26 thoughts on “358: Anna Murphy Talks About Finding Your Way to the Best You Yet as Each Year Passes in her New Book, Destination Fabulous

  1. I just finished listening to the podcast.
    I’m so excite to get Anna’s next book. You are speaking directly to me as the big 50 is coming next year.

    I’m loving that our generation is able to shed the labels and expectations, and it is so inspiring to have other supporting the idea of aging gratefully and without any expectations.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. My absolute pleasure Sonia. This is a powerful and constructive message for not only women to understand but society as a whole, but until society catches up, we’ve got this. 🙂

  2. I remember when my grandfather had his 56th birthday and I thought, “he won’t be with us much longer”. Now that I am 54, it doesn’t seem that old at all. Great interview.

  3. Shannon, thank you for this brilliant interview with Anna Murphy, I am looking forward to receiving my copy of Destination Fabulous” even more! xo

  4. Shannon, I just finished listening to your interview. I am so excited about Ms. Murphy’s new book and am waiting for my copy to arrive. Thank you for choosing this fascinating lady. I very much appreciate all the effort, hard work you did to obtain such an interview. ~ Teresa

    1. Thank you for tuning in Teresa. I am so chuffed that Anna accepted my invitation. She was so forthcoming and her insights and wisdom are appreciated. This book, I think you will find, is powerful and life shifting if we have felt that aging is a negative. As she shares, it is exactly the opposite. Thank you again.

  5. Really enjoyed the conversation. AMurphy has reinforced what I.truly believe, that ageing is inevitable but it’s how we see and project our best selves . Not what is expected of us . Have just ordered her book. Thank you Shannon for the recommendation.Kameela 😊

  6. Absolutely loved this interview which will help us all become better versions of ourselves.

  7. Another great podcast episode Shannon, bravo ! Thank you for introducing us to Anna, I bought the audiobook before the podcast episode finished, I’ve just finished listening to it (Anna reads it too!) and I’ll definitely be re-listening to it !

  8. This podcast arrived right on time for me. So encouraging. Bravo to Shannon and Anna Murphy for sharing this wisdom and real life examples of how to embrace the gifts of maturity. This book is indeed long overdue, as far too many women believe (falsely) that our best years our behind us. When this book is published I want to hug it and gift it to every woman I care about.

  9. Shannon, thank you for bringing Anna onto this podcast to discuss her book. Loved the great conversation between you two. I found myself nodding along with so much of what she said. I never thought I would ever be so content with my life as I am. Accepting yourself, respecting yourself and your decisions for me is not easy but it’s certainly getting easier. I love this age, I have history, experience and embracing the future like never before. Torn between purchasing the book or the audio but will make that decision today. Thanks again

  10. A little late listening to this but, wow, I could listen to her for hours. She’s so engaging and wise, I thoroughly enjoyed her perspective on each topic covered. I experienced Ah-Hahs, nodding in agreement, moments of serious reflection, out loud laughs and a few bits literally gave me chills. Really wonderful. OHHHHHHH, now I get the cover image. I thought it was simply a loosely drawn road, showing a journey but I wondered why there were red lips in the bottom corner. Cover is just as brilliant as the author, thanks for pointing out. And thanks for the reminder in the June Cuppa to circle back around to this!

  11. I loved, loved, loved this podcast and Anna. I am a tad older than her, and I feel the exact same way as she does about getting older. It is great to have someone who worked in the fashion industry say the same things I have been preaching for years. I am a marathon runner, and I can’t tell you how many times my daughters tell people their mom runs marathons that they get a “really?” in return. Keeping yourself young from the inside out is key for everyone. I am also a huge lover of something unexpected. When she said that, I immediately put a gold sparkly brooch on my jean jacket for work that morning. Tons of wow, that pin is awesome comments. Her book is on my summer reading list. Thank you for introducing Anna to me.

  12. What a gift of a podcast ………I absolutely loved hearing Anna talk to you Shannon.

    I was actually on holiday when I listened to the podcast, and later that day went to a little independent bookshop , near to where I was staying , and ordered the book .

    It came just the afternoon before I was leaving , so I haven’t read it yet, but although I had already read some of the (excellent) reviews in the UK ( it is already published here ) it was only after hearing Anna’s conversation with you that I decided to purchase my own copy.

    Thank you both so much for such a stimulating and interesting conversation……….I am way older than both of you , but found it fascinating !

    We don’t lose interest in fashion and beauty , and how to live to the full , just because we are lucky enough to have made it into our seventies, eighties or beyond ……..Iris Appel is just one of the people who show us much fun it can still be 🙂

    x Anne x

  13. Just listened to this on my drive from Oregon to my new home in Idaho. Loved the conversation, depth and breadth. Good job! Can’t wait to get her book, thanks for terrific content, Shannon!!

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