France in Pictures and Illustrations: My Interview with author & artist Rae Dunn
Monday June 5, 2017

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~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #158
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Perhaps you’ve seen her pottery: simple, purposefully imperfect, white with black singular font, whether for your morning tea cup, the salt and pepper holder on the stovetop or a dish for your furry best friend. Rae Dunn’s passion for simple and functional pottery has brought her deserved recognition. And it is with her eye for the simple everyday that led to her new book of French inspiration titled France: Inspiration du Jour.

An artistic sketchbook of Rae’s travels through Paris and Provence, be swept away to France no matter where you live as you peruse the pages. With pictures of everyday life in France paired with watercolor illustrations of the scenery, food, drink and daily activities, discover why Rae finds beauty in the everyday moments.

Today on the podcast, Rae Dunn joins me to talk about how the concept of the sketchbook came about, why it’s important not to overthink anything you are curious to try or explore and rather just step forward and feel your way, the power of serendipity, the realization of where true beauty resides and the importance of treasuring the imperfect. The discussion is one with a successful woman who simply followed what she loved and in so doing created a successful business which reminds us all to “notice and appreciate the small things”. Have a listen to the interview and discover more than a few simple pleasures at the end of our conversation as Rae reveals this week’s Petit Plaisirs.

~Rae Dunn’s website

~Follow Rae Dunn: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (a new illustration each day)

~Shop Rae Dunn pottery here and here

~Learn more about her new book France: Inspiration du Jour here

~Sharon’s Art Studio in Golden Gate State Park

~Rae Dunn’s recommendation for what to visit in France: Musée Picasso in Antibes, France 

~a sampling of Rae Dunn’s daily illustrations on Instagram~

~samples of Rae Dunn pottery~


Petit Plaisir:


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2 thoughts on “France in Pictures and Illustrations: My Interview with author & artist Rae Dunn

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I LOVE this one today, she reminds me of myself! I so enjoy the simple things in life, I draw, and really relate to having a simple but beautiful home. I am just so happy to be able to tune in each day and see what you’ll have for us, what a treat. So again, thank you Shannon for all you share and your hard work!

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