Pair Up & Save on the Necessities

May 05, 2011

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The grocery store items that are necessary to buy – paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent – those big bulk items that are mandatory, but if bought in small quantities each time they run out can really add to your household budget, can be an unnecessary drain on your hard earned money.

Why not pair up with someone who buys similar products such as your sister, a good friend, or in my case my mother, and hit the wholesale warehouses (Costco, Sam’s Club, etc) seasonally and split the cost?

Recently, I did just that, and we turned it into a girls’ weekend. For example, while I need olive oil (I use it at least 2-3 times a week), I don’t need two supersized bottles of it and don’t want to pay for two.  One will typically last two months for me. The idea is to hopefully purchase those items we need at a reduced price without wasting or overbuying.

Depending upon the size of your household you may need to go every two months, but for a small household, every four or six months may do.  Whatever you decide to do, the beauty is not only are you saving money, but you’re scheduling an opportunity to spend time with someone you enjoy being with.

More tips for a successful trip:

*Come with a list (don’t buy on impulse). The goal is to save money.

*Figure out ahead of time how you will pay at the register (does one pay in full, and the other pay back in cash immediately?) Less headaches and a strong friendship will continue if you plan ahead.

*Plan some place fun to go for lunch and/or dinner

*If where you shop is a few hours away, maybe make a reservation at a hotel you’ve always wanted to stay at and pamper yourselves.

6 thoughts on “Pair Up & Save on the Necessities

  1. This is genius and it was only more recently that my Mom decided to pair up with my Grandma for paper towel, swiffer cleaning pads and other such necessities.

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