Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — My Picks
Wednesday July 12, 2023

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The annual shopping event of the year is nearly upon us, and even if you are not a Nordstrom cardholder, you will be able to begin shopping on Monday July 17th. But if you are a cardholder/member, early access has already begun. For example, I am able to begin shopping tomorrow, but many of you may already be able to shop as early access began on July 11th.

There are always a couple of items that are worth perusing ahead of time to find, saving them, and then pounce on the first day as they often sell out and that great price is no longer available (I learned my lesson last year with a quilted navy winter coat from Ralph Lauren as I waited too long, hemmed and hawed). I later purchased it, but for full price after the sale. Lesson learned!

I have gone through the entire sale and hand-picked the items that caught my attention as being of great savings, but also, and most importantly, items that are quality purchases, worth the investment either way. Beginning with that gorgeous camel wool coat from Reiss you see above. Awesome savings available on this find if this is a capsule item you have been waiting to add to your fall/winter capsule wardrobe (it is also available in black).

Also for travelers, Tumi’s classic luggage pieces (carry-on and large) are available on sale, saving more than 30% (the large shown above, I have shopped both below). And a couple of Barbour coats that will be with your for years – a classic trench and the navy quilted jacket shown above. Oh! And one more for travelers that I was tickled to see, Longchamp’s luggage tote, three colors available). Such great, classic finds that just never go on sale because they don’t need to, because, well, they are a classic for a reason.

Let’s take a look! Simply hover over the item and you can click through to explore further, save to your Wishlist and/or Shop.


Knits, Dresses, Blazers

Designer Sunglasses

Handbags & Luggage

Skin & Hair



6 thoughts on “Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — My Picks

  1. Great picks Shannon. Never knew that skincare is also included in the sale. We’re so lucky to have a new Longchamp factory in our town and they have announced a stocktake sale this Saturday . Definitely going.
    Happy shopping

    1. Ooh , this sounds like fun Kameela……I hope you find a great bargain , I love the Longchamp bags, they are so timeless and elegant 🙂

  2. Hi Shannon. I feel as though your picks are typically for women of your height. In the future, can you pick more styles that are for average height and/or petite women as well? Thank you!

  3. Love love love Nordstrom — I have a card somewhere but it’s been years since I used it & I imagine it’s expired by now, which might be a Good Thing 🙂 I’m still relentlessly downsizing & thus not buying a thing, but I have to admit there are a few goodies in this post that make me want to rethink that decision. Especially as we are, finally, fully moved into our new house — which I made sure was designed with LOTS of big closets BEFORE I decided I wanted to pare my entire wardrobe down to the barest minimum 🙂 . Still trying to get caught up on 2 months’ worth of posts & videos, Shannon, but had to drop by to say thanks for this & to say I can not believe how grown up Nelle is now. She’s gone from baby to late teen in what seems like weeks.

    Also, re your last post about traversing from our old selves to new, my husband & I agreed the other day that we finally feel like we’re retired — and it’s only taken us four years! So my advice to anyone making any kind of transition: it take as long as it takes. Just trust the process.

    1. Susanne!

      First of all, congratulations on being fully moved in to your new home! Pop the Champagne!!! Wahoo!! What a journey you two have been on and no doubt that journey makes the moving in now all the more special. I am so happy for you both! 🙂 And I sincerely appreciate what you and your husband have discovered about the transition taking as long as it takes. Wise words and worth holding close as we stay the course, trusting it is the best for us. I appreciate you words immensely and I know others will as well. 🙂

      And regarding Nelle – I know! It is hard to believe she was sooooo tiny less than a year ago. She is doing so well and Norman is largely to thank and she too is just a special, sweet and smart pup all on her own. Very grateful. Celebrating her one year birthday at the end of the month!

      So lovely to see you in the conversation yesterday and wishing you a wonderful weekend. :). xoxo

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