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Sunday December 31, 2017

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One of my annual rituals to wrap up the old year and begin fresh in the new is to not only set goals, but to set up a fresh planning year in my handheld planner. And with a new illustration from Inslee for TSLL shared just a few months ago, a new daily planning page is now available for all three planner sizes: Classic, Compact and Personal.

The Cup of Tea and Palmier illustration is available exclusively to TSLL on the daily planning pages for $2 a la carte, and is also now available in an all-inclusive planning package for each size for the prices of $5, $4.50 and $4 respectively.

As well, I have updated the Cover Page for the planner. You will notice a new font for the title and the current cover girl of the blog. The cover page (which includes four total pages for your planner as you receive three lined blank pages for quotes of inspiration or space to simply take notes) is only $1 for all planner sizes.

If you choose to purchase the Tea Cup All-Inclusive Package, the new Cover Page will be included as well for no additional charge.

View all of the options for the new planning pages here and happy almost 2018 from TSLL!

~SHOP all of the new planning page options here.

With the topic of resolutions on my mind, I found this statistic quite reassuring that indeed making resolutions is not a bad idea: “Contrary to public opinion, about 44% of people who make specific New Year’s resolutions stick with them after six months.” You can read the entire article here, and below are a handful of posts from the Archives to offer inspiration as you too may be sitting down to make New Year’s Resolutions.

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