Good Grammar Is . . . : Lie vs. Lay

May 27, 2015

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~Rule No. 4: Who vs. Whom

~Rule No. 3: Well vs. Good

~Rule No. 2: Semicolons


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2 thoughts on “Good Grammar Is . . . : Lie vs. Lay

  1. It’s so refreshing to read this post, Shannon!! I lived in France for many years, and only recently returned to the UK. One of the things that I’ve been dismayed to find is how sloppy grammar has somehow become tolerated in my own country. So many people think nothing of saying or writing “When I lay down in bed, I always……..”. Thank you for tackling the problem! How about another post dealing with “Me and my husband went to New York” when what is meant is “My husband and I……..”? Cos that is another of my personal bêtes noires! 🙂

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