Good Grammar Is: Who vs. Whom
Wednesday May 13, 2015

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~Click here for a list of prepositions.


~Well vs Good

~Mastering the Semicolon

~Word of the Week: No. 3 – accoutrements


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11 thoughts on “Good Grammar Is: Who vs. Whom

  1. Who vs. Whom…My favorite grammar lesson. I keep my old Strunk and Handy for this one. Thank you for the memory tip for correct usage.

  2. Love this new addition, Shannon. The misuse of “I” and “Me” is another one that could be addressed. I hear it wrongly used on television and movies so frequently, and wonder whether these otherwise seemingly well educated individuals fell asleep during grammar school English?!

  3. “These ones” and “those ones” are also an example of incorrect grammar that I hear on the cable channels often. I like to count the number of times I hear the word “incredible.” Thank you for the “who” and “whom” discussion. That is a difficult one……especially since teacher’s don’t seem to teach the preposition list anymore.

  4. Another bad use of grammar is “I could of” instead of “I could have”. That one drives me nuts. Also, confused usage of “shall” vs. “will”.

  5. @Ginny — I agree! It makes my skin crawl when I hear ‘these ones/those ones” just as bad (to me) as ‘them ones”. Ugh! 🙂

    I’d love to see a post on the correct usage of ‘to be’ as in the floor needs to be vacuumed not the floor needs vacuumed.

    Love this series!! Keep up the great work Shannon!

  6. I love this! I’ve been reading your blog for years and really enjoyed this little grammar tip. If you ever decide to throw in another one…how about proper use of semi colon? I could really use that!

    P.S. Shannon, of you would like to do a giveaway with one of my luxury hats for the upcoming Fall, please feel free to contact me. I’d be honored to have Canada Bliss on Simply Luxurious Life.

  7. What a great (and very useful!) post – thank you for taking the time to educate the masses… It is shocking how many people have no idea about grammar… Would love to see a post on correct use apostrophe – makes me cringe every time I see ‘tip’s please!’

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