Sunday Morning: July 26, 2020
Sunday July 26, 2020

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Sunday morning today is calm, the neighborhood is quiet as more are getting away on the weekends, and the lavender is in full bloom. Picking a small trug full of blooms, deciding where the bouquet once arranged will go may be a matter of me moving it from room to room depending upon where I am. 🙂

No croissants for the first time in I don’t know how long as I am without an oven for the next few weeks, but knowing why makes it easier to wait in anticipation for when they will finally return (check out @thesimplyluxuriouslife IG Highlights – look for the butterfly icon with the #2 next to it – for day-by-day progress on my kitchen renovation. And rest assured a full post and the premiere of The Simply Luxurious Kitchen in September will share a spotlight of the kitchen).

Norman and I headed out for a morning walk (see below), and enjoyed the cool temperatures next to the running Tumalo River before returning home to the weekly Sunday morning breakfast ritual.

Yesterday found me painting the iron butterfly brackets for my screen door (see below). I am tickled beyond delight with how they turned out (I found them on Etsy by chance for pennies and scooped them up hoping they could be used). I will be spotlighting the full garden porch once it is finished and furnished (still waiting on a few pieces that were delayed due to the pandemic), but I do want to share the artisan from Wallowa County, Randy Slinker, a long-time family friend, and his company – Heirloom Screen Door Company, who makes custom screen doors, even doors with dog doors in them (as you can see in mine – check out my IG stories to see Norman walk right through this one). I was a bit impatient when it came to waiting for my contractor to hang it (which he would have, but he has a few other projects in my home he is focused on ;)), so I asked him how to do it, and I set about the task. It took two days, and I learned how to chisel, but oh, it makes the everyday routines so much easier as the boys can come and go as they please without waiting for me to open the door for them. Anyway, more to come on all of that later, but I did want to show you a glimpse.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday day of rest and relaxation or exploring or whatever your heart wishes to do. See you tomorrow on the blog! Bonne journée! | The Simply Luxurious Life

10 thoughts on “Sunday Morning: July 26, 2020

  1. Hello Shannon,

    Lovely post! Your lavender looks so lush and fragrant. This year I have started making lavender wands (there are good tutorials on Youtube), inspired by the ones by Diptyque. The technique improves with practice and for me the key was to find really narrow ribbon (1/8 inch) to weave between the lavender stalks. Anyway, just thought I would share this with you and your readers as one more way of bringing small luxuries into everyday life.

    Have a wonderful week ahead,


    1. Aneta,

      Thank you for sharing this idea for all of the lavender! I look forward to checking it out and sharing your ribbon hack. I will certainly keep that in mind. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and saying hello.

  2. Can’t wait to see your home reveal! I’m jealous of your beautiful lavender. It doesn’t grow well here in SC, so I have to resort to occasionally finding a bundle for sale and then drying it for extended use. Thanks for your enjoyable post.

    1. Sherri, Thank you for stopping by! Yes, one thing that does grow well here in arid high desert Bend is lavender, so I look forward to perhaps planting even more. Lavender and sunflowers believe it or not grow exceptionally well, which takes me back to France all the more when I cannot be there. I am so grateful for these parallels even though the two worlds are so far apart in distance. It sounds as though you have found a remedy that works well so you can still bring lavender into your home. Thank you for sharing. Have a lovely rest of your Sunday. 🙂

  3. How fabulous Shannon that the two French favourites of lavender and sunflower flourish in your area. Lavender is a summer flavour to desserts and biscuits .Make little sachets of dried lavender to scent your home or to give as gifts. After summer has waned you can delight in it’s beautiful scent when dried😊

  4. I will definetely be looking into that screen door company. Especially with the doggie door! Where did you get your tea cozy? It is beyond adorable.

    1. Etsy! Check out this post where I share a more direct link. 😌 I do love it. And if you reach out to Heirloom Screen Door Company, let him know TSLL introduced you. I have a feeling it will make him smile. 🙃

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