Good News From Buick!
Thursday November 15, 2012

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It was nearly a month ago that I shared on the blog my opportunity to go to Detroit, Michigan, and tour the Buick design center facilities. Having the chance to view their most recent new vehicle – the luxury crossover CUV – the Encore – which is set to release in March of next year, I worked to design my dream ‘simply luxurious’ Encore, hoping to be chosen as the winning design.

Well today, I am happy to share with you that I am one step closer to having the Simply Luxurious design become a reality with its chic pearl exterior and rich saddle leather interior as I was informed last week that I had been chosen as one of the top five bloggers to advance to the final stage where they will determine the winner.

I want to first of all thank you, my readers, for stopping by my pinterest inspiration board (click here to view) and for taking the time to ‘like’ and become familiar with the exact design and ideas I felt would be reminiscent of a truly ‘simply luxurious’ experience should my design come to fruition.

The winner will be announced next month, so I will most certainly keep you up-to-date. However, now you may be curious as to what the five finalists’ designs entailed, so be sure to stop by Buick’s Lookbook where you will see a glimpse into each of the five bloggers’ color schemes for their signature design.

6 thoughts on “Good News From Buick!

  1. Your design sounds lovely! I am a mom to two boys and I’m a science teacher and I need a practical car for both. I also dress up everyday (dresses and heels) and it would be nice to find a mid-size SUV or CUV that was practical for life but would also look elegant. It sounds like your design would fit both needs!

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