Why Not . . . Wear a Scarf?
Wednesday November 14, 2012

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Whether the calendar says it’s fall, spring, winter or summer, a scarf is always a tasteful and wise choice to add to your wardrobe. While I’ve always loved scarves, I must admit, it wasn’t until my recent trip to Paris this past summer that I came to feel less intimidated by them. Yes, you heard me correctly. Intimidated.

Why would anyone be intimidated by a small piece of fabric? Well, on the surface it may appear as though it was the scarf, but when I dug a little deeper, I realized it was the confidence with which French women wear their signature accessory.

And while women across the globe wear scarves, very rarely growing up did I observe women wearing scarves in the manner depicted in books, magazines or French inspired movies.
So while it took some time, I finally have dove head first into adoring the option of wearing a scarf, and I hope (if you don’t already) you will too.  Let me explain why you might want to consider welcoming scarves into your signature style.

A Simple Accessory

Jewelry provides wonderful options for wearing accessories and finishing an outfit, but the beauty of a scarf is that it can take center stage and eliminate the need for extra accessories. Not sure which necklace or earrings to wear, choose neither and wear a beautiful silk scarf. Not sure which type of scarves to buy? My rule of thumb is to wear a print scarf with a solid ensemble and a solid scarf with a beautiful print blouse or dress. Keep it simple and choose colors or prints that adhere to your most flattering colors and complement your capsule wardrobe pieces.

A Layer of Warmth

In the summer, wandering around Paris and London in the evening or early in the morning, I found myself just needing a little extra warmth, but not necessarily a jacket. A wool blend or silk blend scarf is perfect in the summer and understandably in the winter, a cozy wool or cashmere scarf is ideal paired with your winter coat. Also, always carry one in your tote while traveling to stay warm on air-conditioned planes.

A Touch of Color

My capsule wardrobe’s colors stick to a simple palette – neutrals and accents of navy. By choosing a beautiful print silk scarf, it adds that necessary pop or finishing touch that can change up an outfit just enough.

Create a Signature Style

There are endless ways to wear scarves (click here to view a video on 25 different ways to wear them). Continue playing with the scarves you have and settle on a few ways that work best for your wardrobe selections, personality and lifestyle. Also, Hermès shares with their customers this photo guide on the 21 ways to tie a scarf – worth taking a look at and saving.

Get in Touch with Your Inner Francophile

Like many of you, channeling my inner French style involves feeling a bit more confident, much more sensual and all the more certain that I know how to pull together chic, timeless style. Wear a classic sheath dress and simply throw a scarf over your shoulders for a simple, yet luxuriously fabulous look. And speaking of French scarves and style, at the top of the list is to choose a piece of art on a scarf from Hermès. While an investment, you’ll always know you have added to your signature style.

Size Doesn’t Matter

The beauty and one of the most pleasurable parts about shopping for scarves is that size doesn’t matter. They will always fit, as long as the colors are flattering and the choices and options are endless. Here are a few scarves that have caught my attention recently.

~Diane von Furstenberg Kenley leopard print blue/black cashmere scarf~

~CLASS Roberto Cavalli gold-tone and crystal snake embellished silk scarf~

~Alexander McQueen white and green skull scarf~

~Marc by Marc Jacobs dragon scale printed wool scarf~

~Malene Birger Askilio leopard-print wool scarf~

~J.Crew silk-cashmere scarf in snow~

~Diane von Furstenberg ‘Stanhope’ wool and silk blend scarf~

~Acne Canada fringed wool scarf grey~

Needless to say, I’ve embraced wearing scarves and can only wish I had done it sooner. A simple and luxurious way to continue to build a wonderful and original, yet stylish signature wardrobe.

13 thoughts on “Why Not . . . Wear a Scarf?

  1. I love scarves, I wear them nearly every day in both summer and winter. They are also useful (well long ones) when travelling and you need something to cover your shoulders/head or legs when entering a religious area. They make great halter tops too if you get the right size scarf, so with one piece, you have many options for dressing up or changing an outfit.

  2. I love scarves, although I feel most at ease with the large ones, colorful ones and a little intimidated (yes, me too) with the small silk types that you tie around the neck.

    My favorite outfit is actually a simple black dress, high heels and a BIG scarf with colors and patterns. Makes me feel like me.

  3. So glad you’ve joined the club! I’m a total scarf addict, and I’m sadder in the summer when it’s too hot to wear one. I love their versatility and affordability, and it doesn’t hurt that they draw focus to the face and distract from the lower body. I wear all shapes, sizes and colors, but my favorite is a long leopard print that I can wear with all my black clothes; it makes me feel super stylish without much effort.

  4. I totally understand your comment about feeling “intimidated” by scarves. I’ve always loved them too but (as you said) it took a trip to Paris to make me feel comfortable with them. Everyone in Paris was wearing scarves… even teenage Parisian boys wearing scarves with jeans and t-shirts. Now I feel not quite dressed if I don’t have one on. Like Kelly, I hate not being able to wear them in the summer because it’s too hot. It’s nice to be able to pull them all out and wear them again this fall. Charlene

  5. I think scarves can be beautiful, but I’d rather own just a few that can be worn with most of my coats/outfits and depending on the weather. It was on my list this fall to update my scarves and I’ve bought 2 – one light purple solid at a consignment shop, it’s 100% alpaca (very cozy, warm and soft – perfect for winter). The other is a very lightweight wool with a bit of silk in it as well – it’s a medium pink with white polka dots – gorgeous! It’s perfect for spring/summer.

    I will be keeping my eye out for scarves in the future, but I have my basics covered so I feel no rush to have to add any more at the moment.

    I can’t say that I noticed a ton of women wearing scarves in Paris when I was there in August, but I’ll be back there next month so I’ll have to take another look!

  6. I love the first image…the scarve and bag….very chic and as I get older I find myself wearing scarves year round. I just feel a little french when I add a scarve to my daily outfit 🙂
    Lovely post.


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