Giveaway – Misoui Leather Tote
Monday June 23, 2014

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A classic tote is a wonderful essential handbag to have in any person’s wardrobe. So when Misoui reached out to me last month with the invitation to give away one of their organic leather shopper totes, I was giddy to bring this opportunity to the readers of TSLL.

The Molly Simple Shopper (brown) is handcrafted and made of sturdy, supple leather. With a roomy interior, a laptop, reading material or other daily supplies can easily fit inside.

Based in Poland, Misoui prides itself on environmentally friendly practices from the leather it uses to the organic tanning and preparation practices it adheres to.

At a retail value of $300, the winner of this leather tote will be receiving a versatile gem for work, for play, or for stopping at the local farmers’ market.

Here’s how to enter to win:

1. Leave a comment below and an email address at which you can be reached should you be the lucky winner.

2. The last day to enter is June 30th.

3. The winner will be announced on Friday, July 4th in TSLL newsletter, so be sure to subscribe. (click here). 

Good luck!



485 thoughts on “Giveaway – Misoui Leather Tote

  1. Beautiful tote with timeless style. The Luggage color is my favorite because it looks great with everything!

  2. Hello Shannon, from a little town 2hrs south of Sydney, Australia. Love reading your blog, such an inspiration. I am heartened by your encouragement to be feminine and strong, such an wonderful gift you share, thank you.

  3. Hello Shannon,
    Here I am having coffee, taking in my morning dose of TSLL, and thinking I really should win this giveaway. I think its a simple statement to start my new job with. I graduated in January and will be joining the workforce 1st of August. So am keeping my fingers crossed. Have a lovely week ahead.

  4. Hi Shannon,

    I just LOVE your posts and choises, and I would be a very happy woman if I got this Tote.

  5. I would love this tote Shannon. It seems so simple but it’s the simple things which have more value in life. I don’t know if it can be shipped to Canada but it’s nice to hope. 🙂
    My e-mail is
    Good luck to everyone.

  6. What a beautiful tote!! Thank you for giving it away. It would be a wonderful addition for the summer. It reminds me of the tote the woman was carrying in one of your posts. She had on a beautiful white dress with lace details and a fedora with a perfect brown tote. I loved that whole outfit.

  7. I love the rich, gorgeous color of this bag. Thank you for offering this lovely giveaway, it would be a lovely work bag as well as a play bag. It would make a great addition to my summer joy!

  8. What a beauty!!! I am currently trying to create my own capsule wardrobe and this bag would be a very welcome addition!

  9. Shannon, what a lovely tote and generous give away! I have been eyeing the tote at Madewell, but love this one more and it is organic and made in USA! How great is that!

    Michelle Dann

  10. I just love this! Organic, USA made and would be a classic edition to any of our growing “capsule” wardrobes.

  11. As a fellow English teacher, I’m always needing extra totes! This one is beautiful…what a wonderful giveaway:)

  12. What a gorgeous bag! I would feel much more chic carrying diapers, baby supplies and other daily necessities in a tote like this. Not to mention, a little more like my old self since trading my city life in for one with my cattleman in the country and becoming a new mom. 🙂

    Good luck to all of the participants!

    lesismor (@) hotmail (dot) com

  13. A simple but elegant bag to symbolize my goal of attaining and maintaining a “simply luxurious life”.

  14. Simply lovely. It reminds me of a bag my mother made in the 70’s for her shopping – buying the leather from a cobbler in downtown Portland, OR and retrofitting her sewing machine to sew the leather. She used it for 40 years. I’d love to have it as a remembrance of my Mom.
    Thanks, Shannon, for The Simply Luxurious Life and feel better soon.
    Dawn Pearson

  15. I love this shopper bag!!! The color is perfect as well as the shape. It’s the perfect everyday bag. For travel must ve amazing. Something that I look for is for companies that offer products that respect the environment.

  16. Beautiful bag…..perfect for carrying anything and everything from casual chic to business crazy!

  17. Thanks for bringing ease of style and considerate living to busy people. Your blog makes my life simply luxurious.

  18. That tote is so simple and beautiful… like your blog! I enjoy reading it several times a week 🙂

  19. I love your blog. I read it everyday. The tote is simple, elegant and functional- everything I want in a bag. As a teacher it would be a stylish way to bring home grading and work for summer outings too.

  20. Gorgeous tote! I have a weakness for beautiful bags and would LOVE to carry this treasure. What a wonderful giveaway!

  21. I would love that amazing bag and I love your amazing blog.
    It is something I look forward to reading everyday.

  22. So sorry you’re feeling unwell – there is nothing worse than a summer cold. While I’ll miss your regular posts until you’re better, I’ll have fun entering the giveaway in the meantime. It’s a great looking bag, perfect for around the town errands. I hope I win!

  23. I would love to win this beautiful bag! Thank you for all the work you do to share your thoughts and experiences on how to live a simpler, more beautiful life. You’re truly an inspiration to me!

  24. Love your blog! I have been reading your blog everyday for a very long time. You have been such an inspiration in my life. Keep doing what you do. I would love to have this beautiful tote! I hope I win!!!!

  25. OMG I LOVE this bag. It would be so amazing for the stage of life I am in. New mom toting a million things and feeling a little less polished and also a traveling sales person. LOVE IT!

  26. Great giveaway! This tote is the perfect color, perfect for everyday wear, I love it! Thanks for hosting this Shannon!

  27. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into your blog. Look forward to reading your blog daily.

  28. A lovely bag for sure! Fingers crossed and a big thank you for the opportunity.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  29. How delightful is this?!! What a lovely way to begin the week, with a cheerful offering to your blog followers!
    Sending ‘get better soon’ wishes to you, Shannon.

  30. I positively love your blog and your style. It is my go to for all that is fashionable 🙂 I would love to win this classic chic tote and would use it every day, year-round!!

  31. Great tote for picking up fresh fruit and veggies at the farmer’s market, and I love that the color goes with virtually anything.

    I hope you feel better soon; being under the weather in the summertime is the worst!

  32. What a beautiful bag! I have been looking for a leather tote that is unfussy and practical. I have yet to pick one because they’re all a little more than I would usually pay for a bag, but also so versatile that I’m sure they’d be worth it!

  33. What an absolutely amazing giveaway! I love the bag, it looks wonderfully versatile, both classy and comfortable. Can’t wait to see more of their products, thanks for introducing them!

  34. Greetings from Nova Scotia!


    I truly enjoy and learn so much from your blog and newsletter. Particularly so as I too am researching and appreciating French culture and your knowledge of all things “French” is a great help to me.
    Am delighted to have the opportunity to enter “giveaway”.

  35. I have been searching for just this type of tote! I am starting a new job Tuesday and will be commuting by bus – this tote would be a perfect stylish and functional work bag! Thank you for the opportunity!

  36. Shannon, first of all you’re doing an amazing job ! I’m French and I’m really inspired by your writing. Please keep up the good work, you’re one of my mentor.
    For the fever, have you tried red raspberry leaf tea ? It’s amazing to cure a lot of things but it’s like magic to get you rid of cold and fevers.
    I’d love to win the bag by the way, it’s a gorgeous piece.

  37. Shannon, hope you are feeling better soon. I so enjoy your blog and newsletters. This is a very chic and classy tote bag, I would love to win it and use it everyday in my luxurious life!! Thank you for being you!

  38. Thank you Shannon for this great opportunity. Not only we have the luxury of your posts but now also the chance of winning such a beautiful handbag. I hope you are having a fabulous vacation and thank you again for making our lives so much better by having your blog. It’s part of my daily ritual!

  39. Love the bag! I use a similar style now to carry all my daily kiddos essentials with me. It is getting pretty worn and this gives me inspiration.

  40. What a beautiful, classic tote! Your style and blog are truly an inspiration. Hope you feel better soon.

  41. Shannon,
    I hope you are feeling better! With the beautiful NW weather we’ve been having, a tragedy to be in bed!
    The bag is beautiful. I would love to carry such a tote!
    Thank you!

  42. I really enjoy your blog, it is full of good ideas.
    Love the tote and would love to have it. Feel better soon.

  43. I would love to take the Misoui shopper with me when I fly to Camp Pendleton to visit my son next month!

    The leather is sooooo beautiful, and the lines so classic!


  44. This bag makes my heart sing! And would be perfect for carrying my
    life around when I am on crutches this fall.

  45. Awesome giveaway-the tote looks beautiful and well made. I recently discovered your blog and am so happy I did! Your posts are so uplifting and inspiring to women. I look forward to reading it each day. Thank you and feel better soon.

  46. Once again, bringing my attention to something beautiful I would have otherwise not known about. Thank you. Get well soon and love to the dogs.

  47. Beautfiul tote. Sorry to hear you were under the weather. Grateful that you are in your summer vacation mode and will have time to heal. Hope you were at least able to get some good reading done, in the gaps between naps!

  48. I love your blog,I read it every day and often look through the archives when I’m in need of a little inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s one of my favorite parts of the day!

  49. Your blog is an inspiration to me and to my young adult daughters.
    Love the tote. Would love to have it experience adventures with me.

  50. Oh Shannon, I scrolled and scrolled to get to the bottom to put my 2d worth.. ALL the entries testify what a fab person/job you are doing of your blog! Well done, I take this opportunity to thank you MOST SINCERELY for all the blogs/recipes/hints/inspiration/tips/great style you so freely pass on. And now this TOTE.. wahoo.. its a winner recipe you’ve got.. don’t change a thing please! PS.. this tote would be sooo handy in my travels to S E Asia and South Africa soon. Get well soon.. Thanks again, Shannon for President!

  51. I just subscribed! BUT I read your blog everyweek and you keep me up to date with ALL MY FRANCOPHILE DELIGHTS!

    I love the tote-the lines are so minimal and chic. I have been looking for one that I can take on the plane for my Francophile travels but have not wanted to spend serious money nor buy something not chic. Hence the wait.

    THANK YOU for your delicious blog and for adding to my life!

  52. Shannon –
    Great bag and great blog! I am motivated and inspired by all of your posts and look forward to reading them every week.
    Get well soon!

  53. Yay, international readers are in the running for this gorgeous tote! Thanks for your lovely blog. I get lots of inspiration and ideas and appreciate the time and effort you put into your site.

  54. As ever, your blog is a daily dose of inspiration and pleasure. Thank you Shannon, and thank you for the chance to win such a lovely prize.

  55. I love your philosophy about keeping things simple and choosing beautiful things that will last a long time. This simple tote is a gorgeous reflection of your philosophy. It will never go out of style, it will lend itself to any number of looks – and it will look even better as it gets older. Loving your excellent blog from Sydney Australia.

  56. “One’s destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.”

    – Henry Miller

  57. Most mornings I take my coffee and read your delightful blog on my balcony overlooking an urban forest. It is a lovely morning ritual that sets up the day. This bag would be fantastic to carry my laptop with me to provide opportunities to write during the rest of day.

  58. I have just started back to work after being home with my kids for twenty years. This tote would be perfect for carrying my work essentials or bring home groceries for dinner at the end of the day!
    Love your blog !

  59. Hi Shannon,
    I’ve been in love with your blog for a long time, so much so I’ve passed it onto friends and family who’ve now become addicted as well.
    I love the mix of life values advice and gorgeous dose of fashion and style.
    The greatest thing I’ve learnt from you blog over the years is etre bien dans sa peau. Learning to accept myself and feel comfortable with who I am and what I can offer the world is something I am becoming better at as each day goes on.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration and wisdom! I hope you don’t get tired of blogging because I love reading your posts!
    xxxFrom the Gold Coast Australia

  60. How perfect would this tote be for a visit to a Paris market! Thank you for sharing such a stunning and inspirational blog 🙂

  61. Thank you for this opportunity to add such a lovely piece to my outfits, Shannon. This bag is simple and beautiful.

  62. I look forward to reading your blog daily! Congratulations on a great blog and thank you for sharing your insight to the world. It has been so helpful in so many ways. I am a fan! Get well soon!

  63. I would carry this bag every. single. day. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway!

  64. I have dreamed of owning a beautiful tote but I have never seen one so absolutely perfect as the one you are so kindly giving away. Thank you for your fabulous blog. I look forward to your posts everyday. Get well soon!

  65. oh my goodness….i am a caregiver and have been using the same black kenneth cole bad for at 10yrs…. i could so use a new bag to tote about in! thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely!

  66. Timeless and a classic. Exactly what you have been encouraging us to have in order to live a simply luxurious life. 🙂

    Trying out my luck.

    Thanks, Shannon 🙂

  67. Dear Shannon,,
    I can’t stop looking at this beautiful tote. I thought if I put in another message it might increase my chances just a little!
    With fingers crossed,

  68. Lovely tote..and would be perfect for my capsule collection of bags. Thursday mornings are so easy to face now, I always look forward to the weekly Style Inspiration. Thank you.

  69. Again I am reminded of the beauty in simplicity. Thank you for providing my daily dose of inspiration! Feel better soon!

  70. Absolutely love your blog Shannon. Thank you so much for the chance to win this sensational bag – the colour is divine and would be a valuable asset to any woman’s wardrobe (mine especially!).
    Cindy F

  71. I absolutely adore your blog! I read it every morning! And that bag is gorgeous! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous bag!

  72. What a beautiful *and* practical tote! Perfect for carrying my laptop and sheet music. I hope you feel better soon Shannon!

  73. It’s my birthday this July 14, and I’d love to have tote!

    Your blog keeps mg Parisian dreams alive. More power!

  74. Definitely a “swoonable” bag perfect for the mountain life in North Carollina and an upcoming trip to France. As a fellow Francophile I am addicted to your blog which is so aspirational and to your inspiring prose.

  75. I think this Molly tote is very eye catching and I wish I could win it. I used to win things all the time when I was a kid and now I never win anything. Wah! Anyway, I just started subscribing to your blog about two weeks ago and I love it. We share so many common philosophies on life and living graciously. Like you, I simply adore Paris and was fortunate enough to be there at the end of April for a week. It’s my favorite place on earth. Le Grande Epicerie is one of my great loves in life and I could use this tote to stick a baguette and a few financiers next time I’m there so I don’t have to use their plastic bags! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! Bonjour!

    1. Le Grande Epicerie – I absolutely adore that grocery – yes, this would be the perfect tote whilst popping in for a few gourmet odds and ends before heading to the Luxembourg Jardins for a picnic. 😉

  76. I would love to win such a beautiful tote bag.
    Thank you for your wonderful website…I enjoy it so much!

  77. I love the rich brown color of this tote! It would make me feel more stylish and less “momish” (I stay at home with two girls, 3 and 5). I love your blog…thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  78. Oh my, I cannot believe all the fantastic comments left above and I thought TSLL was written specifically for me!! Its great to know that there are sooo many more like minded women/men who enjoy your blog as much as I do. I wake up in the morning and with my coffee I start to read…perfect way to start my day. Thank you Shannon. As for the tote, its perfect for me in every way and I was looking for something very similar that could go with everything. Good luck to all but I hope I win.

  79. Unbelievably inspiring.. Truly makes me feel I can do all things beautifully. I adore every single thing The Simply Luxurious Life has to offer and gives me pure motivation to be all that I am. Honestly. Thank you.

  80. I love your blog. I discovered it over a year and a half ago and regularly read it! I would love to win this beautiful piece! xo

  81. Hi Shannon, I am a long time reader from Finland. This is my first comment, though, so I take the opportunity to thank you for such a beautiful blog – full of inspiration. I also share the interest in everything French so I enjoy your finds every time 🙂

    And a gorgeous bag!!! Just what I have been looking for – simple, yet stylish!
    Thanks for the draw!

    Get well soon!!

  82. Hi–thanks for helping this middle-aged mom keep current and sharp in all things fashionable! Love the bag and may purhase, even if not the winner:)

  83. Your blog is constantly flowing with great insight and observation on living a mindful and beautiful life. Thank you for your words and efforts!!
    I’m sorry that this give away has been the first time I have expressed my gratefulness to your blog!

  84. Dear Shannon,

    In my loveliest, most enchanted dreams, I am carrying this tote while gently perched on a cloud and glidinggently over the rooftops and trees of Paris. Please help make my dreams come true.


  85. I would covet this tote and it would brighten my commute. I love the color and the simple lines. Thank you for hosting giveaways!

  86. I so enjoy the Simply Luxurious Life. Thank you for the inspiration to be all that I can be and to savor all that life offers.

  87. Were I the lucky winner, I would take this tote to Paris on our family summer trip. It would carry my Burberry scarf, books and magazines for the flight and baguettes and wine from the market once in Paris and note pads for sketching our interpretation of the beautiful art in Le Louvre. At the end of summer, it would be passed on to my daughter as she leaves for university. Hopefully it would remind her of our family trip and living first hand an inspired life. Thanks for all the lovely posts. We really appreciate them. Bonne chance a tous!

  88. Love your blog! So classy and fantastic. This bag is effortlessly chic! Classic color which looks like it will only get better with age! Would love to add this little gem to my closet!

  89. I love reading your articles and look forward to seeing what’s new each day as I begin my day with a warm cup of coffee. I especially love your simplified wardrobe sections and simple French home design. Good luck with selling your beautiful home and in all of your new adventures. YOUR WEBSITE is just my style 🙂

  90. Wow Misoui make beautiful bags! Is this open to Austalian readers? We Love our shopping down here and One of us would look great in Melbourne (the fashion capital) with the Molly Simple Shopper.

  91. Thank you for leading me to better fashion, better recipes, and better lifestyle choices. I love this bag.

  92. Thank you for doing this giveaway. It truly is a lovely bag! Whomever is lucky enough to win it will surely love it!

  93. Love this tote for school. I am a teacher and I need lots of room so this tote would be perfect to carry my school stuff.
    I just discovered your blog and I love it!!!!

  94. Pick me! Pick me! Please! I love your blog! This would make a fabulous tote for school or everyday.

  95. I’ve been wanting a staple leather tote and this one looks absolutely perfect! Fingers crossed!

  96. This bag is so beautiful! Classic and tasteful. Keep up the great work on your blog – I always look forward to reading it, and take away something inspiring from each post. You have one of my favorite blogs out there!

  97. I love reading your blog. Would also love to win this beautiful bag. For the summer I would wear it with a crisp white shirt, skinny jeans, flats along with a cool hat – worthy of one of your style posts! Have a great summer!

  98. Hi, I always look forward to receiving your newsletter on a Friday morning. It’s the perfect start to the weekend.

  99. A fantastic bag for work and travelling! Shanon, thanks a lot for your inspirational work you are doing! Wish you a great weekend!

  100. Hi Shannon,
    just to say I really enjoy your blog and website, I love getting inspiration from your images and pictures, having a capsule wardrobe is my goal and this beautiful bag ticks all the boxes re colour and style, I could never afford it so would love to win it, howvere if I dont I will continue to enjoy your tips and continue to be inspired!! xx

  101. Thank you Shannon for consistently offering thoughtful and eloquent ideas on how to live a simply luxiourious life. One of my favorite things to do is to go back and read your archives, categorized according to topic. The idea of bringing beautiful and luxiourious ways into our everyday lives really resonates with me and your blog/website is an inspiration to do just that.

  102. Ah, how special this tote is as a staple to use for day to day needs or while on vacation. It’s a treat to have the chance to enter the giveaway. Thanks for the chance.

  103. I desire this shopper! It so beautiful. Also I enjoy your blog. It has given me the inspiration to live my most fabulous life! Thank you for all you do!

  104. Each week your blog inspires me to continue my search for my Simple Luxurious Life!! Thank you so much for teaching me the value of quality vs quantity!!

  105. I’ve never won anything other than my husband of 42 years, and that was a big one! (Or, maybe he won me! ) This bag would be a lovely second.

    I do enjoy your blog. I’m much older than you, and likely most of your readers, but I usually find something of worth and admire your independent spirit and dynamism.

  106. Gotta have this bag. Totally me, simple, classy and practical.

    P.S.: your blog is … simply luxurious.

  107. Great, natural bag. Would love to show it off shopping the Portland Farmer’s Market! Fingers crossed!