The Gift of Simply Luxurious Living — TSLL’s New Gift Memberships
Sunday December 11, 2022

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In fewer than two short weeks Christmas will arrived, and in three, a new year.

The bustling of shopping downtown, in-person and out and about while the sun is shining and bundled up when the snow is falling has been a treat this winter holiday season in Bend. The festivity and joviality of passersby and fellow shoppers is palpably warm and I am savoring it.

With that said, sometimes what that special someone on our list might enjoy is something intangible, and over the years since TSLL began offering automated TOP Tier Memberships, I have received requests for the opportunity to give Gift Memberships.

As well, for non-members who want to explore without a reoccurring option to ensure they do want to become a permanent member (which will save you money with each payment), I wanted to make available this opportunity which will work the same way a Gift Membership would – make one payment for either a monthly, quarterly or annual Membership, and pay no more unless you manually renew your membership (however, if you wish to renew, I would recommend signing up for the regular TOP Tier Memberships as it will save you upwards of 30%).

Recently added to the Subscribe page of options for Memberships is the Gift/non-recurring Membership section (see below). These memberships gain TOP Tier access and enjoy all of the benefits of becoming a TOP Tier Member.

Screenshot 2022-12-11 at 7.10.49 AM

Discover the prices for each of the three options – monthly, quarterly and yearly – and learn more about all of the benefits of joining TSLL Community here, and wishing you a wonderful, and as wintery as you dream it to be, holiday season.


Images: (1) Normandy in 2018; (2 & 3) Claude Monet’s kitchen at Giverny as captured in 2018 | The Simply Luxurious Life

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