346: Parisian by Design and the Gifts of trusting the Stirrings of Your Heart, my conversation with David Jimenez
Wednesday December 7, 2022

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Those who know David Jimenez and his life journey often take a sigh of adoration followed by a smile and comment, “He is living the dream”. And indeed to us Francophiles, he is indeed.

Having called Paris home for the past six years, American interior designer living in Paris David Jimenez partnered with Diane Dorrans Saeks to bring to readers Parisian by Design: Interiors by David Jimenez


David Jimenez captured by photographer Xavier Béjot whilst going about his day on the Île Saint-Louis in Paris.

Parisian by Design showcases the seven residences he has called home over his life journey of decorating, beginning in San Francisco, moving to Kansas City, then to his apartments in Paris that lead him to his now sanctuary on the City of Light, his apartment on Île Saint-Louis, as well as his design atelier on the same petite Île and, what I think is my favorite of all of his abodes, although each is inviting and quintessential European in its aesthetic with a strong affinity for Parisian touches, his apartment in the French countryside (see pics below from David’s IG account).

In our hour-long conversation, David will introduce readers to what they will find in the book which includes a 10-page source list for you too to enjoy and peruse first-hand David’s personal recommended shops, artisans and destinations, not only in Paris, but beyond, and we will also dive deeper because David made his dream a reality – calling Paris home. Exploring how he trusted his journey from a very early age along with sharing what he has learned along the way to be the best life advice for knowing what to do next, we talk about nudges from the universe, trusting yourself and so much more.

Oh! And his Petit Plaisir is Petit Plaisirs! Yes, David shares multiple Petit Plaisirs in the middle of our conversation, painting a picture for our minds through the senses that, if you are anything like me, will inspire and remind how powerfully rejuvenating savoring everyday seasonal pleasures can be. But I don’t want to give too much away. ?

As well, our final question speaks to the winter holidays in Paris, and how we too can bring a touch of the charm into our own homes. 

I do hope you will tune in and thank you for stopping by.

Visit David Jimenez’s website David Jimenez Studio and follow him on Instagram @davidjimenezstudio

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14 thoughts on “346: Parisian by Design and the Gifts of trusting the Stirrings of Your Heart, my conversation with David Jimenez

  1. Thank you, Shannon. David Jimenez is a gentleman full of peace. I will definitely listen to this interview again. — Teresa

    1. Teresa,

      He really is – on both accounts. I genuinely enjoyed having him on the show and grateful he accepted the invitation to join me. Thank you for stopping by and for your comment. 🙂

  2. Hi Shannon! I just listened to this interview and LOVED it so much! So interesting and genuine and inspirational! And may I add that since I first found you in 2017 your voice has become so true and has transformed into a really wonderful interviewing voice, if you will!! I sincerely mean that! Thank you for this podcast, I will actually listen to it again sometime.

    1. Tamra,

      Thank you so very, very much for your comment. 🙂 David’s sincerity in what he was talking about made it easy to engage with him. I am so grateful he accepted my invitation to be on the podcast. Thank you for your kind words. Truly. xo

  3. Oh my goodness, his description of Friday afternoons – trimming branches while gazing at his surroundings and preparing for a weekend of cooking and relaxation – I almost started house hunting in the French countryside! 😛 A perfect guest for the show. Thanks for bringing him to us, Shannon!

  4. Shannon a bit late but what a lovely podcast. Il est très charmant. Could have listened for another hour or more .Perfect TSLL’s guest. ?

  5. Hi Shannon, so enjoyable! I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for the inspiration!
    You spoke about Master Class as one of your sponsors in this episode with a special offer through you.
    Could you share that again? I’m looking to sign up.
    Enjoy you so much!

  6. I really enjoyed this podcast episode. What a humble person David is! I have been picturing his description of his transition to the chalet (the stop at the farmer’s market, the flowers, the music, the cooking) ever since I listened to it. Thank you, Shannon, for sharing this gem! You are an amazing procurer of precious and special finds.

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