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Friday December 16, 2016

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Copper pans and Le Creuset Dutch ovens dance in our minds, while French linens and All-Clad cookware tickle our hopes. As someone who loves to step into the kitchen, with each quality utensil I add to my repertoire, I come to love my time spent even more than imagined. Why? Because once you’ve sliced a simple onion with a well-crafted and sharpened knife, you come to appreciate quality. No longer are you afraid of slicing off your finger. No longer do you doubt the temperature of your oven. No longer to you worry about your fish cooking unevenly in the pan.

Much like the clothing we wear, when we trust that it looks timeless and flatters our figure and lifestyle, the investment is worth it because we know it will last and that it will do its job each time. Our minds are eased, and that makes a significant difference when we step into the kitchen with new ingredients, a new recipe and perhaps a new guest or guests to serve.

If you still have some shopping to do for the holidays, I wanted to alert you to a sale going on this weekend at Williams-Sonoma with selected items reduced 50% (no code required), even up to 65%. Below are a few brands I highly recommend, and if you can find them on discount, be sure to snap them up.

And if you do happen to find a gift that fits the chef in your life this weekend, W-S will ship for free ensuring your item arrives just before Christmas. Click here to begin shopping the sale.

Take a peek at a few items on sale:


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9 thoughts on “For the Chef on Your List

  1. I have been slowly collecting copper pans and pots over the past few years, some tin lined and some stainless. I love cooking in them because they cook so evenly. They look beautiful hanging from my above rack but after that picture above, I am seriously thinking I need to change to a wall rack – the pots look so beautiful. I even love taking time to shine them because it is soothing and you have instant gratification – from dull to shiny! I am off to see what’s going on over at Williams-Sonoma!

    1. The cooking experience, as you mentioned, is a beautiful reminder of investing in quality as it makes the time in the kitchen a true treat. Thank you for sharing how you’ve gradually built up your collection. I can only imagine they add a fantastic decor touch to your kitchen. 🙂

  2. Hi Shannon, LOVE your blog, have your book. Your post on how to be a critical thinker was one of the most amazing pieces I have read. Period. The links were great.

    I want to share with you my favorite cooking containers : Polish pottery. They are beautiful, versatile and chip resistant. They can be used in the oven, the microwave, the freezer and the fridge. They remind me of the beautiful cooking pottery that my family used in Portugal. They are also very French and Italian looking. They are worth every penny. I love that I don’t have to have separate bakeware and serve ware so it cuts down on the clutter. The same bowl that I use for serving salad or fruit can be used for baking bread or making a pot pie. I have started buying smaller pieces for my kids when they leave the house. Just a couple of pieces that they can use in college. They are hand made and painted in Poland. I love having beautiful things with which to sit down and have a meal. I also have antique china that I use daily. The colors make me so happy and remind me of my culture…and the French too. : )

    Here is just one place to get them :

    1. Issyme, Thank you so much for sharing! I have honestly never heard of Polish pottery as you have described and look forward to exploring them further. Thank you very much for stopping by the blog and your interest in the book. Wishing you a lovely new year! 🙂

  3. I am in need of a new stockpot/soup pot and unsure which one to get? I like to make a double recipe of soup so prob. an 8 quart? Have been looking at the Capahlon Contemporary but those have a non stick coating, thoughts and recommendations please.This is one I was looking at but it used to be that the coating would come off and prob. not good to use…I want one I can use for at least 10 years.

    1. After looking at your link, I would spend your money on a Le Creuset which will last your lifetime and beyond. I have a larger one, but you wouldn’t need as big. I have made soup, stews, roasted chicken, risotto and paella in mine. After four years, it’s like new.

      1. That is what I was thinking …between the Le Creuset and the Calphalon…several acquaintances said they thought the Le Creuset would be too heavy …espec. when filled with stock or food. Has that been an issue for anyone? Thank you.

        1. Hi Nancy. I use LODGE pieces which are cheaper but but VEY well made. Their designs are not as sophisticated as la creuset but I find them just as wonderful. Now , yes, they are very heavy. Especially if you get something large. The weight should be listed in the description. Then you could compare it to something. For example, one of mine (empty) is heavier that’s a gallon of milk. Then you can decide. My mom , who is 80, gave hers away because she could no longer lift hers. Good luck with your choice ! X

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