Outfits of the Month (3): End-of-Year Outfits Full of Savings
Wednesday December 13, 2023

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have come and gone, but the end of the season sales are abundant, and it certainly is worth setting aside some time to double check our capsule wardrobe lists and explore to see if our favorite brands have available what we need and at discount prices before the year 2023 wraps up.

I have styled three different outfits finding items, each on sale (a few details were included to complete an outfit that are not on sale), and the discount shared in the itemized list. Each outfit is suited for winter or autumnal weather and each utilizes classic pieces and hues to complement other items in our wardrobe for mixing and matching.

Of course, each outfit is paired with a book, and this month I found three very different books from varying genres published sometime in 2023.

Whether you are putting together a look to attend a mid-week event or heading to the office, or a dress casual holiday event that will take you from work to the scheduled outing, or even outfits to simply go out and explore, peruse and savor a good cuppa at a favorite café while you chat with a loved one, you’ll find items to ensure you look effortlessly chic and subtly exuding oodles of thoughtful style.

Let’s take a look at the outfits . . .


~Cashmere & silk print scarf~






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4 thoughts on “Outfits of the Month (3): End-of-Year Outfits Full of Savings

  1. What lovely combinations for looking elevated while feeling pampered. The Veronica Beard sneakers are such a beautiful camel…putting a watch on them, thank you for the introduction!

    1. Liz, aren’t they both classic, yet stylish as well as functional? When I saw them, I took immediately became drawn to them. Definitely a great idea to put a watch on them as with end of year sakes, they drop nicely in price. Thank you for stopping by. 😌

  2. So many stylish options – thank you for shopping them. The Louise Damas necklace is beautiful – love the subtlety of this brand. Thank you for the introduction!

    1. I too am delighted to learn of Louise Damas. ☺️ Thank You Sharon Santoni and My French Country Home Box! Looking forward to sometime soon welcoming one of these necklaces into my daily accessories. Thank you for stopping b Abigail. 😌💛

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