An Easy Monday
Monday December 28, 2009

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  • my dogs all snuggled up
  • freshly fallen snow
  • a clean house
  • Sunday New York Times – (one thing I refuse to be cut off from due to where I live is the New York Times. Unfortunately, it is not delivered in my area, so I have to have it mailed to me, which actually isn’t so bad. I only receive it a day later. Yes, I know this isn’t perfect, and I can just as easily read it on-line, but there is something about holding a paper in your hands, flipping through the Style section, Book Review and The New York Times Magazine without having to be plugged in anywhere. A bit indulgent, but a necessity that I can afford, so I do.)
  • a crackling fire
  • reruns of Frasier
  • a new book from the library that is a simple read, Feminista, and I can easily pick up no matter where I last put it down
  • free time

Hopefully you too are able to find time after bustling around during the holidays to kick back and take the last few days of not only the year, but the decade in leisurely. Enjoy!


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