A Deliciously Healthy (Somewhat) Treat
Saturday January 2, 2010

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Lox, bagel and cream cheese make a perfect breakfast, or even just a snack, if you’ve ever been in a quandary as to what to eat and don’t want to completely blow your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. I just recently finished reading Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salads by Christine Avanti and really appreciated what she had to say, and how she shared this same old information in a way that was understandable.

The two basics points simplified for my busy brain were (1) eat every four hours in order to keep your blood sugar from dropping too low, and (2) make sure that with every meal (which occurs every four hours) you are eating carbs with protein and the fat will take care of itself (and you can eat as many vegetables as you’d like). Clearly, it is optimal that we strive to eat the highest quality in all of these food groups, but if you are someone, like myself, who is regularly trying to eat healthy or picking up a WomensHealth, Self, Fitness or Shape magazine while I’m waiting in line at the grocery store, you pretty much know which foods you should be putting into your basket.

The purpose for bringing up Avanti’s book is that lox (protein), toasted bagel (carb), cream cheese (fat) and in today’s case I added a tomato (a delicious and juicy addition), tie together nicely with her “rules”, at least somewhat. Okay, it wasn’t perfect, but you get the idea. Good eating can definitely taste delicious and boy, was it ever.

One thought on “A Deliciously Healthy (Somewhat) Treat

  1. Mmm! This post leaves me longing to marinate some grävad lax, and take the boursin out of the fridge! What’s more, the nutritional principles above are very sound ones indeed!!! It may be an over-hyped adage that ‘French Women don’t Get Fat’: but by and large it remains true. French women don’t diet, are notoriously bad at going to the gym (partly because sweat-pants and trainers are considered to be so ugly and unflattering, partly ‘cos we’re plain lazy(!)), we love good food, almost always drink a small glass of red wine at dinner, enjoy a square of bitter chocolate with our post-meal coffee, and cherish our breakfast croissants (at the weekend, at least), so why aren’t we the most obese race on the planet?? I’ve often wondered, but I think the answer lies in three key areas: we’ve discovered portion control is EVERYTHING: far more important to staying slim than yo-yo dieting; we keep up our metabolic rate by always having regular (small) meals, which we eat slowly; AND we walk literally everywhere (in our ubiquitous ballet flats, or, in winter, riding boots.)

    Now, I can’t wait to enjoy a cream cheese and marinated salmon bagel, and remember the happy years spent living in the US! 🙂

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