Sun Shining on a New Decade
Friday January 1, 2010

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The sun decided to greet 2010 and welcome it into being this morning. What could be a better comfort than sunshine on a January day? Wanting to get the year off to a great start, I took my dogs on a walk this morning, and they too seemed to love the sunshine. I’ve always been a morning person and seem to be much more productive in the am hours, so when noon arrived and my “to do” list was all checked off, I was a very surprised, but a very thrilled worker bee. There are not too many days when this occurs. It always seems I’m adding more than I’m check off as the day goes along.

Along my walk, my mind kept contemplating my resolutions. Upon arriving home, still not sure which ones I wanted to add to my list, I came upon a book mentioned on Habitually Chic‘s blog today that I thought would be a great book to investigate:

If anybody out there has read it, I would love to know your thoughts and whether or not it was a good book to purchase.

Anyway, back to my resolutions. These are the other few that I am determined I want to accomplish. Just a warning, I may periodically add to this list as my mind continues to wander.

#3 Complete at least one marathon this year.

#4 Decide to make happiness a habit. As Mary Engelbreit quotes in one of her books, “Happiness is a habit, cultivate it.”


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