A Comfort . . . After the Fact
Thursday December 31, 2009

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One of the comforts that I made sure to fit into my day was to work out. At first mention, working out may not sound like a comfort, but for anyone who exercises even on a minimally regular basis, you know what I’m talking about.

The toughest part is getting motivated, getting your running shoes on, putting on your sports bra and saying, “Well, I’m dressed, I might as well get on with it.” And as sophomoric as it sounds, even though I, myself, am an avid fitness-nut, it still takes motivation. However, once the walk/run/climb/bike ride is in full swing, I am glad I forced myself to get my tush moving because I know the best part is yet to come. The highlight is when you’re done, and you know for the rest of the day that you have worked out, burned unnecessary calories, helped your heart, toned your muscles, helped your metabolism, and are lifting that oh so fabulous butt. Working out is definitely a comfort that does not come with a side of guilt, and most certainly aids in boosting one’s confidence.

What are some guilt-free comforts that you enjoy?

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